Oh Good, CBS Is Thinking About Rebooting Charmed; Who Would You Cast as the Powerful Three?

By Kaitlin Thomas

Oct 25, 2013

Perhaps CBS has finally run out of ideas, because according to Vulture, the network has ordered a pilot script for a re-imagining of Charmed. The series, which originally starred Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano as three sisters who were also witches, ran on The WB from 1998 until 2006. Doherty eventually left the series after Season 3 (at which point, so did yours truly), but Rose McGowan gracefully stepped in as a magical fourth half-sibling to keep the series main theme, "the Power of Three," going strong.

Though the characters gained more powers as the series went on, they originally each had one ability. Prue, the eldest sibling, boasted the power of telekinesis, Piper could freeze time (Wikipedia would like you know that such a skill is actually called "molecular immobilization"), and Phoebe had the boring, not-particularly-helpful-in-life-and-death-situations power of premonitions. 

But instead of discussing why CBS is suddenly acting like NBC, and instead of pulling out the "It's only been X amount of years!" or the "What happened to original ideas?" cards that I'd really, really like to use, let's skip right ahead to casting this bitch witch. If this pilot script makes it to the filming stage, who would you like to see take on the roles of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell (I'm just going to assume McGowan's Paige is off the table for obvious reasons)?

After roughly 10 minutes of deep thought and discussion with my colleagues—during which I seriously reflected on the problems created by Hollywood's insistence on casting women in their mid-to-late 20s as teenagers—I settled on the following picks for the new Halliwell sisters:

1. Tammin Sursok of Pretty Little Liars as eldest sister Prue, because she'd be the kind of woman to get shit done. 

2. Shelley Hennig of The Secret Circle as innocent (on the surface) middle sister Piper. 

3. Selena Gomez as young, wild child Phoebe (deal with it).

Are you, ahem, Charmed by this news? Who would you cast in this potential reboot?

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  • AlannaC14 Jun 20, 2014

    ok what about this, have charmed continue where it left off with them writing in the book, and use the parts after that as sort of a premonition of the future. Then you could have a new demon come along which is a power of 4 demon and they find a way to bring prue back to life, using the original characters Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly marie combs), Pheobe (Alyssa Milano) and, then they could also have Paige (Rose McGowan) for the people who are fans of Paige (not me). That way you make the Prue fans and the Paige fans happy. You could also have the next generation of Halliwells in there too and then have the episodes continue from there.

    This way it makes almost all the charmed fans happy. :)
    what do you guys think?

  • JoshCharltonCornelius Jul 30, 2014

    Well that sounds interesting, how the powerful three could resurrect Prue then go back to the past again and have their mother and grandmother recreate the power of three into four. I figured they should use as many of the same actors as possible. Thats what made the movie. Using the three above definitely isn't going to conceal the perspective of the charmed legacy. What I'm saying is that they're going to need another decade to find the right characters and until then, the same 3 actors should be offered their jobs ;)

  • christopherconner921 Apr 22, 2014

    instead of rebooting do the next generation

  • Jaxie76 Apr 06, 2014

    if they did a reboot of Charmed without the original cast I would never watched it

  • JoshCharltonCornelius Jul 30, 2014

    I take the thumbs up back. You know we'd have to watch it. Agreeing with it and having that sense of comfort that the movie came out to the best of it's ability is another thing.

  • eddiedepp3 Apr 01, 2014

    As a faithful follower since the beginning and through all the replays on TNT, I would keep the same people. Holly as Piper, Alyssa as Phoebe and Rose as Page. Shannen could appear like their mom and grams did as ghosts. Any other actresses would completely change where the series left off. It wouldn't be the same show, and cult followers would not follow.

  • AlannaC14 Jun 20, 2014

    i agree but i also had an idea of them bringing Prue back to life to defeat a power of 4 demon :)

  • Sci-FiLover22 Mar 26, 2014

    i had to think long and hard who i would want to play the new charmed ones.

    so here it goes,

    1.i think the women need to be older so we want get that childish teen drama.having older women makes the show more mature and hopefully darker like the original charmed s1-4.

    2.neve campbell as prue.for some strange reason neve seem to scream prue to me.she got the dark hair.that serious i mean business look.and neve just scream strong woman who i can see help raised her younger sisters.

    3.jennifer love hewitt as piper.now for those who dont know she was suppose to play paige but turn it down because she was doing movies at the time and the role went to rose.so it would be nice to see jennifer play piper.not only that if you seen ghost whisperer you know jennifer got the same chops as holly marie combs has with all that emotional stuff.so jennifer can pull piper off i believe very well.

    4.sarah michelle gellar as phoebe.i always said and we all know shannen got her friend holly the role of piper.now for those who dont know shannen is also friend with sarah.so i often wonder why shannen didnt get her other friend sarah to play phoebe.(i think shannen having two best friend on the show would have made a huge difference in charmed outcome)but sarah was doing buffy when charmed was going on.so i think it would be cool to see sarah in another action role.she played buffy ,so sarah knows how working on an action show will work.and sarah is by far a way better actress then lori and alyssa together.hopefully the crazy ones want work out so sarah can take the role of phoebe.

    so those are the women i say get for the reboot.
    neve campbell as prue
    jennifer love hewitt as piper
    sarah michelle gellar as phoebe.

  • Sci-FiLover22 Mar 19, 2014

    i just read some comments.what is up with people saying shannen,holly and alyssa was the original charmed ones.it was really shannen,holly,and lori at first.then it was shannen,holly and alyssa.then it was holly,alyssa and rose.i just hope if it goes through this new girls dont fight.im pretty happy about this ideal if they can fix the problems the original had and make it a darker show.it could be better than the original.

  • AlannaC14 Jun 20, 2014

    wait who the heck is lori

  • Sci-FiLover22 Jun 26, 2014

    lori rom is the actress who was original suppose to play phoebe.shes in the pilot ep but quiet the show at the last minute for religion reasons.

  • Sci-FiLover22 Jun 26, 2014

    This comment has been removed.

  • Sci-FiLover22 Mar 19, 2014

    i think ts a good ideal.why?the original charmed was just ruined to tears.first they got rid of shannen and brong in rose.dont get me started on rose acting.

    then on top of that they fired the creator of the show which was a woman and they got a man to do charmed.s1-4 is so different from s5-8.connie is what they call the creator.she had a vision for the show a layout but brad got her gone and took over her show.thats crazy when you think about it.not only that ,when brad took over he just made up his own rules for charmed.making many plotholes.like rule 1 only female can have witch powers.so for thousands of years not one male been born to the warren witch but somehow piper had sons.then they get witch powers on top of that.come on.connie if she would have stayed the show would have been different.i prefer for the creator to mess up there own show instead of someone else like brad.

    i love charmed as the next fan but charmed was really ruined when prue died.season 4 only hung on by a piece of a hair because the creator was still there.after that the show went downhill fast.so i think fans are worried that if they made a new charmed.it might be better than the original.im hoping this goes through so they can make charmed better without all those plotholes brad kern made.

    and can i say no one wants to see the charmed ones kids.i would prefer they did a story on melinda warren or grams/patty then the charmed ones kids.

    but if this goes through,i dont know who i see playing any of the girls because i would prefer older women so the show could be darker and they fix all the problems the original had.

    but i like the ideal

  • zulamae5 Jan 15, 2014

    What about casting the children where they take over instead of bringing back the sisters? Let the next generation of witches take the spotlight.

  • CharmedOneP391 Jan 08, 2014

    It should be an ensemble show, preferably airing on Showtime, that centers around the 9 cousins who use "the power of three" as a power source that can be used by any 3 of them, then it could possibly work. If not, it would be nice to see a darker, more mature Charmed that fixes the problems the original had. But at the same time...new actresses? Same characters? I don't know about that one.

  • Sofa_King1 Dec 23, 2013

    Charmed is my favourite show ever and I watch reruns almost every day. However, a reboot would be a bad idea because it would ruin the reputation of the show. It will never be as good as the real thing no matter how much they try to convince me (if they do reboot).

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