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  • 8.0

    Wonderful ending.

    By JoshCharltonCornelius, Jul 30, 2014

    This episode was good. You've got the fairy tale ending with a twist of something as powerful as them to defeat in a way that is opposite to defeating demons. If only it had a kick with more demon activity that went along with coming to common ground with the other two sisters. Instead of the obvious, had to vanquish the girl that's raised by demons. She could of learned some sort of tough way that showed her fighting demons is much more fun and "legal" than killing innocents. Going back in forth between the past in the future almost seemed a bit mind stimulating. The two catching back into time with each other seemed a bit quick and simple. They should of thought of something that made more sense instead of leaving it questionable.moreless

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    W O W the series finale was EPIC !!

    By JimGeor, Jan 13, 2014

    Although, I must admit, I would want to have seen Prue and a different kind of villain (Kristie and Penny.. why were you there .. why? ), the finale was great!!

    It contained all the elements of a great farewell. All the loved characters, time travel, past-present-future and a closing that was emotional and worthing of the greatest witches there were!

    And of course PIPER was the key player and the sister that saved all! She was the strongest, she was the one that stick the family together!!

    Ohh I love you Charmed and I always Kisses from Greecemoreless

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  • 8.5

    For everyone claiming that the show disrespected prue.

    By riveraanth, May 30, 2013

    Shannon Doherty, the actress who portrayed Prue, prohibited them from ever showing her face in the show. That's why there were no pictures of her on the wall. Thats Shannon's doing, not the show's.

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    Forever Charmed

    By TrueTvWatcher, May 23, 2012

    Forever Charmed was a perfect ending to the amazing series Charmed. I really enjoyed watching this finale because the story lines were wrapped up pretty nicely, there was action, drama, intrigue and a family reunion of sorts allowing for us to say goodbye to beloved Grams, Patty, grown Wyatt and Chris, Victor, along with the Leo, the sisters and their other children. I loved how every thing ended with the sisters writing about themselves in the book and it transformed into Piper reading it to her granddaughter. I was very entertained by watching this series and look forward to doing so again!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 8.6

    1998 – 2006 - Rest In Peace

    By ViktorCharmed, Apr 01, 2012

    Eight years. Eight years of witches, demons and potions. Eight years of family members dying and eight years of time travelling. Finally, Charmed has come to an end, and at least it went out with some dignity left.

    It’s no secret that Charmed really hasn’t been what it used to be the last four years. The story-lines have gotten worse and cheesier, the characters has been destroyed and the standard of the episodes have become really low. But still there have been some rays of light, and it has been s show worth watching. And even though I feel like it should have ended some years ago, the last few episodes of Season 8 were good, and Forever Charmed gave a satisfying end to the show we all fell in love with

    I starts right after the end of Kill Billie: Vol. 2, and it’s immediately gripping and emotional. Taking Piper and Leo back through time to get the aid of the past generations is fun, and it really takes us back to the roots of the Charmed Ones, and I t really made me nostalgic to see the dear old Patty and Grams again. Even though a lot of the time travelling parts didn’t really make much sense, it was well written and fun to watch, ad for once, they gave us an original way to “turn back time”. Especially Patty was just delightful in the episode. James Read, Finola Hughes and Jennifer Rhodes all gave wonderful performances, as did Alyssa and Rose, but the one who really showed what she’s made of was of course Holly. She was wonderful throughout the whole episode. Even though their appearance might have seemed a little pointless, it was quite fun to see Wyatt and Chris again, and have the whole family gathered.

    I like that Billie finally understood that she’d been manipulated, and stood besides the sisters once more, but I was sad to see Christy died. I have really grown to love her these past months. Kaley’s cry scene wasn’t exactly the best I’ve seen in my life, but it was still fair and at least she gave her best.

    As for the narration in the end, when the sisters write their stories in the book, it was at times a little to sweet and dear for my liking, but it was still a really emotional moment, and it was fun to see what would happen to the sisters after they’re done with their Charmed lives. I liked how Coop and Phoebe finally got each other, and I loved to see Henry again, even if he wasn’t in many scenes. And the final moment, when Piper’s grandchild closes the door magically, I was so torn up. It was a bit cheesy, but it was also emotional as hell, and I felt all the past eight years running past my eyes. The photographs on the wall served the same purpose. It reminded us of what the sisters has been through and all the persons they’d lost. It did, however, annoy me so much that they couldn’t even have a picture of Prue or visit her in the past when she was child or something. I mean, she used to be a Charmed one, and one of the main characters on the show, and all they did was mention her name like four times.

    All in all, Forever Charmed was a good way to end the series. Sometimes it was unbearably sweet, like the big group hug, where I almost watched away because of the extreme cuteness. The thing that makes it good, is all the wonderful character interaction and the nostalgic trip to the past. A fair ending to the show that’s been with me since I was 10. Good Bye Charmed. May you never return.moreless

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    After the death of her sisters, Piper borrows Cupid's ring, but instead reunites her with her mother and grandmother, who help her save Phoebe and Paige. Meanwhile, Billie uses her powers to save Christy, who died in the battle against the Charmed Ones.

    By cherrygummybear, Mar 12, 2012

    Epic seems to be the only word adequate enough to sum up the series finale of Charmed. We see all the Halliwells united, with the exception of Prue, and even get a glimpse into the sisters' futures after they defeat the 'Ultimate Power'. Piper and Leo finally have the daughter they foresaw in season two, Phoebe finally gets the daughters she's been wanting, and even Paige gets in on the baby-making by giving birth to two daughters and a son. In the end, elderly Piper reading to her granddaughter from the Book of Shadows, before the manor doors are magically closed reminds the fans just how far the sisters have come in their journey.moreless

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  • 4.0

    Season 7's finale was the end of Charmed for me. I own Season 8 but I have to say that the ending here left me cold. It disrespected Pru's death and the rules that came with it and treated Pru and the shows mythology like they never mattered.

    By rentlover1, Nov 26, 2011

    Season 7's finale was the throw it together end of the series but it was far more successful in ending the series then this "very lets bring everyone back to hug and kiss and give everyone exactly what they want" piece of overly cheesey garbage.

    The finale of Charmed needed to be about the sisters and the power of three. This was done with great success in Season 7 as the Charmed ones faced an all mighty demon,vanquished him with the help of Pru's power (thanking her in the process) and then moving on with their lives at last. BUT then they bought it back and for the fan boy in me I wanted more Charmed. But after all the hype about the 7 part finale and the idea that they might top themselves and Pru might return OR she would at least be recognised as well as she was in Season 7 this ending was atrocious.

    EVERYONE who had died in the Halliwell family came back for a cameo but even in the flashback to their childhood Pru did not appear. The scene with the little girl with a season 1 Pru haircut gave me hope they would refer to her but it was just Piper as a kid. In the end Pru is pawned off by Piper saying 'Oh Mom not now.' Completely disrespectful and dismissive.

    Then to make matters worse Piper and Pheobe are saved and bought back from the dead. HELLO! They aren't allowed to do that. Piper was told in Season 4 she could not bring Pru back because they could not use Magic for personal gain NOR was it right to bring Pru back from the dead as her death was meant to happen to save the world and it was an impossible thing to be done. BUT NO in the finale of the series Piper finds away to save Pheobe and Paige and even jumps past their deaths all the way back to before Pru died. Yet only two are saved and Piper never considers this a chance to save her eldest sister.

    All in all a decent episode but not the end of Charmed for me. It screwed around to much with the mythology of the show, made the sisters appear to not care about Pru and ended with the dumbest and cheesiest ending I've ever seen. All in all 5 out of 10 was all I could give this because it just failed on almost every level to tie the show up successfully.moreless

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    Perfectly Charmed

    By TheresaNeuser, Nov 26, 2011

    When asked what his favorite episode of Charmed is, Brad Kern said, "The last one."

    I agree.

    This episode is genius, frankly. Huge props to Brad Kern for coming up with Coop's ring as a plot device that allowed nearly every important series character to appear in the show without being ridiculous or overly contrived. Don't even try to follow the logic of it all. Just sit back and enjoy. It is a hilarious, touching and very satisfying screenplay from the explosion at the beginning to the manor door swinging shut. As they should be, Billie and Christie are only a necessary diversion to the bulk of the story. It was a great decision to have Billie dispose of Christie herself. Allegedly, Brad Kern was originally considering redeeming Christie, while Holly was fine with killing off both sisters. They made the right call in redeeming just Billie.

    Piper and Leo's marriage has been at the center of Charmed if not from the beginning, then at least since Prue's death, and that is illustrated clearly here with them at the heart of this episode and their reunion being the final climax.

    Phoebe is given only a little more to do as she has to take the final step with Coop. Victor Webster is a little tall for Alyssa, but otherwise, it is all good.

    Paige has even less to do, but that's just because her story is the closest to fulfillment already. Brad Kern and production were very lucky that all the necessary actors were available for this episode. Seeing Patti, Grams, Victor, Wyatt, and Chris again and all at once was fantastic and the just reward to us loyal fans. Yes, there were characters who were inevitably left out: Prue, Daryll, and Cole most notably, but not everyone was available or willing, and production flatly didn't have the money to pay everyone. Brad said afterwards that he desperately wanted to show more photos at the end, including pictures of Prue and Cole, but they just didn't have the money for it, even if Shannen would have agreed. Nearly every criticism of this episode that I've seen has centered on Prue not being shown or apparently referred to enough, though she is referred to at least 3 separate times. I think that is ridiculous. Shannen left the show and refused to come back. There was nothing production could do about it. All the seriously sad Prue fans can just buy the first 3 seasons on DVD and forget the rest, and then stop reviewing later seasons like they are actual fans. Real Charmed fans, like myself, say BRAVO!!! Thanks to Holly, Alyssa, Rose, Brian and Brad for 8 memorable years!moreless

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  • 2.5

    i hate to say this but i hated this episode.. mostly b/c the time traveling got very annoying,the characters didnt seem right,the battle never happend,and the show abandon all that made it good.this episode was a waste of my time..

    By jack756, Nov 26, 2011

    1.trying to figure out whats going on its not hard but as the show keep going the time traveling starts to not make sense espicailly since grams should have remember piper from ''that 70s episode''when she meet piper but grams didnt remember piper.

    (dont try and say she earse her memory b/c in other eps.grams let them know she was gone do that and if she was gone do that on ''that 70s episode'' she would have told them)

    2.phoebe never got her powers of leviation and empathy back which is so lame since she was so usless this whole season.(they could have gave them back when she was writing bout her life)i did like phoebe with coop tho.

    3.paige with henry was a poor writing choice to me.i perfer her with glen.the only realtionship they got right is piper/leo and phoebe/coop.

    4.the season was leading up to a big battle,so dont hold your breathe.. no battles happenes.there was so many characters(that i loved)that the writers forgot about the battle that they been building up too.instead they focus more on the characters than the story they made for this season.i feel like the season was a waste of my time since didnt nothing happen in the end.the end focus more on the girls lives then the story the writers made bout the power of 3.this season was like sex and the city with demons.

    5.if they can bring all this characters back they can mention prue more than what they did.they said they need 2 pay actors to use their photo but they could have payed shannen.if the writers been saving money shouldnt they use it for that.especaiily since they didnt really have a battle.the blowing up of the manor was a waste since no battle really happened.they could have at least let the fans see a little version of prue but not even that...(and dont get me started when they said they cant bring prue back b/c of personal gain and then somehow phoebe and paige come back.)brad said he didnt want to focus on one sister(prue) so why was piper the main focus in this episode? then phoebe and paige was kicked to the side.

    6.piper trusting billie again was a poor writing.if someone harm my children and then came back they better hope i didnt see them.i still dont understnad they cant forgive christy,when she wasnt thinking right b/c she was raised by the traid but they can forgive billie.when billie still tried to kill them when she was in her right mind unlike christy...poor writing.if christy died so should billie.

    7.i didnt like how the made it seem everywoman in the world needed to have children.someone should have not had children.

    8.btw billie they couldnt have came up with something else besdies giving billie prue powers.

    9.this end of charmed was so ened like a fariytale and no story is like that.i will say season 7 was a better ending than this crap.season 7 should have been the end of charmed not season 8.

    i like how they made piper/leo and phoebe/coop end up together.i didnt like the happy fariytale ending. i dont like piage ending up with henry.i didnt like the time traveling.i didnt like all the characters coming back b/c that took away from the big battle that didnt even happen.i didnt like how billie survied and christy didnt. both of there faith should have been shannen doherty not even alittle girl that look like her.i hated this was such a waste...moreless

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