House Call

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Quotes (30)

  • Leo: Phoebe, can I talk to you a minute?
    (Piper blows up Leo)
    Leo: What did you do that for?
    Piper: Like hell, you're bringing those muddy shoes in my house.
    (Leo looks at his shoes.)

  • Leo: Look, Piper I need you to help me find Paige.
    Piper: I'm not talking to her 'till she cleans up her room.

  • Phoebe (to Spencer): You know what? You're a turkey. And turkeys don't write columns! (Throws potion, and Spencer turns into a turkey) Phoebe: But they do make delicious dinners.

  • (Paige as Jessica)
    Paige: Nose job, I should've guessed.

  • Phoebe: What are those?
    Piper: Slip covers, to keep the furniture clean. Although, I've come to the conclusion that we should probably just stand from now on.

  • Paige: I don't blame you guys if you never trust me. Glen: It's not that we don't trust you... Jessica: Uh! I don't trust her.

  • (Paige walks furiously into the house) Paige: He's getting married, that dirty rat! Piper: Who? Paige: Glen. He's getting married to some bimbette he met climbing the Matterhorn. Piper: At Disneyland? Paige: No! Switzerland!

  • Phoebe: Let go of me, I have to kill Spencer! Paige: You named the turkey "Spencer"?! Piper: That's no turkey, I think that's Spencer Ricks!

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Notes (3)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Lidské slabosti (Human Weaknesses) France: Envoûtement (Enchantment) Italy: Ossessioni (Obsessions) Germany: Quälgeister (Torments)

  • This episode scored 5.3 million viewers.

  • The WB used the promo title "Obsessions" for this episode.

Trivia (19)

  • Before Paige leaves to meet Glen, part of the ceiling falls on Piper. In the very next shot, the close up of Piper has a chunk of ceiling on her head that was not there when it first fell.

  • TRIVIA: The song playing at the beginning of this episode after the main titles while Paige is getting ready is Come Into My World by Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue.

  • TRIVIA: The same Hell ledge is used by Cortez in the season 4 episode Charmed Again: Part 2 and Barbas in the season 5 episode Sympathy for the Demon.

  • At the end when Paige is talking to Glen and Jessica in the park, a man starts running behind Paige down the pathway. The camera cuts away from her for three seconds but when it is back on her the man is completely gone. It is not possible for him to have run that distance in that time.

  • In a few seconds Piper's hair changes three times: When she says "...big mama?" her hair is near the neck, the next shot it is another way and the last time (when she turns and Paige gets in) she has the whole hair surrounding the neck.

  • When the ghost catchs Phoebe and then Piper starts blowing up the ceiling, suddenly Paige has the metal thing in her hands even though Piper was the one that had the metal thing the whole time after going downstairls.

  • At the beginning Paige is talking to Glen and he is driving. He's lucky that he has not crashed yet cause his eyes aren't even watching the road. He spends all of the conversation with Paige looking to the side and not the road.

  • When Leo and Paige orb out of the church, there is still light visible in the exterior but when they orb into the street it is suddenly at night and dark.

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Allusions (4)

  • Witch Doctor: Now, where's the evil? Piper: Uh... here, there... everywhere.
    Here, There and Everywhere is a 1966 song by The Beatles.

  • Title: House Call
    This is a reference to when doctors would visit their patients at their own homes.

  • Paige (after seeing the ruined TV when the witch doctor has cleansed the house): Hmm, guess I'm not watching The Osbournes tonight.
    She is referring to MTV's celebrity reality series "The Osbournes", starring Ozzy Osbourne and his family.

  • Piper (to Paige, as she's leaving to see Glen): Alright, Sally, go meet Harry.
    This is a reference to the 1989 movie "When Harry Met Sally".