Hyde School Reunion

Season 6, Ep 17, Aired 3/14/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Phoebe accidentally casts a spell on herself that allows her wild teenage personality to take over, and teen Phoebe is eager to use her magic to her advantage. Meanwhile, Piper asks her father to find out why Chris is avoiding her.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Holly Marie Combs

    Piper Halliwell

  • Alyssa Milano

    Phoebe Halliwell

  • Rose McGowan

    Paige Matthews

  • Drew Fuller

    Chris Perry

  • David Simkins

  • Fan Reviews (19)
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    By bbch25, Jul 06, 2015

  • Hyde School Reunion

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 26, 2012

  • Freebe The Teenage Witch

    By lenzinoH20, Sep 17, 2011

  • Freaky Phoebe and the demons of projectile vomit...

    By iltarion, Dec 09, 2010

  • Lousy episode, out of point!

    By gopink, Oct 30, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (27)

    • (Chris and Victor are outside smoking cigars.) Chris: Uh, listen, about those things, you might want to pick up a different habit. To avoid future problems, if you know what I mean. Victor: Oh, geez. (He puts out the cigar.) Thanks for the tip.

    • Classmate: Phoebe! Hi! Wow, you look great. Phoebe: Oh! Really? Thanks. Classmate: Well, see you inside. Phoebe: Yeah. That would be great. (The classmate heads into the ballroom as Phoebe smiles, obviously a plastered smile) Paige: Who was that? Phoebe: I have no idea!

    • Piper (about Leo): The point is, he's not around. Victor: Was he ever? Piper: Were you? (he gives her a look) Sorry. Victor: No, no, no. I, uh, I deserve that. I wasn't around enough for you girls, but, uh, I wanna make up for that with Wyatt and his little…um… (he points, indicating the new baby) Piper: It's a boy. Chris, actually. Victor: "Chris". Why did you choose that name? Piper: I don't know. And…he won't tell me. He's very secretive about the future. He's actually the reason I asked you to come. See, he, um, hates me, and he doesn't wanna talk to me, and I need you to find out why. Victor: I don't understand your wiccan ways, but I'll try. (he smiles, clears his throat and starts talking to Piper's tummy) Hello, Chris! (chuckles, as Piper rolls her eyes) Chris? Hello, Chris. Can you hear me? Chris (off-screen): Someone calling me? Piper: Yeah, uh, sweetie, could you come here a sec? Victor: Jeez! He can come out? (Chris walks in) Chris: Uh, can we air this out? 'Cause I gotta get- (he sees Victor) Grandpa! (he rushes past Piper and gives Victor an enthusiastic hug. Victor looks confused and smiles at Chris)

    • Phoebe (to Rick): I kill demons everyday. You think I'm afraid of you?

    • Paula: Todd! There you are, sweetie. (notices Phoebe) Oh, and there you are. I was wondering if you'd have the nerve to show up. Phoebe: What do you mean "nerve"? Paula: Oh. You're the talk of the reunion. You know, you can fool San Francisco with your pithy advice, but you can't fool us. We all know you, sweetie. Todd: That's enough, Paula. Phoebe: So what is that supposed to mean? Paula: It means you're a fake. The only thing you were ever known for was lying and ditching and stealing boyfriends. Paige: Phoebe, are you gonna let someone with a giant helmet that passes for hair talk to you like that? Ramona: God, Paula. Just because Todd had a thing for Phoebe, you don't have to be so mean. Paula (to Ramona): I'm not being mean. I'm doing her a favor. (to Phoebe) To the rest of the world, you might be "Ask Phoebe", but to us, you'll always be "Freebie". (Phoebe looks hurt. She turns and walks away) Paige (to Phoebe): You okay? (Paula smirks with pride. Paige glares at Paula, then walks away to follow Phoebe) Paula (to Todd): Hey. Let's dance. Hmm? (cut to the hallway. Phoebe is walking and Paige follows her quickly) Paige: Hey. Why didn't you just tell that chick to go screw herself? (Phoebe turns into Teen Phoebe, then quickly turns back into her adult self) Paige: Phoebe? Phoebe: Okay, what just happened? Paige: You tell me. Phoebe: I have no idea. I was just standing here, and then I had some weird high school flashback. Paige: Yeah. Your whole body just flashed back. Phoebe: What? Are you kidding me? I-I just felt- Paige: Pissed? Phoebe: Very. Paige: Well, as someone who's seen Carrie, both versions, I'd say the reunion is over.

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    Notes (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Školní sraz po letech (School Reunion After Years) France: Une réputation d'enfer (One Hell of a Reputation) Italy: Teenager per caso (Teenager by Chance) Germany: Klassentreffen (School Reunion)

    • This episode scored 4.8 million viewers.

    Trivia (32)

    • This is the only time in Charmed that Victor, famously untrusting of whitelighters, allows someone (Chris) to orb him.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time one of the sisters goes to their high school reunion, Piper previously went to hers in the season 3 episode Coyote Piper.

    • TRIVIA: This marks the first time that Victor meets any of his grandchildren as adults. He would later meet the adult Wyatt in the series finale Forever Charmed.

    • Why couldn't Chris get close to Piper all of a sudden? He had no problem before she got pregnant.

    • When Piper and Paige are talking at the beginning and they hear Phoebe scream, they rush out to find out what's going on and then Phoebe tells them that her dress is ruined. However, in the season 4 episode Marry-Go-Round, this same scenario occurs after Cole, unbeknownst to Phoebe, magically makes her wedding dress very loose, which Paige took the fall for. But this time it was the dry-cleaner.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Phoebe (to her friends): Just think of me as your get into jail free card.
      This is a reference to the boardgame Monopoly. A player can draw and use a Get-Out-of-Jail Free card.

    • Paige: Speaking as someone who has seen Carrie, both versions, I'd say this reunion's over.
      This is a reference to the Stephen King novel Carrie that was made into a film in 1976. It starred Sissy Spacek as 'Carrie White', an awkward teenager who had the ability to move objects with her mind and after a high school prank turns her prom into a blood bath with her ability. The movie was remade into a made-for-tv movie in 2002 starring Angela Bettis. A feature film sequel The Rage: Carrie 2 in 2002 starred Emily Bergl as 'Rachael Lang', a girl who also demonstrates telekinesis.

    • Title: Hyde School Reunion
      This is a reference to the book "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", and the term high school reunion.

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