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  • 6.5

    Meeeh one.

    By bbch25, Jul 06, 2015

    SO I actually didn't like Victor's part here. Chris was guilted into telling him and then Victor just goes and tells Piper, which he shouldn't have done.

    And Victor really fathering Chris was actually semi annoying. Chris wants to protect Piper because he's inside her! He kind of wants to live and he is a witch too, he can help and do things. But I like when everyone stops mothering each other.

    Phoebe's magic was too over the top for me here. Her just glamouring people with the wave of her hand. Turning someone into a dog by calling them a bitch.

    I know he was a murderer and criminal but I'm still not convinced that was the 'only' solution and that they 'had' to murder him too. They gave him NO chance of escape or anything. I mean orb him back to prison or something. Paige you have powers, orb the gun away from him, Phoebe you know martial arts - use it and knock him out and then call the cops. Say you went to school with him and was part of his gang so that must be why he came for you. Just stupid. I feel it was more on the 'punishing the guilty' side. Killing someone to protect the innocent is defensive, but killing him was cold blood I feel.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Hyde School Reunion

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 26, 2012

    Hyde School Reunion was a superb and entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development for Phoebe and Chris as well. It was great to see the sister's father again as Piper asked him to visit and talk with Chris. I liked learning more about Chris and his frame of thought. It was fun to see Phoebe relive her past so to speak, and it was a wildly fun ride! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 6.5

    Freaky Phoebe and the demons of projectile vomit...

    By iltarion, Aug 21, 2011

    This is the worst of Season 6, and that is saying something considering James Reed is in it, who typically elevates every episode he is in.

    Victor is involved in the best comedy of the show as he attempts to talk to Piper's belly when she asks him to have a talk with Chris. It is cool seeing Victor and Chris together, and Victor even gets his one and only orb of the series. Chris's melancholy over Piper being dead in his future, as already noted in "Chris-Crossed," is pretty understandable. And Piper's reaction to Chris calling him "mom" for the first time is an all-time great Charmed moment, easily the best moment of the show.

    The main plot is actually another example of the writers trying to capitalize on a normal event in the life of someone Phoebe's age. As such, the high school reunion is a sensible idea. The problem is that the conflict they worked out of it is more annoying than dramatic. Apparently all 4 sisters (including Prue) had long straight black hair in high school and were somewhat uncomfortable in their own skin. It is an old story by now.

    It was very intelligent of the writers to have Rick proudly tell Phoebe that he had killed before. Once he said that, he was no longer an innocent, which opened the door for the sisters' rare vanquishing of a mortal. I liked that. Nice twist.

    Unfortunately, most the rest is forgettable. The main problem is that Freaky Phoebe displays way more power than normal Phoebe ever did, and yet she allows Rick to bully her with a shotgun. Why not just turn HIM into a dog? This sucks any drama otherwise possible out of the whole Rick conflict.moreless

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  • 10

    Lousy episode, out of point!

    By gopink, Jun 23, 2011

    I dislike watching Phoebe at her high school reunion! But I really loves to watch Chris! It is really cool of Piper's dad came to help and talk to his future grandson! It helped lot, for your information! Chris finally told his grandpa a very short truth about future. Grandpa finally understood why! Grandpa feels really happy and he is very glad that he is awesome grandpa! We found out that after that special event, Chris and his grandpa became very close, they just talked! I love this role between both of them! Great episode on Chris!! I love it!moreless

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  • 10

    I really liked this episode !!!

    By Courtney100, Jan 06, 2011

    Mainly because of Chris. I really love his character.. the only thing i didn't really like was the reunion it was kinda boring at times but Chris made up for it !! I liked seeing his and pipers relationship evolve and having pipers dad come and talk to Chris was a great idea. It also gave us some more info on the future and why he was avoiding piper.Another reason i liked this episode is because piper actually knows who Chris is know. Like i said i really wasn't big on the reunion , but overall i loved the episode.moreless

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  • 8.8

    The two faces of Phoebe

    By Blinksterboy, Sep 17, 2008

    Phoebe and Paige go to a school reunion bash and Piper introduces Chris to her father. Not for the first time, it's a case of the subplot outshining the main plot.

    Phoebe's story is a rehash of several earlier episodes. Her younger self is clearly based on the teenage Prue we saw in Season Two and the school reunion thing was done by Piper in Season Three. It's quite entertaining but definite filler material. I always enjoy spells so it was good to see Phoebe casting them so openly.

    The crazy gang thing was a good idea but the story was weak. The bloke playing Rick couldn't act, and there was no way he'd accept magic that readily. I also can't believe the Charmed Ones killed him at the end. Surely the elders would have something to say about that, not to mention the police?

    It's Piper's story that really steals the show. Becoming five months pregnant in three weeks doesn't seem to be an issue so she decides to introduce Chris to her father. It's good to see James Read again and I have to say this is his best performance to date. Some of his expressions are priceless and I laughed out loud when he thought Piper could summon Chris from the womb. The scenes between the two men are also nicely done.

    Almost forgot to say there are some demons as well. They shoot green goo from their mouths. They have nothing to do with either story (save for the end when they help vanquish Rick) but they are fun to watch.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to go along with the majority and say it was the Chris scenes which saved the episode for me. That and hearing the nickname 'Freebie' again. Not heard that since Season One. Nice continuity!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Boring they did this one already but ... it was better than "Coyote Piper"

    By charmed1102, May 01, 2007

    While preparing for her high school reunion, Phoebe's wild teenage personality takes over her body when she inadvertently casts a spell on herself. At the reunion, teenage Phoebe re-connects with her former gang and finds herself in trouble when their old leader, Rick, uses Phoebe's magic to rob an armored car. Meanwhile, Piper calls upon her father to find out why Chris is keeping his distance from her.

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  • 5.3

    Seems like this has been done enough. Not really creative. Phoebe does the high school flash back thing.

    By CottonButtons, Mar 07, 2007

    Best part of this episode is Victor. Maybe a bit over-the-top, but overall cute. Grandpa is trying to do right by grandson because he failed as a father. How often do we hear about that in the real world?

    Piper became very pregnant fast. Does morning sickness really last that long...supposedly six months into the pregancy?

    Really do not like the reaction to Pheobe at the reunion. People do not carry silly grudges that long. Seems odd that Phoebe needs to take her sister to a party. She always has a man at her disposal, right?

    Overall, not very impressive.moreless

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  • 8.5

    The only storyline I actually fallowed was Chris' one. AWESOME.

    By red_flava87, Dec 19, 2006

    I cant say that Chris secret wasn't a bit predictable, but I just love how it was all feel with emotions. That's really a hard secret for one to keep and I just can bow to his greatness... I'm in love. Seriously though, I hated Chris from the minute a saw him at the begining of the season and it was all written for us to suspect his intentions. But now, I can only feel compassion toward him. When he revealed teh secret to his grandpa, I was totally crying... The way he looked so heartbroken just by the thought to say goodbye to his mom again...awwww. I have to confess, I really was attracted by the SOAP side of this episode.

    The rest of the story wa actually BORING... Turning back back time to bring back high school years was a bit lame, but I wont lie, the hole story was well fallowed. I liked how both Chris-against-the-demons and Phoebe-against-convict-Chris connected at the end.

    All in all, it wasn't a bad episode and I give it a 8.5/10.

    Still looking forward to Chris' destiny in the past... Sounds akward, but Heh! That's what is!moreless

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