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    An alright one, if not a rip off of multiple shows.

    By bbch25, Jul 06, 2015

    While it's kind of disturbing that Chris just wants two people want to have sex, Phoebe knows the truth and is holding it against Chris and could not care less that he's just going to disappear and cease to exist.

    He had perfect reasons for everything he was doing. And seriously "your brother picked on you", he's evil and taking over the entire world and craves more and more power. But Phoebe's little rant here was actually quite annoying.

    The wish for them to sleep together was kind of weird but funny. I just don't get why people think he's sick and wrong, it's completely understandable. It's called surviving! You're all talking about it being too hard on her so no. Um he will die, the man who's spent this long trying to save Wyatt will not exist.

    "I'm giving up a lot to be here" Um piper Greg is going to work.. you're not bloody giving up anything! Jesus I hate what they did with their priorities in the later seasons.

    1. Paige was ridiculous "not only do I have to worry about Richard but you too", so what because Chris uses magic now he's irresponsible and can't be trusted? Paige actually is kind of sexist.

    2. The whole rant about Chris being a creep, registered sex offender is bloody over the top. Why not just ask 'why'.

    3. He's not evil, he's never hurt anyone, you have no right to just show up and throw a potion at him. Him giving up his powers is ENTIRELY his choice.

    Yes he's being a bit crazed, I can agree with that, but Paige just leave him, stop acting like you have the right to control him. Let's face it, you'd strip his powers and then dump him anyway. And what the hell was with showing up and then asking about Chris. Priorities.

    I'm actually surprised nobody tried to wish them dead before - it's quite smart. But I'm sick of them throughout the show going "I can't heal the dead, I can't heal the dead" etc etc they were wished dead, dead dead, not 'ah sort of dead but they can be healed', it's stupid.

    "How can you have so much faith Paige" Actually she has absolutely none. She automatically assumes the worst so far in any male, especially males with powers. He finally chooses between her and magic, like she forced him into doing, so he chooses her and no magic and she leaves anyway. I get why, she doesn't want to tempt him but she forces him, keeps shoving lack of magic down his throat, only to know she would have to leave.

    I like Jinny, she was a cool evil dude.

    And god, Phoebe calling Chris dramatic. Coming from her who dramatises everything, especially the Cole situation. But Chris IS GOING TO DIE. Never ever exist! I think he's reacting perfectly normally. I'd be angrier if I was him because everyone that knows is treating him like crap and could not care less.

    I'd rate these higher if I could get over how they treated Chris.moreless

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  • 9.5

    I Dream of Phoebe

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 26, 2012

    I Dream of Phoebe was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was very interesting to learn of Chris's true origins, to see the powers of a genie used again, and for Paige and Richard to deal with his problem. There was lots of action, drama and intrigue along with some humor, serious moments and of course magic. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    I Dream Of A Better Series!

    By lenzinoH20, Sep 17, 2011

    I Dream of Phoebe-When Phoebe frees a genie from a bottle, she soon finds that she must take the genie's place. Meanwhile, anxious to put Leo and Piper back together, Chris uses Phoebe to make his wish come true, but she takes his instructions too literally.

    Phoebe in yet another silly costume!! You can always tell the quality in a Charmed episode by how little Phoebe has to wear or some tacky costume the writers have forced poor Alyssa Milano to wear. I mean come on, Alyssa, your a producer at this point, tell these people they are embarrassing you week by week on national television and it needs to stop! Besides, they writers already did a Genie episode, a relatively "good" Genie episode, so why is this "I Dream of Genie"knockoff forced down our throats!! Barbara Eden wouldn't be amused! The whole plot is your typical Charmed fluff, Phoebe gets a premonition (yeah, she actually still gets those!!) about a woman being attacked by a demon, leaving her and Chris to go to some where in Arabia or whatever and they find Jenny...The Genie.....*headdesk* I also find the Aladdin mythology silly on Charmed with the 40 theives being demons. Jenny turning out to be a demon all along was a decent twist I guess but things just go downhill once Phoebe gets turned into a Genie.

    If that wasn't bad enough, we have Chris on a sick and disturbing crusade to get Piper and Leo to sleep together so he cane be concieved in time. I don't know whether this was suppose to be intended as funny but if the was, the writers have a messed up sense of humor. Not only it it not funny, but it's extremely jarring considering we just found out who Chris really is. One week, he's barely in the sisters' lives and the nexr, he's forcing one of them to sleep with an Elder. Yeah, I know their his parents but still, give us time to explore this knew revelation, not make cheap jokes about wanting your parents to have sex. I still believe the writers pulled this development out their a$$ as we as an audience were given no hints as to who Chris really was. Sure, he and Wyatt had a past in the future, but still, it was pretty vague and this is a pretty big development for not even giving the fans a bit of clue to Chris' being Piper and Leo's son. It's also pathetic watching Chris trying to break up Piper's date with Greg! It's funny considering in "Prince Charmed" only a few episodes ago, Chris wanted Piper to dtae so she wouldn't give up on love. Phoebe during her agrument with Chris at the beginning is the only thing that made sense in this episode: Chris' plans were terrible! He's the one who forced his parents to split! He's the one who sent Leo to Vahalla! He's the one whose been keeping secrets to the point that have caused unforseen consequences! Now all of sudden he wants Piper and Leo to bone? *HEAD-FREAKIN'-DESK*

    If that wasn't bad enough we get Paige and Richard going at it about his powers. At this point, I couldn't careless about Richard or his supposed dangerous usage of magic. I glad the writers finally rapped up this relationship with Richard stripping himself of his powers and both deciding to break-up. It was long time coming and maybe with Richard gone Paige can become more independent and less of a ditzy, overportective girlfriend?.........NOPE! I did love the Piper and Leo moment toward the end. Even with all the suck around them, Holly and Brian always remind us that Piper and Leo's relationship is the only redeeming thing about the series. But besides that, 'I Dream of Phoebe" is as gimmicky and pathetic as Charmed can get!moreless

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  • 9.0

    A hot genie, a mad demon, and Leo's love to the rescue once again.

    By iltarion, Jun 11, 2011

    Season 6 reaches its pinnacle in this episode and the following one, before the terrific season finale. For one thing, we have a tremendously pretty genie who in a terrific twist becomes a hot demon bent on becoming all powerful. Stupid name or not, Jinny makes a fantastic bad guy. I am always for attractive female bads cast in opposition to the sisters. Secondly, we have the wrap up of Richard's storyline, which I think we were all glad to see end. And that means only 4 episodes after the idiotic split of the sisters, that moronic story arc mercifully ends and the sisters are all back at Halliwell manor. We also have Chris, Phoebe and then Paige all talking openly about who Chris is and the mission to reunite his parents. I hated that Piper was still dating Greg after recent events, but I loved how Chris pretty much ended their relationship by manipulating his parents together. And of course, it was a miracle that he did, since it ended up saving the Charmed Ones.

    In a rather shocking turn of events, Richard ends up killing the sisters at Jinny's wish. Great acting by the much-maligned Drew Fuller during this scene. Fortunately, Leo had an arm around Piper, and she called to him as her soul floated away. Leo even while asleep healed her, saving all of them. The sisters learning their lesson from past ghosts and using that against the demon was also very smartly done. And of course that all led to the final scene where we saw Piper and Leo edging closer to being together again, what most of us have been waiting for.moreless

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  • 8.0

    A tricky Genie? Go Figure!

    By RRBOY225, Dec 04, 2010

    Continuing in their recent rehash of old things, the writers have decided to go the way of Barara Eden. THe writing was pretty good which is more than I can say for the effects.

    We begin with Phoebe barging into the Bay Mirror and running into Chris. We learn he is trying to pinpoint his conception date but knows it is this month. I swear this kid should be placed in school because he messed up big time and now is scrambling to fix it. Two bones to pick: THe way Chris refers to his parents conceiving him is totally disgusting and vulgar for their own child to say."Screw?" ANd secondly Phoebe did hit on you but maybe you decided to block that out because total ewww. SHe is reluctant to help him and I would be too. THis scene shifts tones when she gets a vision of some lady begging for mercy. Over in the "Middle East" P and C investigate the scene. Two sword armed men come in and Phoebe throws potions on them. I guess demons have a different dress code in Egypt. A terrible flying carpet comes in and Feebs throws a potion. THat thing is so bad, the effects crew should have been fired. THere are no words to describe how revolting that effect was. THey make up for it when Phoebe rubs the bottle a pink tornado appears to reveal a genie.

    We pick up with major bickering. Phoebe doesnt want the genie, CHris wants Piper home and Leo wants to send CHris home. GIve it up, go up to Elderland and stay there. Leo orbs away, thankfully, but CHris wants to follow him. Phoebes wishes he wouldnt. Ok that was an easy slip up, I will let it slide. Paige comes home in a rather disgusting ensemble. WHats with the green thing,Rose? Richy Rich is putting spells on her. SHe is thrown into this absolutely beautiful black evening dress and her hair is up. I have seen this dress before, Oh its the dress used for the promos shots this season. Rose looks stunning and I wish she would always where an evening gown because she works it like theres no tomorrow. ANyway Phoebe gets stuck with the Genie.

    Over at Grease Monkey Apt. Piper and Him are macking. It is vomit inducing. SHe gets pulled away by Chris. Paige tries to deal with Richy Rich but its futile. THe guy is like Cole the Second. Over at the manor The demon with the carpet bursts through the windows. I have to admit that was a pretty good shot. Phoebe wishes genie free and who would have thought the chick was evil. She is one of my favorite characters, well demon characters. SHe flies away but CHris got the bottle. WHo is in it? Phoebe naturally.

    Her outfit is quite nice compared to other crap she has been in. Chris is her master, which sounds very wrong. SHe has this wicked cool blue tornado effect. Leo decides to ruin the scene with his suspicion of Chris. WIsh him dead please. He does wish for Leo to forgive Chris. Phoebes hand movements are close to the original Genie from the show but not exactly. Jinny regroups and wants to find the lost magical city she previously mentioned. Paige tries again to deal with Richy Rich but fails.

    Chris wants to wish his parents to sleep together but Phoebe thinks its wrong,as do I. She does it but since they are tricksters, they actually fall asleep. CHris is furious and sends Phoebe in the bottle. LAter on CHris uses this to his advantage to make the Grease monkey leave her alone. Its a cute scene but whatever. An extremely impressive fight scene takes place. Jinny and her band of idiots shimmer in. Paige and CHris fight. Its choreographed nicely and the effects are impressive. People are flying around like crazy. Paige does her orbing thing and traps Jinny but RIchy Rich gets the bottle. Phoebe knocks the bottle over and tornadoes out. I thought they had to be rubbed or commanded out of the bottle. Richy Rich is going bonkers. Paige makes a stripping potion for RIchy Rich ANd orbs over to his house. Alyysa Milano is hilarious as a genie and really shines through on her comedic genius. Rich knocks Paige out. At the manor Jinny freed herself and threatens CHris. Its very intense but not for nothing couldnt he have just sent her flying with his power. Jinny gets the bottle but before that RIchy Rich wished Phoebe free and now he is a genie. Jinny wishes the Charmed Ones dead and I was floored. THat blew me away. Just the way she delivered that line was insane. Drew Fuller graces us with his impressive acting skills and I mean that. He did a great job with this scene. He is crying and his voice is cracking, so emotional, I got teary also. Leo somehow heard Pipers cry for help which I guess is the writers way of saying "THeir love is transcendent" which stopped Jinnys wish. THey dont move on which helps them fight Jinny.

    Wrap up: Phoebe and Paige haunt Jinny. Phoebe enters Jinny and wishes her back in the bottle. Now I would have thought that would have trapped Phoebe also but I guess not. RIchard saves the day in a way. THe effect scene of Zanbaar rising was ok. Not the best thing but not worse than those flying carpets. RIchy RIch decided to take the potiona nd he is out of the show for good. CHris gets pissy but Feebs reassures him that there is a lot of love between those two.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Mayhem in a bottle

    By Blinksterboy, Jun 29, 2010

    As soon as I saw Phoebe pick up that vase I thought we were in for a boring remake of the Season Two finale. Just goes to show how wrong you can be. It's not the first time the Charmed Ones have mistakenly freed a demon but having the genie turn out to be the baddie is inspired. The result is probably the funniest episode since "The Truth is Out There...."

    The action is non-stop as first Phoebe becomes a genie then Richard. At times it's hard to keep track of the master but I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next wish. In a brilliant twist, the demon wishes the Charmed Ones dead, only for Phoebe to possess her and send her back to the bottle. It's well written and well directed, and the acting is first class.

    The only slight downside is the rather cheesy desert setting. We've had worse, but do we really need flying carpets to prove it's Arabia? The idea of resurrecting a lost city isn't bad but it's kind of wasted with everything else that's going on. To be fair, though, the graphics aren't bad.

    For the first time, Chris is able to speak candidly and his opening scene with Phoebe is nicely acted. Turns out he now needs to get Leo and Piper together in time for him to be conceived. This forms a strong subplot for the whole hour and serves up some great humour. Paige's reaction when she finds out he wished for his parents to sleep together is priceless, as is Leo's sudden bout of chumminess (which sees Brian at his absolute best).

    As if any more humour were needed, Richard keeps conjuring outfits and jewellery for Paige. It's a real shame this is his last episode as he is finally becoming a worthwhile character. Still, at least he gets to go out on a high.

    This episode really is a gem. "You look tense, master. Neck rub?" Hehehe.moreless

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    Favorite and Funniest

    By jackien14, Jul 02, 2008

    Every main character in this episode was hilarious, especially Chris and Pheobe. The concept of this episode is that Chris needs to be conceived before he disappears forever. So what he says and do in this episode is funnier than any other episode including him. Phoebe's genie costume was bizarre mostly because of the blonde hair. Her funniest quote on this epi would have to be when she asked her nephew Chris, "did I ever hit on you?" The storyline was well thought out and written. This episode is a brilliant example how and why Charmed lasted for eight seasons.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Charmed is known for episodes like this. Spoiler warning!

    By colormyworld, Jun 16, 2008

    I dislike how the show keeps contradicting itself, especially in this episode. Other than that, it's fabulous.

    In the original episode with genies many seasons ago, some ground rules for genies in the Charmed universe were set. This episode foolishly contradicts all those rules previously made (as can be seen in the episode trivia). That makes it hard to watch for any die-hard fan who remembers the earlier episode (with French Stewart, I believe.)

    Other than that, it's wonderful. Classic Charmed. Phoebe is some weird creature in a slutty costume, Paige is trying to deal with a magical mishap, Piper has love issues, and Chris is as fun as ever. The interactions between him and Phoebe are great in this episode. I loved Paige's reaction and how Chris told her. That was great.


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    Chris went to Phepe for help him to get his parents back together because if he did not conseve in the next two weeks he will dis apper for ever so phepe refuse to help him he told her that she prefer to help strenger rather than help him

    By raghda_ssafar, May 29, 2008


    I love this episode of charmed very much .It's the most wanderfule in the entire season . Ginny tricked Phoebe to help the Genie to get free so Ginny can control the world! How comes Ginny want Phoebe? Because Phoebe is one of the Charmed Ones. Chris gets to be master of Genie Phoebe for while, very interesting! When Phoebe freed Ginny and Ginny became evil ! Weird! Ginny acted very nice as Genie, which not made sense! Chris want his parents to sleep together thought Piper's boyfriend caught her sleep with her ex-husband. Piper's boyfriend was never heard of it again and left Piper's life! I am happy for Chris! Phoebe became blonde in this episode so she got her chance to wear another hair color, thought it is wig! Great episode! Retshard apper in this episode too.I love it .moreless

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