It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (2)

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  • (Paige, under Piper's happy spell, greets Darryl at the front door.) Paige: We thought you were the patrol guy come to shoot Phoebe. Darryl: Sorry. Actually I'm here to get Chris. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take him into custody for assaulting me. Chris: Dude, I didn't assault you. Paige: No, but Evil Chris did. Chris: That wasn't me. Phoebe: You're still a fugitive anyways. Chris: Okay, you're not helping, thanks. Darryl: You know, I'm only giving you this chance because we used to be friends. Phoebe: That is so sweet, Darryl. Paige: And, evil double or no, someone has to do the time. Take him away, Darryl!

  • (Leo is attacking Gideon) Gideon: Leo, please, you have to understand. I am only doing this for the greater good, I swear. Leo: How is killing a child ever for the greater good, huh? Who the hell are you to decide that, huh? Gideon: I'm an Elder. So are you. It's what we do! Leo: I'm not one of you anymore.

  • Paiges: It sucks. Evil Phoebe: So what do you think happened? Phoebe: I think we did too much good together when we were trying to get Gideon in your world. Evil Phoebe: My thoughts exactly. Evil Paige: Maybe we need to do some serious evil on your side to shift the balance back. Paige: Right. Evil Paige: The problem is, I don't know if our collective powers will work with us in different worlds. Evil Phoebe: Well, we better think of something fast, because Gideon's still after Wyatt in both of them. Paiges: The Power of Three. Phoebes: What? Paige: If we can cast a spell on our respective Pipers… Evil Paige: We're back to full power again. Evil Phoebe: And bring us to your side so we could shift the balance back… Phoebe: And then kick some ass. Phoebes & Paiges: I like it!

  • Happy Phoebe: The plan is to go to the hospital and see Piper. (giggling) Happy Paige: That's a really good plan. (giggling) Happy Phoebe: I know. (giggling)

  • Paige: Well if you ask me the grand design was pretty messed up already.

  • Phoebe: We should drive, I don't want to risk orbing. Chris: Just watch your speed, okay?

  • Barbas (to Gideon, about Wyatt): How cute. The great big Elder's afraid of the teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy baby.

  • Chris: You're laughing! That's great...your nephew is almost killed and you're laughing!

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Notes (2)

  • This episode scored 4.8 million viewers.

  • The title of this episode in Spain is Este Mundo es Malo, Malo.

Trivia (16)

  • Leo said that Phoebe and Paige didn't remember the past because of the spell that was cast by Piper. So when Darryl comes to arrest Chris and Chris claims that he didn't punch Darryl Paige says that evil Chris did. How could she remember that?

  • The jingle played at the beginning of this episode when Phoebe has been shot in the "good" world is the same jingle the ice cream truck played in season 3 episode We All Scream for Ice Cream.

  • When Leo sees Paige and Phoebe behaving oddly he says that only Piper could have done this to them. Why would he assume this? The sisters have been possessed and put under spells countless times by other people. Surely Gideon would be a more likely candidate?

  • TRIVIA: During Season Six, the Charmed Ones and their associates manage to vanquish 102 demons, 8 darklighters, 2 warlocks, 2 mortals, 2 phantasms, 1 elder, 1 banshee, 1 evil witch and 1 headless horseman, making a total of 120 evil beings. This comes despite making only one vanquish in the first five episodes.

  • The front porch of the manor changes size. When viewed from the outside, the porch is about 3 feet, in other episodes, it's about 7 feet, but in this episode, the porch is double that size.

  • In the "world of good", people were punished because of every little infraction, and everyone accepted it. So why would everyone at the hospital react in shock when the desk attendant yelled shot?

  • TRIVIA: In Leo's fear vision, Evil Wyatt calls for the sword Excalibur. In the episode Sword and the City, it is revealed that he is destined to command Excalibur.

  • TRIVIA: Gideon orbs get darker and darker the closer he comes to killing Wyatt, possibly because as he becomes more obsessed with killing Wyatt, the more evil he becomes.

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Allusions (5)

  • The way Gideon falls to the ground as a pile of dust with his school cloak above it just after saying his final words is very similar to the way Professor Qurrell died in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone died.

  • Title: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
    This is a reference to the 1963 film, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" , as well as a slight reference to the Disney song "It's a Small World", also a ride in Disneyland.

  • Leo shooting blue energy bolts from his hands to kill Gideon with Wyatt (Leo's son) nearby is very reminiscent of the end of "Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi", where the evil Emperor Palpatine attempts to kill Luke Skywalker in exactly the same way while Darth Vader (Luke's father) looks on.

  • Barbas: How cute. The big Elder is scared of the itsy-bitsy baby.
    The 'Itsy-bitsy' part is from the classic nursery rhyme "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider".

  • Paige: So we're starring in a little movie called Pleasantville.
    A reference to the film Pleasantville, starring Tobey McGuire and Reese Withersppon as a brother and sister from the 1990s who are sucked into their television set and suddenly find themselves trapped in a Leave It To Beaver 1950's style television show, complete with loving parents, old fashioned values, and an overwhelming amount of innocence and naivete.