Kill Billie: Vol. 2

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Quotes (11)

  • Christy: Where did everyone go? Billie: Oh, I sent them home. I-I thought they'll be safer away from us. Christy: But we might need their help. The sisters… Billie: …are gonna come after us. I know. But it's not the magical community's fight, it's ours. "It's our Destiny!" Christy: Here we go again. Billie: No, don't worry. I know it's the right thing, and it's all for the greater good, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

  • (In Victor's apartement, talking about Phoebe) Coop: Nobody will ever love your daughter more than me, ever. I promise you that. Victor: What do you know about love? Coop: I'm a Cupid! Victor: Well that doesn't mean squat unless you've had your heart broken. Have you had your heart broken? Coop: No. Victor: Then you don't know about love, believe me.

  • Piper: I knew we shouldn't have trusted you. Christy: You should have trusted your instincts. Piper: Next time. Billie: There won't be a next time.

  • (Billie's bandaging Christy's wound) Billie: Too bad we're trying to kill Paige, otherwise she could've healed you.

  • Billie: We've been waiting for you. Paige: Well the wait is over.

  • Angel of Destiny: The battle is over... but not as I expected.

  • Phoebe: Okay, we can't keep playing Survivor: Underworld much longer.

  • (Wyatt and Victor are playing the board game Candyland) Victor: Unless you draw a double red, you don't stand a chance, my man. Go ahead. Pick that card. (Wyatt draws a blue card and Victor laughs. Suddenly, it orbs and changes to a double red) Hey! That's cheating! Wyatt (giggling): It wasn't me. It was Chris. Victor: No way! He doesn't have any powers yet. Wyatt: Yes he does. (Baby Chris laughs, in his playpen)

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Notes (2)

  • When the manor was blown up there was a tribute to the grandfather clock, the spirit bourd, and the picture of the sisters.

  • On it's original airdate this episode got 3.7 million viewers.

Trivia (23)

  • After the Manor blows up Piper finds Phoebe dead and holds her until Leo comes back. She hears someone, thinks it's Paige but finds out it's Billie. After the whole fight she doesn't even look for Paige to see if she's alive. If Piper and Billie are alive then why didn't she even look for Paige?

  • TRIVIA: During Season 8, 89 demons, 2 darklighters, 1 wizard and 1 evil witch are vanquished, making a total of 93 evil beings. For the second season in a row, only a minority (38) are vanquished by the Charmed Ones. As to the rest, Billie and Christy kill 27, while 25 are killed by other demons, 2 die of a virus and 1 is vanquished by students from Magic School.

  • TRIVIA: This is the last of 17 episodes to feature the name of a main character in the title. There are four with Phoebe, three with Leo, two with Piper, two with Billie and one each with Prue, Paige, Cole, Chris, Wyatt and Christy. There are also four episodes featuring the name Halliwell.

  • Despite having been frozen for the last six months, Leo has somehow found time to get his hair cut.

  • At the end of the previous episode, Gone with the Witches, Paige orbed all three of the sisters into the Underworld, stating that she was aiming for Magic School but they must've shielded it from them. Yet in this episode, The Charmed Ones easily orb into Magic School to vanquish the triad. Also, why aim for Magic School and not Phoebe's apartment?

  • Billie says Phoebe mentioned the Charmed Ones were under a spell during the events of the previous episode. The problem is, it's not Phoebe who said it in the last episode, it was Piper.

  • TRIVIA: This episode marks the first time that Wyatt has spoken in several complete sentences. Previously, his character has only spoken on occasion in a few words and once in a short sentence.

  • The Triad chamber was shown to be in Magic School in the previous episode. However, from this episode, for an unknown reason, what is seen beyond the door went from a hallway in Magic School to a completely blank white background.

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Allusions (3)

  • The Halliwell sisters fly through the stain glass windows on the side of the Manor. When the potions explode during the first battle with Christy and Billie, the Halliwell sisters go flying through the stain glass windows referencing the same result in the battles with Shax in the season three finale, All Hell Breaks Loose.

  • Piper: Okay, we can't keep playing Survivor: Underworld much longer.
    This is a reference to the TV reality series Survivor that takes place in different countries every season.

  • Title: Kill Billie, Vol. 2
    This is a reference to the 2004 film "Kill Bill, Vol. 2", starring Uma Thurman and directed by Quentin Tarantino. It's also a reference to an episode from earlier this season called "Kill Billie Vol. 1".