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  • 8.5

    Little Box of Horrors

    By TrueTvWatcher, May 16, 2012

    Little Box of Horrors was a great episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was good and I liked the Charmed take on the Pandora's Box mythology. I do feel the story could have been a little better in some ways but over all the episode was a success. It was interesting to see Piper dealing with Wyatt using magic, Paige coming into her destiny, and for Hope the new Guardian of the Box to discover her new role. The shape shifter demon was an interesting character. Every thing worked out in the end. I certainly look forward to watching what will happen next!!!!!moreless

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  • 9.0


    By Blinksterboy, Dec 21, 2008

    It's a bad, bad, bad, bad box

    An imaginative storyline with some neat twists. This is a definite throwback to the early seasons, with the Charmed Ones called upon to protect an innocent in trouble.

    After last week's dreadful performance, the post production team is back to its best with some nifty effects, especially in the opening scene. There's also some decent acting, with a very good actress playing Nina. Shame she gets killed off so soon. The demon makes a refreshing change from the usual 'extras in black' - liked the outfit and the actress. I found the innocent rather annoying. She reminded me of Kyle from "That Old Black Magic" which is something I'd rather forget.

    Paige has her own plot this week, in which she starts hearing jingles from the elders. In order to stop the headache, which is nicely acted by Rose, she must save a future whitelighter. This sounds promising but frustratingly turns into a very boring scene where she gets trapped in a lift with a bloke who thinks he's superman, a quarrelling couple and a whiny little girl. Bit of a wasted opportunity.

    After a bright start, the main plot also fades a little towards the end. It would have been nice to see the impact of all those sorrows on the world but instead they get put back in the box with no effort and no consequences. There's a good twist at the vanquish when Paige disguises herself as Hope but, other than that, it's a pretty routine ending.

    Another miniplot sees Wyatt orbing himself and his toys all over the house, much to his parents' annoyance. This is actually quite funny. I just wish Wyatt would say something. How can any child be that quiet?

    And I got all the way through without once using the word 'Pandora'. Well, almost.

    Score: 9.1moreless

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  • 10

    Chapo!!! A 10 episode! There has nothing nothing bad!!! It's so great! The camera job, the acting, the music, the effects, the story...

    By Lostfinding, Jul 08, 2007

    There nothing wrong in this episode!

    The story is great: Well Written and fabolous, it has a very interesting drama, the surprise scenes... The acting: Piper and Paige where so great in this episode!I love the scene with Paige Leo and the Elder, Rose knows how to do it!! we feel the pain!! "I've asma...""FANTASTIC" a great escene when she did that! And I loved the acting of Nina and Hope, they both did a great job!

    The "behind the cameras" job was so great aswell: The effects were so good: When the minion troes the fire call to the box (I love that scene)the "smoke" from the box in the underworld moving in the air,and the vanquish of Katia was kinda knew...

    The Camera Job was perfect: The scenes in the underworld were so great (I loved when katia trows Hope's Friend into the dark of the cave how it si shown) And, Last but no least, the music was awesome... You have to listen this episode so loud!! The music when Hope "meet" Pandora Box is really perfect!!

    I love it so i give it a big 10!! You must see it!!moreless

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  • 9.2

    I loved this episode it was different and well written.

    By charmed1102, Apr 13, 2007

    The Charmed Ones are in a race against time when the mythological Pandora's Box falls into the hands of Katya, a shapeshifting demon who intends to open the box and fill the world with all of its sorrows. Phoebe and Piper try to find Hope, the Guardian who can return any released evil spirits to the box. In their efforts to protect Hope, the sisters engage in an intense fight with Katya. Meanwhile, a ringing in Paige's ears sends her on her first Whitelighter mission, and Leo becomes at stay-at-home dad, experiencing Wyatt's terrible twos first-hand !!moreless

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  • 9.6

    Very Little bad things

    to say about this episodes!

    By Charmedfran, Aug 01, 2006

    One of the best season seven episodes

    Based on mytholgy: (Pandoras Box) In pandoras box there were: innumerable, sorrow and mischief and last of all Hope! You can imagine what might happen if the box got in the wrong hands, which it did. Piper and Phoebe must find the new guardin of the box before Kayta (A shape shifting demon) Whilst Paige finds her new charge.

    This episode was just right, it wasn't too magical and Leo and Piper didn't have another argument (which was a good sighn) The writers wrote good scripts and the storyline wasn't all focused on different subjects.


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  • 8.5

    Tight plotting, well-developed characters, and heart-warming moments make this episode a joy to watch.

    By soul2cole, Jun 10, 2006

    This was an exciting episode from the opening battle between Katya (the demon, dressed in black) and Nina (the guardian of Pandora's box, dressed in white). The outcome of the battle was ambiguous, leading to a nice twist. Throughout the episode, just enough was revealed and just enough hidden to build suspense and keep the audience guessing.

    The minor characters were better developed than one-episode characters usually are. Hope's confusion, disbelief, and distrust in the face of magic were convincing. Her youth and inexperience combined with her self-reliance and strong will to create an engaging heroine, one who seemed fit for her destiny as the new guardian of Pandora's box.

    Katya was a smart demon who tried to persuade Hope to open the box before resorting to force. Zankou would indeed have been impressed by Katya's skills if she had survived. But she fell for the same trick that she herself had used on the Charmed Ones. It made for a satisfying vanquish.

    Pulling it all together was a theme of self-discovery: Hope finding her destiny as the guardian of Pandora's box; Paige learning that she can be Charmed and also have an identity apart from her sisters as a Whitelighter; Wyatt using magic to assert his independence; Piper and Leo struggling with their role as parents of a magical boy. And foreshadowing events to come, Phoebe showed her propensity for psychological analysis: she suggested that the ringing in Paige's ears might be psychosomatic, and she deduced from "Darcy's" behavior that she was not who she appeared to be. Even the demon Katya was motivated by a desire to fulfill her potential and assume her rightful place in the demonic hierarchy.

    Complex and rewarding, this episode demonstrates that a light drama with a magical premise can be more than a guilty pleasure: it can rise to the level of art.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Pandora's Box in the Hands of Buff, uh, I Mean, Hope!

    By maxpower03, Dec 24, 2005

    Cameron Litvack continues to fulfil his title as the best writer on Charmed with this brilliant episode.

    Little Box of Horrors features the sisters attempting to stop a deadly, shapeshifting, leather-clad villainess called Katya from opening Pandora's Box and unleashing misery on the world. The sisters attempt to find Hope, the guardian of the box who is the only one who can protect it from Katya.

    The idea of Pandora's Box is intriguing and it's surprising that it hasn't been used on the show before. The guest stars are mostly excellent, in particular Shani Pride as Hope's best friend Darcy. Brooke Nevin is slightly annoying as Hope and her performance just grates on you.

    The constant shapeshifting hijinks throughout the episode are entertaining. I fell for it two times throughout the episode, once when Katya shapeshifted into Nina and again when Paige shapeshifted into Hope to rescue Darcy.

    Little Box of Horrors felt a lot like a season one episode. The storyline was standard of back then, with the sisters teaming up to rescue an innocent. It was good to re-visit this strand of storytelling as it hadn't been utalised for a while now.

    This is definitely one of the best episodes of season seven with a healthy mix of thrills, comedy and twists.moreless

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  • 10

    and then there was Pandora's box as Paige gets a call...... from the elders.

    By Shiny-Star, Sep 17, 2005

    overall an interesting episode...

    Pandora's box was brought up very nice in this episode with its own guardian and Katya who wants to bring sorrow into the world in order to please Zankou. That was really interesting, also it somehow surprised me that Katya pretended to be Nina. When in some way it was to be expected but somehow it surprised me.

    There was a lot of shapeshifting going on with katya until Phoebe gets the idea of making Paige shapeshift since she's partially whitelighter... Very smart.... in the end of course they beat Katya.

    Piper's remarks were really piper like and also very amusing.

    I also find it very interesting that Paige's whitelighter's side is being brought up by the writers because we've known for so long she's partially white lighter but nothing is being done with it except for the orbing and stuff.. Of course Leo was always beign the whitelighter so yeah it would be a bit weird to have two whitelighters. But it's nice that they show that side of her, it intrigues me.

    And baby Wyatt is so sweet! I just love that kid!

    Overall a nice episode which I recommend to other people, it's enjoyable!moreless

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  • 8.2

    Let's go back to Ancient Greece...

    By jcap2002, Jul 20, 2005

    'Little Box of Horrors' isn't one of my favorite Charmed epidsodes. I think the writers screwed up the story of Pandora's Box a bit.

    In the original myth, when Pandora was presented to Epimetheus, she opened the box. Doing this led to all the ills coming out, with hope left in the bottom of the box.

    The 'Charmed' writers got all this right. Where I think they went wrong is the reason why hope was left in the box.

    The ancient Greeks didn't like the idea of hope. They believed that whatever happened to you was because the gods wanted it to happen. There was no use in hoping against bad things happening because they would just happen anyway.

    In this episode, though, Hope's friend assures her that "hope was the only thing left in the box, and that was what enabled the Greeks to put all the ills back in the box" (NOT a direct quote, by the way, so please don't sue me). In the myth, the ills never got put back in the box. This is where the writers got it all wrong.

    I didn't like the other episodes ('Oh My Goddess 1 and 2') that use Greek mythology as a storyline. But more about that in my review for those episodes...moreless

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