Long Live the Queen

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  • 8.5

    Another good one, although Piper is a bit on the bad side.

    By bbch25, Jul 04, 2015

    I actually found Piper annoying here for once. "We gave Phoebe every chance" except the second she turns up you throw a potion at her that'd probably kill her and then you'd rather let an innocent die and ignore her than take the chance to save a person, you know a GOOD thing.

    They want her to be good, but when she misses them, wants to save an innocent etc they all shut her down and give her lectures. Sure maybe you want to yell at her but fk me. If I was them, I'd just give her what she wants, try and turn her by saving people with her. Not calling her stupid, telling her you never want to see her, telling her she's insane, telling her to leave the love of her life. Because THAT is a good way to get her back god.

    I like the Seer and Cole as usual. I am slightly disappointed that Phoebe gave in so easily to kill Cole but it was still a pretty awesome death scene, even if he doesn't last for long. And it's kinda sad as us the audience know just HOW much Cole truly loves her. The only reason she ever had the premonition of him being evil the other episode was because of his love (as explained to us a few times). We keep hearing about his struggle, his love this and his love that. They never get to see it so when he comes back to Phoebe he probably looks pathetic but to us it's like "well yeah because COLE (not the source) loves her to the end of the world".

    Urgh this is where the "Paige was always right why were we so stupid" starts. "We didn't want to see he was evil" BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING TO SEE. For one - he wasn't actually evil when Paige started hating him. He hadn't done anything evil by the time Paige started hating him.

    I thought Pipers drunk scene was actually kinda funny but kinda meh too. Paige's little remedy was cool as well, little bit of bonding between them lately.

    I actually loved when Cole killed the innocent though! It was chillingly awesome. And i really felt that him wanting her to take the tonic was pretty nice of him. He does know exactly what it's like to have good and evil fighting inside of yourself and he wants to save her from that.

    The other biggest issue I have with Piper and Paige is they think COLE is the demon. That they are one and the same thing. The Source is its own being. It has suppressed the man that loves Phoebe and is human. It is not Cole just deciding 'oh meh lets go murder someone'. And that's what I don't like is how they kept acting like it was the same man and he's always been evil when we as the audience know it's not.moreless

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    Long live Queen Phoebe!!!

    By gopink, Jun 22, 2011

    I love to see one of Charmed Ones to turn to evil side!!! However, sometime you have to pick ONE side to be in!! EVIL or GOOD Side!! I could have both, but it will not work that way, that Phoebe wants! She chose evil because she don't want to lose her unborn baby and her husband, Cole who are source.. Piper need to chill out and she acts like mother of this family. She cant control everybody's decision.. I dislike Piper, and her character in this show. I can't imagine Phoebe have to pick ONE SIDE, it is very hard decision. I am so surprised for this episode!! Way to go!moreless

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  • 1.5

    Total, waste of my time.

    By jjkmedw, Jun 17, 2011

    Long Live the Queen, Season 4, Episode 20.

    This season of Charmed has been a real good season. But this episode just puts all the good episodes down the drain. I am so so sick of this Cole/Phoebe/Source storyline, it was good at the start but now it's just a snooze-fest. I actually dread watching this episode. Two things I did however like about this episode was that Cole got vanquished and the special FX, were pretty amazing. Overall, I would have to say this is probably the worst episode of Charmed ever produced, and I will NEVER EVER watch this episode again.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Fantastic episode. One of my personal favourites as Phoebe makes a tough choice and Piper struggles with emotional demons of her own.

    By Lady_Lancaster, Jun 11, 2011

    An excellent hour (almost) of television with some fantastic work by all the actors involved. After much consideration, Phoebe decides that she will do as Cole wishes and take her place at his side. This is a very tough choice for her to make but she loves him and wants to be with him, truly unaware of exactly what it is going to be like. Meanwhile, Piper seems to have a bad case of the blues as she feels as though enough is enough and she is just not sure if she can cope with the whole thing anymore. She seems listless and depressed, and even the idea of helping to save an innocent does not seem to do the trick.

    Great episode, watch it soon!moreless

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  • 9.5

    Down with the King...

    By iltarion, Jun 11, 2011

    This is Julian McMahon's tour de force. His performance alone makes this one of the best episodes of Charmed. If Shannen blazed a mark above all others in her final performance, Julian tried to set his star even higher. The scene at The Bay Mirror where he pleads with Phoebe to stick with her decision is perhaps the best acted and finest written scene thus far in the series. Of course, no one is more familiar with the contest of good versus evil within than Cole, and Julian's intensity in this scene conveys the pain of that battle completely.

    Alyssa, of course, is fabulous as the evil Queen, and Phoebe takes no time in acting like a powerful demon by torching other demons at a blazing pace. Unfortunately, this breeds mistrust among her minions since, as a Charmed One, not everyone is convinced she has completely turned from her demon vanquishing days. In fact, even Paige immediately thinks it is a good sign. Regardless, the scene where Phoebe has all the demons on edge, much to Cole's displeasure, is great fun.

    It was a surprising and dark turn when Cole brilliantly fools the sisters into bringing their innocent to him to be vanquished. This act, of course, brings the entire situation to a head, and once the choice is between Cole or her sisters, Phoebe makes the only choice she can. The writers got the maximum drama and emotional pull out of the vanquish by having it all come down to Phoebe making the final move. This is certainly one of Charmed's most emotionally powerful moments and toughest vanquish. The entire thing was masterfully handled.

    As well-reviewed as this episode is, I am not going to place it among the absolute top tier of Charmed episodes, meaning it is a Top 10 episode but probably not a Top 5. In fact, Cole's final vanquish in Centennial Charmed is a more entertaining episode, I believe, in its entirety. The stakes are even higher there, and we say a REAL final farewell. Whereas again, like in Charmed and Dangerous, this is almost more of a faux climax to the story. The Source is gone and Phoebe will never embrace evil like this again, but the whisper of Cole comes back as soon as the very next episode. I also don't like how the Underworld is so quick to rise against the Source. The Source can destroy them all with a wave of his hand. He has to kill an innocent himself to prove himself? Nonsense. It is also a small detraction that Piper and Leo are basically lost in space here. They have so little to do that the writers actually get Piper drunk and Leo frozen to keep them out of the action for a bit. And yes, Phoebe's actions don't make any sense. She can't rule over demons and save innocents at the same time; they are contrary occupations. I also feel that as quick as Charmed is with its storylines, it actually would have helped to take more time with this one. Phoebe is too quick in bouncing from one side to another.

    Still, small complaints with an otherwise near perfect episode, featuring a perhaps perfect performance by Julian McMahon.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Courage, it couldn't come at a worse time.

    By MovieMark, Mar 24, 2011

    I absolutely love the ending to this episode. It's one of my all time favourite Charmed moments, and possibly one of my favourite television moments. From Cole's vanquish to Phoebe in floods of tears, it's perfect. While Charmed as a series can be described as schizophrenic, often guilty-pleasure viewing, the Phoebe/Cole arc has been, at the very least, consistent, and it's capped off with an electric finish with 'Long Live the Queen'. True, this hour is undermined by the law of diminishing returns, as Cole returns next season, but the hour remains one of the series' best offerings.

    The drama is amped up to 11 and everyone gives a fantastic performance. Alyssa really marvels at the chance to play phoebe with a splice of villainy to her, which is a lot of fun to watch; meanwhile, Holly Marie Combs is simply fantastic as hopeless Piper, and Julian McMahon gives his strongest performance yet. I did enjoy that Paige had to replace Piper as the level-headed sister, but I would have loved her to share a scene with Cole, a round two of what happened in the attic, only this time Paige is completely coherent. Still, her 'you son of a b!tch' moment was very welcomed.

    I really do think the writers should have allowed two episodes for Phoebe to embrace her dark side. The transition is too swift - it becomes jarring rather than gripping. I appreciate the writers' attempts at creating tension between the sisters, and not everything is so black and white, which is a series first, but things aren't allowed to play out, and so we have Phoebe fully evil, then not entirely sure of her standing, and eventually her turn-around all within one episode. It's a huge missed opportunity altogether, especially considering the episode that follows this one... Sigh.

    Regardless of its shortcomings, 'Long Live the Queen' boasts some stellar set-pieces (Piper's attack on Cole looks amazing); some very interesting plot-twists (Cole's kill) and a gut-wrenching end to the episode. This definitely felt like a season finale.moreless

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    Divided She Stands

    By lenzinoH20, Jun 22, 2008

    Long Live The Queen-Phoebe accepts her new role in Cole's life, but she still sets out to save an innocent after she has a premonition and even seeks her sisters' help in protecting the man. Meanwhile, Piper's heart doesn't seem to be in it as she prepares to defend her family against any new threats from the underworld.

    By far, the darkest episode of the whole series and some of the most surreal dark drama the writers ever penned, "Long Live The Queen" is one of those few times where Charmed actually blew my mind. The "Dark Phoebe" arc was a stroke of genius on the writers' part and it just sucks that they never created a storyline as captivating or even as dark as this one again for the last 4 seasons. The whole episode, like other classic Charmed episodes, brings real issues like morality, good vs. evil, and how the decisions we make in our lives have terrible consequences on us as well as the ones we love. Now rememeber this is a show about witches and demons, yet the writers blend the humanity element we all go through in life so well with the supernatural element.

    Alyssa Milano gives her most powerful performance since the final moments of "Morality Bites". Never has Phoebe been so vunerable, confused, frustrated, disgusted and unhappy that you feel like your going through this journey with her. Alyssa conveys Phoebe's journey throughout the episode with such grace, she makes her story that much more real. Julian McMahon is also incrediblly good as Cole must deal with Phoebe's short comings over her decision when the whole demonic world goes against him. The scenes between Cole and Phoebe in this episode are some of the most moving from the series, especially when Cole shows a bit of humanity he has left in him by trying to support Phoebe, but forcing her to make a final decision once and for all. The rest of the cast is remarkable with Holly Marie Combs being excellent showing Piper's guilt and grief over failing to protect Phoebe from Cole. Rose McGowan is stunning as Paige as she becomes the sister trying to get her family back together. Paige has really come a long way this season and it's ironic that she would be the one to help give Piper her strength again. The character has grown immensely since the season began, not only vanquishing a demon on her own, but embracing her new family with all her heart for the first time. Brian Krause is always great playing Leo as Piper's support and he just nails it every scene.

    The closing moments bring some of the saddest scenes of Charmed. The first being Cole's vanquishing scene, which is heartbreaking as Phoebe finally choses her sisters but at the expense of killing Cole in the end. Then there's the final scene with a grief stricken Phoebe laying on the bed in tears with both her sisters coming to comfort her. Everything from the acting to the music in that scene is flawless, probably one of the best sister moments from the series. Captivating, emotional, immensely dark, and unforgettable, "Long Live The Queen" is one of the most powerful hours from Charmed and it's the last time the series will ever be this good again, which is kinda bittersweet when you think about it.moreless

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    Just Beautiful

    By HarmlessAngel, Jun 14, 2008

    This is one of my favourite episodes of the entire series. The plot was great, and the acting was awesome. The aspect of love and family played an important part while we see Phoebe and Cole together. Piper's role in this was almost like Prue's where she played the prtective big sister, her reaction to supposed failure was moving and well portayed by the actress Holly Marie Combs. Alyssa Milano done well in portraying a heartbroken character, as I myself watching it was moved, incredibly. I found that Cole, was developed well and I found it hard to believe that this could be the end for him, it really was heartbraking to see him be vanquished and atthe same time not scream for the sake of Phoebe.moreless

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    The Best Episode of Charmed In My Oppinion

    By MarkMc7, Jun 07, 2008

    The best episode of the season and the for me the entire series. A tear-jerker and one of the darker episodes of the entire show that touches the Soul. Alyssa shows a great deal of maturity in her acting in this episode and plays this part very well -- better than I thought she could have. It has always been interesting to see Alyssa play an evil Phoebe. She does it so well! However, it is heartbreaking to see her have to choose between her sisters and the love of her life -- her Soul Mate. It would be very difficult for anyone to do this. Plus, a drunk Piper was a very effective subplot that cleverly gave some comic relief to this dark episode.

    Long Live The Queen is one of the best written episodes ever!!!

    Mark -- Chicago, ILmoreless

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