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  • 6.0

    Paige is crap here.

    By bbch25, Jul 06, 2015

    See while I thought Phoebe was a bit annoying in this episode, when it comes to magic though it involves all three of them. And Paige acting like it doesn't is also extremely annoying. Phoebe tries to help, so she goes to the other house, yes something bad happens, but she automatically assumes the worst in Phoebe and is angry. And Phoebe doesn't need to be beyond sorry - she didn't do anything wrong! They were both there, they both saw nobody cast the ball but Paige wants to believe the worst in Phoebe and them opposed to being bloody smart.

    Ah so when Richard says his family didn't do it, she believes them, but when Phoebe says the other family she doesn't but she accuses Phoebe of taking sides. And when Piper starts giving ideas she's fine. So really your problem is with Phoebe apparently.

    Leo in this one is once again extremely annoying. What Chris was doing sure seemed a bit weird at the start, but once he claims it's for the sisters (which he gives it to them anyway) Leo goes even weirder.

    "next time I tell you to butt out, butt out" they did nothing wrong! The seance was necessary, the feud was going on before they arrived, they brought some light to this feud actually. More than Paige ever did! Paige was absolutely beyond ridiculous there.

    Phoebe has a point here though, every time she opens her mouth or does anything people assume it's her empath and yell at her, but if Piper does it it's ok because she's not an empath. Completely stupid. Phoebe was observant and smart before she was an empath too, but now she's just always the bad guy. God just wait til the end of the Richard arc and the Kyle one next season urgh.

    I've always strongly disliked this episode and the ones following. Richard is annoying, Paige gets beyond ignorant, blind and ridiculous as she does when men get involved and is completely selfish.

    Also, really, anger and pain is one thing, but Olivia is a murderer now, and a little talking to by Paige is enough to get her to go..

    "I have this magical destiny and you won't leave me alone" YOUR MAGICAL DESTINY IS THE POWER OF THREE.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Love's a Witch

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 24, 2012

    Love's a Witch was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was very entertaining. It was interesting to see other magical families, though I found their feud to be a little humorous. It was great to watch the sisters help them deal with their issues as Leo tracked Chris to see what he was really up to. There were some interesting developments and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!

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  • 8.0

    War of the Witches

    By MovieMark, Dec 15, 2011

    Any episode that begins with a granny spouting ''those sons of bitches missed me!'' get a thumbs up from me. A grittier episode of Charmed than usual, ''Love's a Witch'' showcases a side of magic with welcomed bloody results. And, while Phoebe maybe be at her most annoying here, the hour also marks the show finally addressing Phoebe's empathy power head on and finding a potion to completely nullify the effects on her sisters. Huzzah! Leo is still hounding Chris about the whole Valhalla incident, but it's hard to muster up any feelings whatsoever when Drew Fuller basically sleeps his way through each episode. It's also another episode that ends with yet another downer resolve. The writers seem to only manage time for Piper and Leo's marital issues come the episode's end, which kind of puts a tinge on everything that went on before. Regardless, this is a solid effort, and Rose McGowan gives a steady performance, although her go-to possession voice has gotten a little irritating at this stage. Mummies, vamps, ghosts, it's the same every time! Bah!moreless

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  • 10

    Interesting Family

    By gopink, Jun 23, 2011

    Montana family need to grow up and stop the stupid feud! Both family found out Olivia started it and want feud continue forever! This episode is kind boring and nothing interesting. I like Steve's character in this episode! Paige need to start right now to learn to heal herself!! She is whitelighter, she should learn to heal!! But Chris dont know how to heal, because I cant blame Chris because in the future, no one teach chris yet to heal. Leo is supposed to teach his son, Chris to heal!!!! This episode is not good and enjoy to watch, boring!moreless

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  • 9.2

    Neighbours at war

    By Blinksterboy, Jul 24, 2008

    A hectic episode with plenty of intrigue and good stories for all the cast. The main plot, involving a feud between two witchy and very wealthy families, does take a while to get going but this isn't a huge problem as there is plenty of action elsewhere.

    The idea of feuding families is hardly new, but it hasn't been done on this show before. To be truthful, I wasn't remotely interested who was responsible, I was just hoping it would build into a decent bunfight, which I'm glad to say it did. Some good blood and guts along the way! The séance was a great scene, although I was disappointed it ended with one of the sisters being possessed AGAIN. How many more times is this going to happen?

    All the characters have their own plots this week. Paige is still looking for a life beyond the Charmed Ones and ends up becoming embroiled in the feud. She also succeeds in hitting on the leading man.

    In a desperate attempt to stop Phoebe finding out his secret, Chris goes to some dodgy back street wizard for a potion. Unfortunately for him, Leo is watching from the shadows. I love all the intrigue around these two and I really hope it blows up soon. This is the first time we hear Chris refer to Leo as "Dad", although it's hidden in a reference to Wyatt.

    Phoebe's new power is driving everyone mad, including most of the viewers. I had to laugh when Paige orbed that apple into her mouth; one of the funniest scenes ever. Good also to see her hovering over the hoovering. Piper is dating in a desperate attempt to get over Leo. It won't work, of course, but I did feel very sorry for Leo when she said she wanted a divorce. Some nice acting by Brian.

    So here we are in episode five and so far this season the sisters have vanquished one evil being (and that was in the first ten minutes of the first episode). Are they going soft?moreless

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  • 9.6

    A witch war.

    By Danny2312, Jan 06, 2008

    No demons in this episode? Weird. But this episode is great, special and of course, not boring at all.

    Two families, all witches (or wizards), have a battle in order to seek revenge for Olivia, Richard Montana's girlfriend, who is dead. Paige Matthews gets involved when she was hit by an energy ball.

    After Piper makes a potion, she discover Paige was hit by a plasma ball, a power that is produce by a spirit. Later on, Olivia possessed Paige, so that she can talk to Richard.

    Richard Montana, who claimed that he dosn't used his power anymore, hit his enemy an energy ball. But Piper screwed everything and Richard was hit. There's where Olivia takes Richard away, a troublesome spirit.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Original effects, original camera and original changes... Anyway, a bad story! It could have been a lot better, the only thing that is good in the episode is the final fight. The rest is plain boring, the story starts in the 25 min on!

    By Lostfinding, Aug 04, 2007

    I can assure you that this episode has a lot of pontential but it is not as good as it could have been.

    I think that the best thing that has this episode is the camera job and the great photography. The filming is so original that is shocking in Charmed, they usually don't do this kind of things! I loved the scene in the attic, they filmed from above and the effect was cool, the scene with Paige/ Olivia in Richar 's house was cool (The scene when they are kissing is plain perfect!) and the original effect of the closing of the door and the explosion! The scene when Paige gets in and Phoebe gets out! XD And when Phoebe fall from the ceiling! The scene when Phoebe is talking Piper hidden after the door...

    Wicca part and effects in the episode are the best of it!! The blood part was a new thing in Charmed that we had not seem usually. Besides, this episode has a very notable dark side! And what about the final battle? It's a great idea! They never do battles like that, so big, people jumping and the perfect effect in the TV blowing after them!

    Despite that, the storyline was quite awful. A feud...? We only saw a great battle between them!!! The sceance is good but it has not the potential that could have got! Despite that what was the enterteining in the episode...??? The end with the ghost was boring aswell. The scenes between Leo and Piper were good! I don't think that Leo should do what he did but they had chemistry. Anyway, Leo and Chris scenes were quite the same and boring. Paige was cool as she always is, she did a perfect job in the possesion-acting. You cannot see Paige there you can see Olivia, Rose did it so perfectly! And Phoebe... this is one of those episode in the ones you would want the P3 to died! She's so anoying, and tecnicaly plain stupid! When she said... "I0m gonna help Paige" just after closing the door... I would kill her in that moment!! Well, Ending... The episode has a perfect camera (a strange filming new in Charmed) and a perfect photography (The scene in the dark with the candle). A new things: like the blood, the big battle and the ghost plasma. But a plain bad story, that has a few good moments but a lot of bad ones! Puntuation: 7.5. Has a lot of trivia, original things like the blood and the battle, and the story is the only thing that is bad... so it's not so bad episode.

    PD: This season has the best images in the openings... (When we see San Francisco) I loved speecailly this one. The sea and the rain.moreless

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  • 4.7

    Boring !!

    By charmed1102, Apr 25, 2007

    The love Paige expresses for her new sweetie, Richard Montana, embroils the Charmed Ones in a deadly "magical feud" between the Montanas and the Callaways. Things reach the crisis stage when Richard's dead lover Olivia Callaway takes over Paige's body. Elsewhere, Leo is suspicious when Chris embarks on a secret Whitelighter mission to the Underworld; and Phoebe's empath powers cause her to obsess over her sisters' innermost feelings -- and to talk about them at great and tiresome length!

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  • 10

    Not Filler At All

    By MarkMc7, Nov 13, 2006

    Some people have labeled this episode as Filler. However, I disagree. There are many subtle Sub-Plots on several different cleverly interwoven planes. Sure, the main plot seems as though it’s just about Paige going on her own. However, her assignment takes her to a place for here much suffering has taken place. This is also a breakthrough episode for Paige as a Charmed One. She starts to really find herself and a new boyfriend in the process. Also, on a very clever subtle and parallel plot line, this Episode not only resolves Olivia's pain, but it also resolves Piper's pain in much the same way. When Paige is describing Olivia's pain about losing the man she loved, the camera briefly cuts to the looks on Piper's and Leo’s faces. After Paige convinces Olivia to move on, Piper later gives Leo a small dose of his own medicine.moreless

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