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  • 8.3

    What a way to start a new series. Intriguing and a perfect way to introduce the main characters and give them their powers.

    By ViktorCharmed, Apr 01, 2012

    So the first episode of Charmed is very good, and happens to be the episode I have seen the most times. I usually don't like pilot episodes, because they need so much to create a liking, and in some cases, an addiction for the series in question. Something Wicca This Way Comes really manages at this point. It introduces the main characters and set up their history together. The differences between the sisters (mainly between Phoebe and Prue) are very early on clear for the viewer.

    The sister's receiving their powers is very well portrayed and it's fun to see them struggle with the fact that they're witches, and the problems of having powers. The main trio work really well together and that sisterly feeling is really there. They also set some rules for the fine art of demon (or in this case Warlock) vanquishing. Ted and Shannen work really well together and Andy and Darryl's relationship is so great. I'm also stunned by the sweetness of Piper's character, the adorable childishness of Phoebe's and the determined stubbornness of Prue's.

    This episode is mainly about the sister's receiving their powers, and fighting off Jeremy. It's very exciting, and really showed what the future episodes would be like. All in all a very exciting episode with all the humour and wonderful characters that came to make Charmed my favourite series of all times.moreless

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    Something Wicca This Way Comes

    By TrueTvWatcher, Mar 09, 2012

    Something Wicca This Way Comes was a perfect series premiere of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the actors were spectacular, the story was well written with intricate drama and there is magic! I thought this was a perfect introduction to the sisters and for them to be introduced to their heritage and powers. I certainly look forward to watching more episodes to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!

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  • 9.0

    Three sisters find out that they are witches.

    By CancerTheCrab, Aug 06, 2011

    When Phebe comes back from New York there is a lot of tension between her and Prue. So far I know that it is some thing about some guy but its not really explained all the way about why Prue is pissed. The house they live in looks awesome, I wish I lived in a house like that. I suspected the reporter from the beginning... well after I found out he was dating Piper. The cop that Prue seems to like seems super cool and she totally should have said yes to him when he asked her out. My favorite part of the episode was when Phebe pissed off Prue in the store and she wreaked the place, lol though if that was for real somebody would have come running to see what all the noise was about. I would so be like Phebe, having powers would be awesome, though I don't think hers is all that great. Overall great start to the show!moreless

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    First Episode!!

    By gopink, Jun 23, 2011

    I just watched this episode few days ago, it is not bad, it was awesome! Phoebe is so brave to go to attic alone and she didnt get scared, or anything. Prue and Piper said the attic was sealed off for years! I dont think attic was sealed off, it was just LOCKED, that is all. It was weird enough when attic door opened itself! Phoebe did freed power of three and the sisters became witches. Though, sisters were scared enough and cant control the powers.

    Awesome Episode and I loves it! It is very special episode because it is pilot of Charmed!moreless

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  • 9.0

    There is always something special about your first.

    By iltarion, Jun 11, 2011

    This first episode is a darker realism than the episodes that immediately follow. There is a lot of exposition as the foundation of Charmed is poured. The action follows very quickly as Jeremy is uncovered and vanquished in rapid fashion. It is all very quaint compared to later effects.

    The immediate strength of the series is the actresses and the sisterly bond between them. Their roles as strong and prudish elder, very innocent and worrying middle, and fearless free spirited youngest are clearly defined and believably portrayed. I liked the spirit board and the discovery of the attic. I found it interesting that it was Phoebe who pretty much ushered in their lives as witches. Much like when Paige goes on her superwitch push, Phoebe is excited about the new frontier. Piper is predictably hesitant and Prue is doubtful but accepting.

    How huge was it that Alyssa Milano came in to be Phoebe? Most of the cumbersome exposition necessary for a first episode in this genre falls on Phoebe's shoulders, and Alyssa pulls it off smoothly. I thought the guys got off to a slow start, but much of that might have been the script, which was a little ponderous with the guys at the start. It all works though. Great start.moreless

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  • 8.5

    In its first three seasons Charmed had its best shows, and Something Wicca This way comes was know different.

    By freakydave36, Apr 20, 2011

    I enjoyed the pilot episode when it was shown for the first time, and I really believed that we had something special with this series. Its now been on for seven seasons, and its likely to have an 8th season.

    Like any new series, in this episode we get the origins of how the sisters end up with their powers. Phoebe finds and old book of withcraft and reads an incantation which gives the three their powers. That book would become the Book Of Shadows in which the three sisters would discover spells that helped them to fight off demons.

    Piper's relationship with a man who turns out to be a demon in the first episode would turn out to not be the only time that one of the sisters would fall for a demon. In season 3, Phoebe would fall for Cole Turner who would turn out to be the popular half-demon Balthazar who would become a long standing character through seasons three, four and much of five. He even returned for an episode in season seven as well.

    Well the first episode ends when the three sisters must use the power of three spell, a spell that would be used many times throughout the series, to vanquish Piper's demon boyfriend who had been out to take their powers for himself. The series would follow that same structure throughout, sometimes continuing on to the next episode, but always ending with the sister's triumphant over evil.

    Overall the first episode of Charmed was well done. I enjoyed it and watched it for four seasons, but I kind of lost interest after Prue died. After Prue's death, the episodes became more lackluster until finally after a Witches Tale, I kind of gave up. Every once in awhile I would check up on it, but I'm sorry to say I haven't watched any of the new season's episodes at all.moreless

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  • 8.8

    The Bangs, the Boobs, and the One with the Crazy Eyes

    By maxpower03, Apr 17, 2011

    After the success of their other paranormal show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the WB commissioned a TV series centered around three sisters who discover that they are destined to be witches. Witches who protect the world from evil every week.

    The first episode, entitled Something Wicca This Way Comes is a perfect introduction to the series. The three leads all seem perfectly fine with their roles and it does seem like they've known each other for years. The plotline, about a warlock killing witches, isn't exactly original but still brings up some interesting twists and shocks. The revelation that Jeremy is the warlock is a nice twist and the way he can create fire from his fingertips is a really cool special effect. Speaking of special effects, they do look slightly poor by today's standards, but back then, they looked amazing. Apart from two scenes of bad FX (the fire surrounding the sisters and Jeremy's face morphing), the rest of the effects are excellent.

    A couple of annoyances: Prue is written as a moody drama queen throughout. It seems like the network didn't like Prue's pissed off attitude and had her become nicer from episode two onward. This was obviously a good decision, as she would of ended up a one-note character if she continued being angry for no apparent reason. All-in-all, this is a good introduction to the series with good performances from all the main cast and good writing from Connie Burge.

    Director: John T. Kretchmer

    Writer: Constance M. Burge

    Rating: B+moreless

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  • 8.8

    Yeah... It's silly in a good way! I mean, come on: Three hot sisters in one house! - And, they just so happen to be witches!!

    By StarlightMaker, Apr 17, 2011

    This was a really good first episode! It sets a lot of things up and (unlike some first episodes) it was interesting. However, I gave it an 8.8 for goofs/nitpicks (or trivia, as it's now called!) and the acting was as good as other episodes...

    Yes, unfortunately, the acting was not very good! The actresses seemed like they were trying to adjust to their new roles, but it's okay because it would get better later one! =D

    The plot was also interesting! I honestly thought that Piper's reporter boyfriend would have been on longer, but he was surprisingly evil! And, the way the sisters became (or not really because they already were) witches was believable!

    All in all... everyone should see this first episode! (But I didn't see it until it came out on DVD, so go watch!!)moreless

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  • 5.0

    Great start to a great show!

    By charmedfan1, Apr 17, 2011

    I remember seeing the previews for the show . I couldnt wait for it to air, i knew i was going to love it, i mean come on alyssa milano how hot it she but thats not the only reason i liked it it was a gret starter show got the audience wanting more it was a little steriotypical but it was still good, i mean thats just the way people imagine witches minus the incredibly hot part. Anyway the show was genious i started watching it that day and have watched it every week since, well sometimes i tape it to watch it later but you get it, if you havent watched it i highly recommend it. Start with that episode you have to watch it before the rest, its what ties up the loose ends if you dont understand future episodes i give it two thumbs up.moreless

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  • 8.6

    Something Wicca this way comes and takes us on an 8 year journey.

    By Dgdgtheoriginal, Apr 17, 2011

    This episode I think really brought out the characters main personalities.

    Prue for example has somewhat of a resentment towards Roger, who cheated on her, her Dad who abandoned her and Phoebe who left the manor after Grams died and was rumored to have slept with Roger.

    Piper - The patient mediator who's just looking for a normal life, we see this develop later on in the series, especially after Prue's death where she becomes independent but somewhat less patient.

    Finally, Phoebe, the youngest and most free willed. Her enthusiasm to take on the craft and embrace it somewhat reflects her desire to get an identity for herself as we later see her getting a job and settling.

    Overall I'd say they're powers are also matched up. Prue's Telekinesis with her anger, Piper's Temporal Statis in trying to keep the Peace and Phoebe's Clairvoyance reflects her wishing to find herself.

    What was disappointing was Piper's reaction to Jeremy's death - yes they cast a spell for Jeremy to 'wither from her life and from her heart' but the fact remains she loved him 24 hours ago and it seemed somewhat farfetched.

    But in the end, a very nice pilot!moreless

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