Spin City

Season 6, Ep 18, Aired 4/18/04
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  • Episode Description
  • When Piper is kidnapped and cocooned by the Spider Demon, and Chris becomes infected with the Demon's venom, causing him to mutate into a spider demon, Paige, Phoebe and Leo try to rescue them. Meanwhile, Leo finally learns why Chris resents him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Holly Marie Combs

    Piper Halliwell

  • Alyssa Milano

    Phoebe Halliwell

  • Brian Krause (I)

    Leo Wyatt

  • Rose McGowan

    Paige Matthews

  • Drew Fuller

    Chris Perry

  • Fan Reviews (17)
  • A good one.

    By bbch25, Jul 06, 2015

  • Spin City

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 26, 2012

  • Spider-Chris! Spider-Chris! Does Whatever A Spider-Chris Does!

    By lenzinoH20, Sep 17, 2011

  • My favorite Episode!

    By gopink, Oct 26, 2007

  • Great.

    By Lovin_life_3792, Jan 03, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (19)

    • Spider Demon: Miss me? Rathmere: I was hoping that you would let me die in peace. Spider Demon: Oh, I'm sorry. I was raised to never leave any food on my plate.

    • Leo: Something you're not telling me? Phoebe: Oh, actually- Paige (glares at Phoebe): No! Phoebe: Look, he's gonna find out sooner or later and I'm gonna bust! Leo: Find out what? Phoebe: If he's gonna help us, we're gonna have to tell him. Paige: It's Piper's business. Leo: Tell me what? (Phoebe looks at Leo as if she's ready to burst. Finally, she does) Phoebe: Ohh…Chris is your son! (Leo is stunned. Speechless over this overwhelming information) Phoebe (relieved, with a huge grin on her face): Don't we all feel better? I know I feel so much better!

    • Chris: I have an idea. Let's change the subject.

    • Phoebe (referring to the needle): This will only hurt a little bit...

    • Chris: Well, then why were you so worried back there? Piper: I wasn't worried. All right. I was a little worried about the force field. Chris: What force field?! Paige: The one she had when she was pregnant with Wyatt. Chris: Wait, you had a force field with Wyatt but not with me? Piper: Well, I didn't have one, he had one. It was all his doing. Chris: From the womb?! He had powers from the womb?! That's unbelievable! It's not like I don't have an inferiority complex with him already. Thank you.

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    Notes (3)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Pavoučí démonka (Female Spider Demon) France: La femme-araignée (The Spider-Woman) Italy: Nella tela del ragno (In the Spider's Web) Germany: Die Spinne (The Spider)

    • This episode scored 3.9 million viewers.

    • This episode aired on April 16, 2004 in Canada.

    Trivia (20)

    • When stuck to the wall by Chris' spider webbing why don't either Paige or Leo orb out. At first it would seem that the webbing somehow blocks their powers but Paige is able to orb the Leprechauns staff so why couldn't she orb herself?

    • When Phoebe, Paige and Leo are stuck on the wall, it's obvious that the webbing constricting their hands is a little bit loose, as their hands were moving along with their body movements, and they can even get them out, even though they are supposed to be very still. But if you see carefully, they were pushing their hands against it so that it looks very tight but actually, it's not.

    • How can Paige see the fairy in this episode? They're supposed to be invisible to adults.

    • When Chris first helps the Spider Demon and is knocked out, they lock him in the cellar. Yet when he takes Piper away, he is still able to orb. If he could still orb, then a locked cellar door's not going to be a problem.

    • At the beginning of the epsiode, Piper, Paige and Chris were getting off the elevator in the parking garage and Chris mentions that in the future he used to hit Paige up for money. However in the episode Oh My Goddess (1), Chris shows up for the first time and says that the future showed Paige died on that day. Doesn't that mean he never knew her in the future? So how could she give him money? Or does he somehow have new memories of her?

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    Allusions (3)

    • Title: Spin City
      This is a slight reference to the TV series Spin City, starring - at different times in its run - Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear and Michael J. Fox, but mostly a play on words, since it deals with spiders (spiders spinning their webs). Also it's a reference to the graphic novel series Sin City, also made into a film in 2005.

    • Paige (after vanquishing the wicked witch): Ding-dong.
      This is a reference to the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" and the song sung by the munchkins after Dorothy killed the Wicked Witch of the East.

    • re: the Spider-Demon's spider powers
      Most of the powers that the Spider-Demon gave to Chris are similar to those of the classic comic book superhero, Spider-Man.

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