The Bare Witch Project

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Quotes (23)

  • Piper: No, doesn't matter. After we send him back, history will take care of them as long as you finish your ride. Lady Godiva: Promise. And thank you...for giving me a glimpse of what's to come. Phoebe: Thank you...for showing us you're more than a box of chocolates. Lady Godiva (confused): I'm sorry? Piper: Ummm...never mind. Okay. Here we go.

  • Lady Godiva: I'm no sex object. I was riding through town in my natural state to protest my husband's unjust taxes. (The toaster pops and Lady Godiva gasps) Piper: Uh, wait. Riding? As in plucked out in the middle of? Paige, she has to finish that ride, or else it could change... Paige: Yeah. History as we know it. I got it. But even worse, if I don't send her back soon, I'm pretty sure The Elders are gonna shut down Magic School. Piper: I don't think that's worse than changing the course of history.

  • (Paige, Phoebe, and Godiva shuffle quickly into the kitchen from the living room) Phoebe: Uh, those are my sisters... Leslie: I thought you just had two. Phoebe: Yeah, the other one is a cousin... distant cousin... twice removed.

  • Paige: Well we can't stay out here we're attracting too much attention. Piper: Yeah and we don't want to get flogged.

  • Paige (about casting the spell, in the sexist world): Oh, I told you we should have waited for Leo! Piper (while looking at the 'Ask Leslie' poster): Shut up!

  • Leslie (to Phoebe about the letter): For someone taking a break - you sure have given this a lot of thought.

  • Piper (to Phoebe): You are not writing a letter to 'Ask Phoebe' about my breast.

  • Lady Godiva: Finally I'm free. (She takes off her robe). Piper: Yes you are. (Piper turns Leo's head away)

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Titles: France: A l'├ęcole de la magie (At the Magic School)

  • In this episode, Alyssa Milano wears a wig of long blonde hair and rides a white horse as she protests and mimicking Lady Godiva. She also played another woman mimicking Lady Godiva on the TV show Spin City, where she played the Mayor's daughter who wanted to make a statement.

  • This episode scored 4.8 million viewers.

  • John de Lancie and Elizabeth Dennehy also had guest starring roles in episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

Trivia (26)

  • Why would Phoebe and Leslie have children in the alternate reality where Godiva never made her ride. They just met in the previous episode, wouldn't Phoebe have children perhaps with Cole or even with Jason Dean?

  • TRIVIA: With Piper asking Godiva to cover up because "this is a family show", this is the only episode of the show where a character breaks the fourth wall.

  • When the sisters send Godiva back for the first time, daylight can be seen through the windows. However, when the candles they are using go out it is suddenly pitch black! Sending her back may have changed human history but there's no way it could have turned day into night like that.

  • When Phoebe is talking to Les in the office the drop earrings that Phoebe is wearing seem to be in the lowest hole in the right ear and the next one up in the left ear.

  • When Leslie first sees the Manor he tells Phoebe that the paper must pay better than he thought. That is the same thing Jack said to Prue when he first saw the manor in the season 2 episode That Old Black Magic.

  • In the alternative reality Leslie is Phoebe's husband. That makes no sense at all, Leslie was in San Francisco because he had to help with Phoebe's column besides he was in the Bay Mirror as well because of Phoebe. In the alternative reality Phoebe would have never been a columnist and never would have been able to work in the Bay Mirror. So how would Leslie be there? Besides a alternative reality would change Phoebe and Leslie's lifes so in fact they would not know each other at all.

  • When the demon blows up, Leo gets hit by some little crystal. Where did that crystal come from? They are in the middle of the air between him and the demon.

  • Right after the demon is vanquished we can see Piper and Leo talking with Paige and Lady Godiva. If you look closely you can see clearly that both couples are exactly in the same spot. They are near to the column and in front of Piper's room door, if Paige is just right there Piper and Leo shouldn't be where they are.

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Allusions (2)

  • Phoebe (to Lady Godiva): Thank you... for showing us you're more than a box of chocolates. This is a reference to the gourmet chocolate, which the name Godiva is more associated with, rather than the legend.

  • Title: The Bare Witch Project
    Reference to the movie "The Blair Witch Project".