The Courtship of Wyatt's Father

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Quotes (9)

  • Piper: What's going on? Phoebe: Maybe you should sit down. Piper: That doesn't sound good. Phoebe: I think it's good, how about you, Paige? Paige: I think it's good, I mean it's not bad. Piper: Oh, that sounds worse. Paige: It's just complicated, you know.

  • Leo: Um about last night... Piper: I don't regret it, if that's where it's going. Leo: No it's not, and I'm glad.

  • Leo: I never stopped loving you. Piper, full of emotion, kisses Leo passionately.

  • Piper (about the darklighter): Well at least he decided to attack after the party. That was nice of him.

  • Chris: Yes! I'm back!

  • (Paige is looking at Gideon's book he had handed to her entitled "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Portals, But Were Afraid To Ask") Paige: Handy.

  • Piper (about Paige): She's being weird since she changed her hair color. She'll probably change it back.

  • Piper: Talk to me about what? Paige: Is this my turn? Phoebe: Yeah. Paige: Yeah. Chris... is your son. Phoebe: Wyatt's brother...Look, I know this is huge... Piper: No, it's not huge because it's not possible. It's crazy, 'cause I'm not pregnant. Phoebe and Paige shake their heads. Paige: Yeah. Phoebe: Yeah. Piper: No I'm not, I mean how could that happen? I mean, I know how that could happen. But... it... what am I going to do? Phoebe: Maybe you should talk to Leo about it. Piper: No, I can't. Phoebe: Why? Piper: Well because...because, because I can't. Chris knocks on the door. Chris: Is this a bad time? Piper turns and looks at Chris like she's seeing him for the first time.

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Notes (4)

  • International Episode Titles: Spain: El Cortejo del Padre de Wyatt Czech Republic: N├ímluvy Wyattova otce (Courtship of Wyatt's Father) France: L'enfant de minuit (The midnight's child)

  • This episode scored 5.0 million viewers.

  • This episode aired on February 20, 2004 in Canada.

  • The WB used the promo title "Midnight Rendezvous" for this episode.

Trivia (24)

  • After Gideon talks to the girl putting the books away she's just standing there looking at him, but when it changes to Gideon and Leo she has a hand full of books and getting more.

  • Piper not only finds out Chris' true identity in this episode, she also finds out that she is pregnant. Of course, Holly Marie Combs was pregnant for most of this season.

  • If Chris is supposed to be transparent how is it possible that his shadow appears on the wall?

  • When Phoebe is hurt, Paige gets into Piper's car and takes her to the hospital. How is that she is the one with the keys? Piper should have the car keys.

  • Why would Paige and Phoebe stop to look at a man die? They didn't know that he was gonna say "Leo" besides they were standing there a long time without a reason.

  • TRIVIA: In this episode it is revealed that Gideon is the future threat that turns Wyatt evil (not his intention), not a demon, as Chris has always thought.

  • Phoebe said that maybe Chris was only meant to come to the past and warn them about Wyatt and that's all. Chris says he was wondering the exact same thing, but earlier in the episode he said that if he's not born he won't be coming back from the future to warn them about Wyatt turning evil.

  • TRIVIA: In this episode it's stated that there is more than one Angel of Death.

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Allusions (5)

  • At Magic School, Gideon hands Phoebe and Paige a book with the chapter Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Portals, But Were Afraid To Ask.
    This is a reference to Woody Allen's popular 1972 movie Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask.

  • Paige: When on Earth, you should do as Earthlings do.
    This is a reference to the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

  • Phoebe: Yours is more Springer, mine is more Oprah.
    Phoebe was referring to two famous talk shows - The Jerry Springer Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Jerry Springer is more aggressive whereas Oprah is more calm.

  • Clarence: Just in case I wasn't leaving with you. You've been given a second chance, Chris. Don't waste it.
    This is an allusion to the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life" where the angel who helps George Bailey and teaches him to appreciate what he has in life is named Clarence.

  • Title: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
    This is a reference to the 1960's movie and 1970's TV series, The Courtship of Eddie's Father. The movie starred Glenn Ford and Ron Howard, while the TV series was a starring vehicle for Bill Bixby and Brandon Cruz. This is also a vague reference to the Longfellow poem "The Courtship of Miles Standish".