The Eyes Have It

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  • Phoebe: Elise, wait. Is it possible that we can postpone the radio show? Because I barely have time to write my column, let alone all the other stuff that I have to do. Elise: "Dear Phoebe, my career is on the fast track, I'm wildly popular, and the money is pretty damn good. What should I do?" Phoebe: Stop whining? Elise: Damn, you are good!

  • Eva (opening a box that belonged to her mother): My mother called it her treasure chest. It's where she kept precious things. (She sees a photo) Piper: Is that you and your mom? Eva (becoming emotional): She made us matching dresses for Christmas. She worked so hard to finish them in time. Paige: I know it's hard. My mom died ten years ago and there's still a lot of boxes that I can't open.

  • (Piper and Leo are sitting on the couch. A home birthing video is playing.) Piper: I need an epidural just to watch this!

  • Madame Teresa: I am Madame Teresa. Phoebe: I'm Phoebe. Madame Teresa: Yes, I know. Phoebe: Really? Did you read my mind? Madame Teresa: No, I read your column.

  • Leo: Since when are prenatal yoga and home-birthing videos your idea of a good time? Paige: Since I became a friendless loser with no life.

  • Leo: Okay, you guys yell at her, I'm gonna go check with the Elders.

  • Leo: Well, what happens when they check the security camera to find out why the sonogram machine blew up like it did with Phoebe's baby? Piper: Phoebe's baby was a demon, ours is an angel for crying out loud.

  • Piper: But magic is a part of who you are. Ava: No, relying on magic is what killed my mom. Piper: Oh, uh, Ava, I know what it's like to lose your mom, believe me, I do. But still, you can't deny who you are.

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Notes (2)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Je to v očích (It Is in Eyes) France: Le mauvais oeil (The evil eye) Italy: Occhio per occhio (An eye for an eye) Germany: Böse Augen (Bad eyes)

  • The WB used the promo title "The Gypsy Curse" for this episode.

Trivia (25)

  • When Elise calls Phoebe after Leo talks to Phoebe about her personal problems, the house phone rings only once before going to the answering machine. Why would they set it to only one ring and especially since someone is at home?

  • The video that Leo and Piper are watching is called "The Miracle of Home Birth" yet the woman in the video is in what looks like a hospital wearing a hospital gown.

  • When Phoebe gets her big premonition, she reaches out with her left hand. When we see the premonition, however, we see her right hand reaching into it.

  • Towards the beginning of the episode when Pheobe first walks into the kitchen to have some coffee, she pours the coffee into the cup and her phone begins to ring. As she walks away she leaves the cup behind, but in the next scene where she is about to leave the house, she holds the cup in her hands and passes it to Leo. Didn't she leave the cup in the kitchen?

  • When Phoebe and Paige arrive at the hospital to try to save Lydia, Piper says she is in surgery. But when Lydia dies and Ava sees the "mulo," it is clear that she could not be in surgery. First of all, she is not wearing a head wrap or a mask, neither is anyone else, and the "operating room" has absolutely no surgical equipment. The dead patient wasn't hooked up to any machines other than the EKG.

  • When the doctor takes Piper's blood, he pulls the needle away and leaves the wound open for several seconds, and it heals on its own. But a real doctor wouldn't leave that area uncovered, they would have placed a cotton ball on it immediately after pulling the needle out.

  • When Ava is reading the spell, she starts doing it from the bottom instead of the top. Plus she starts reading it before the demon is even there.

  • TRIVIA: The spell that Ava cast is the one that the girls have used several times, but this is the first time it's worked this way - seeing the ghosts and being repeated several times as well.

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  • Title: The Eyes Have It
    Reference to the saying "the ayes have it".