The Jung and the Restless

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    The Jung and the Restless

    By TrueTvWatcher, May 22, 2012

    The Jung and the Restless was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, in depth, full of character and plot development. I like how Billie was still questioning everything though Christy made her thoughts known. I liked the action, magic and intrigue through out the episode. The story played out well and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!

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  • 9.3

    One more show to add to my series finale list. I have enjoyed Charmed since the beginning.

    By rachelboutros, Dec 15, 2011

    Charmed has been on my favorite list since it aired. I have enjoyed their characters and will truely miss it. After all these years I can\'t believe it\'s finished. It reminds me of Buffy and Angel. I\'m still adjusting to the fact that they are gone.

    Hopefully Charmed will give us a reunion or 2 in the near future. I will miss Page the most. I like her style and humour. I\'m looking forward to seeing her in a new series.

    So what will be the replacement for the Charmed series, I\'m hoping for another witch series or vampire series. I guess we just have to wait and see.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By Blinksterboy, Dec 06, 2011

    I dream of Leo

    Dream sequence or alternate reality? I can't decide. Don't think the writers can either. The result is somewhere between 'Dream Sorcerer' and 'My Three Witches'.

    It's a good story. Rather than have Billie turn against the Charmed Ones without question, the writers take the harder route and use Christy's cunning and conniving to convince her. At the same time, we see Piper gradually turning her sisters against Billie. It's the darkest episode in a while and the sense of foreboding is terrific.

    The trip to dreamland is a nice idea but is kind of spoilt by having the sisters work it out straightaway. Surely the point of a dream is that you don't know you're in it? Still, there are some good individual scenes: the Bay Mirror being run by children; Leo appearing as an old man. I also liked the way Billie was always hanging around in the doorway. I guess my biggest question is what do the dreams prove? Piper wants her husband back, Phoebe wants children and Paige wants to know her place in the world. Don't see how this makes them evil or even selfish.

    The subplot with the darklighter had potential and should have been given more airtime. As it was I found it hard to care whether the whitelighter lived or died. Good guest actress though.

    Scene of the week has to be where Piper and Christy confront each other at Phoebe's flat. It's not often Charmed gets this tense so top marks to cast and director. I was actually quite shocked when Piper threw that vanquishing potion.

    Whatever you may think of this arc, you have to applaud the writers for sticking with it and avoiding the temptation of filler episodes. Can't wait for next week.

    Score: 9.1moreless

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  • 7.8

    Billie goes into the sisters' dreams, and the sisters all end up agreeing that they must kill Billie and Christy. The show is getting there;I actually felt suspense...but things are still too rushed and it's still showing.

    By Edward_Nigma, Nov 29, 2011

    This episode was better than the last few, I guess because there's less time until the finale, but it still could have been done quite a bit better, as there were some major flaws.

    Of course Piper would be the one to trust Billie and Christy the least, and she has a point...but then she also might be acting a little too quickly, especially when she threw that potion and them in Phoebe's apartment. What I don't get is why Phoebe talked to Billie instead of Paige - I mean, Billie was Paige's charge, not Phoebe's. But still a good effort I guess. I think the most horrible, disgusting part of the episode was when Christy mentioned to Billie that she was working with the Triad. Hello - the freaking TRIAD! How the heck did Billie not even flinch at that??? She had no reaction at all. Billie definitely knows the Triad is EVIL, so why did she not suspect Christy of some foul play after hearing that. There's really no answer to that other than the series has to end in less than 4 weeks now and the writers feel they have to make moves like that. That was really stupid though in my opinion. We're supposed to think Billie is okay with Christy working with the Triad but not okay with the Charmed ones wanting normal lives. Yeah, okay. Whatever. We're not retarded, sorry.

    The other big thing was Billie's decision that the wants of the Charmed Ones were something that made it okay for her and Christy to try to kill them. ????? That is retarded. Okay, first of all, Paige did absolutely NOTHING wrong - she tried to save a charge. That's doing just what she's supposed to be doing as a witch. And Piper wanting her husband back is really not that bad. Phoebe's dream was selfish yes, but still, wanting a daughter isn't something that makes her evil. The Charmed Ones are people too, they have wants...sort of like how Billie wanted stupid freaking Christy back for half the season, and put everything else aside just so she could get her back. Why doesn't someone bring that little bit of information up? Oh yeah, I guess there's no time now that only 3 episodes are left. Ugh, again, whatever.

    Also...why was Piper once again being randomly dumb? Billie pretty much told Piper how to wake up from her dream, but then Piper had to ask Phoebe what to do when they met up in the manor. At least they added in something about Phoebe's psychology background...but still the scene was pretty lame.

    The suspense was there though, which is good. Minimal time was wasted on Phoebe's stupid useless subplot, which is a major plus. And I think the biggest plus, which is really amazing and something we haven't seen lately, is the sisters being together throughout most of the episode. They worked together in their dream, tried to help each other out, and had a talk on the couches in the living room at the end of the epsisode. Nice, very nice. That is what this show should be about - the sisters being sisters, and it's nice that we got to see that in this episode. Also, way to go Paige for getting a charge, that's something we haven't seen in awhile. Now all we need is for Phoebe to have a premonition...


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  • 8.5

    Piper and Christie are ready to throw down, but the rest of the sisters aren't... until the end of this episode.

    By iltarion, Oct 14, 2011

    So, Christie sends Billie into the sisters' dreams to see that they no longer care about the greater good. Meanwhile, Piper convinces her sisters that Billie and Christie must be stopped. For us, the audience, on the other hand, we aren't so convinced.

    Outside of the dream sequence this is a great episode in most aspects. The tension is really building to an exploding point as Piper, who is correct in her assumptions I might add, and Christie are ready to do battle. I loved it when Piper threw the potion at Christie. Who asked that byotch to show up at Phoebe's flat in the first place? Might as well dispense with the formalities and have at it. Of course, that only puts Billie more on the defensive, but her seduction to the darkside is pretty much inevitable anyway since her sister is a lot smarter than her. Doesn't it ever strike Billie as strange that Christie is suddenly such an expert on everything Charmed Ones related? And Christie even goes so far to mention the Triad this episode. That is kind of bizarre considering it is the mere mentioning of the Triad by Dumain in Forever Charmed that turns Billie back around again. I don't see how she can be so surprised considering her very sister told her she had direction from the Triad just this very episode.

    Anyway, the beginning and the ending of the episode are tremendous. It was pretty shocking to see Paige get ambushed by the darklighter at the end. He had to know he was dead once the sisters showed up. It was also a surprise that they had the innocent die, though it ended up being crucial since that allowed her to heal Paige. Anyway, very good subplot though it didn't get much airtime. So, that was all good. I think at least a secondary purpose for the dream sequence was to reacquaint us with what each sister is hoping for at this point. It sets us up for the ending of the series. In that regard, it works perfectly. In the regard of proving something to Billie, it doesn't work at all. I don't get it. Didn't Billie ask the sisters to train her so that she could take over the demon duties and they could lead normal lives? Weren't the sisters actually incognito and avoiding their demonic duties altogether when she met them? So, the fact that the sisters are more concerned with their own lives than the greater good is not news for Billie. But how is that a reason to kill them? Christie and Billie keep talking about "stopping them," or "they must be stopped." Stopped from what? Can someone answer that one? Stopped from having any more kids? What are the Charmed Ones doing exactly that needs to be stopped? There was nothing in those dreams that justified their deaths or even the removal of their powers. To have ones own dreams and desires is to be human, nothing else.

    Other than the character development benefit of the dream sequence, I think the writers could have come up with something more extravagant and sinister to convince Billie. How about a dream sequence where the Triad manages to omit or distort parts of the dream to make the sisters actually appear evil? Something like that may have taken more work, but it would have been more convincing to the audience. Instead, the writers basically chose to go with Billie being stupid and just listening to whatever her sister tells her.

    Phoebe at least being determined in the end to fight is a positive development. And Marnette Patterson continues to shine as the evil hottie bent on taking down the Charmed Ones. We are almost there.moreless

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  • 6.5

    Billy and Christie put the sisters in a deep sleep to find out what they're really using their powers for.

    By Loony-Boo, Feb 13, 2009

    I did like most of this episode but found the dream scenes very plain and boring. In "San Francisco Dreamin" the dreams were so much stranger and more interesting like a real dream. But in this episode the dreams were so easy to understand Piper was wanting Leo back and her being in p3 was boring and then her seeing Leo as an old man. Pheobe was in her work office with a bunch of kids and Coop, then one of her daughters telling her to hurry. Paige's dream was so much better with it being strange and confusing, as though it was a real dream.

    So i think that the episode wasn't too bad but the dreams could have done with a lot more tweaking.moreless

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  • 6.7

    While Piper prepares to fight Christy and Billie, Phoebe is more in favour of reasoning with Billie. Christy, however, takes great pains to convince her sister that the Charmed Ones must be stopped, and traps them in a dream state to prove it.

    By DanFuchs, Aug 27, 2008

    This episode continues the thread from the preceding The Torn Identity with good results. Christy goes on to convince Billie totally that her former mentors are the bad guys, and the Charmed Ones are forced to agree that Billie and Christy must be fought. The ending had both sides coming to these conclusions, and it was a nice, ominous cliffhanger that really drew up the lines for the approaching series finale. The dream sequences could very well have become empty and corny, but in the hands of brilliant writer Cameron Litvack they did become bearable, though still somewhat pointless, as they weren't really that deep.

    Piper's talk with the Elder was well done, and it added depth to the Christy storyline that the plan apparantly was made long before Charmed's beginnings. Such things make the story and its universe seem more believable and well thought out, whether it is or not. Paige's 'must save charge'-subplot was pretty pointless and was an obvious excuse to even have a demon (or in this case a darklighter) in the episode. I am warming up to Kaley Cuoco. She was more believable now, actually doubting Christy's words. There is genuine suspense in the scenes where she (and Christy) confront the Charmed Ones. Although this episode really did nothing but draw up the battle lines, it was a good hour with some excellent writing. This season is definitely moving towards a climax.moreless

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  • 8.1

    A good episode!

    Billie, you aint no ultimate power, go on calling yourself that because thats what The Triad said. Yeaa, the Charmed Ones have power and they could have anything they want, THEY just want to LIVE! And they deserve to, unlike you.

    By CharmedOneP391, May 10, 2008

    I like this plot, and this episode was well written, except for Billie. I hate how stupid she is. But that's just how she is, she can learn how to scry on computers and how to vanquish demons all on her own, but actually think people who have saved the world for 8 years don't deserve love, children, and families? Billie, UGH they took you in as part of the family, then you lose your parents and gain this crazy bi+ch who was raised evil and you betray the charmed ones who have saved your life over and over? Nice.

    The Charmed Ones are The Charmed Ones for a reason, and Billie shouldn't think that she is going to stop them, and when she actually does, she could've used her POWERS! wow. Paige: SO What are we gonna do now?

    Phoebe: WE're gonna stop em.... before they stop us. One of the best quotes from season 8, surprised it came out of season 8 phoebe period. Nice to hear her actually planning on fighting.moreless

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  • 7.5

    I don't get it! Too strange to me to handle. The whole dream was kinda normal...

    By Lostfinding, Jul 18, 2007

    This one is a good episode but I didn't get it too much...

    In season 5 in "Sand Francisco Dreamin" we see that the dreams are a lot more strange that the ones in this episode! The mask in the Phoebe boy, the Paige story... but in here we have a very plain dreams that everyone understands, there are not strange. The girls are not following a deeper meaning of the dream the are so logical: Phoebe wants a baby, Piper Leo coming back... what is the big secret in that!? Paige has a lot better story, more like a dream. I hated the whole "We know we are dreaming" thing. And the three of them together and acting as normal like in the real life!! It was a stupid thing, they should have shown a thing more like a dream not so real... For example Coop-Phoebe scene... First, he shouldn't to say "this is a dream" and second, Phoebe should not be so "I can't do it" because in your dreams you have no control! No doubt, Paige was the best in the episode, and the blacklighter thign was original, we had never seen the place where they were and how they do the weapons and all of that! The effects are well done in the episode, I liked the one when Billie gets in the dreams... In the other hand, the photography and the camera job in the episode were so much great. The photography effects (the whole blue house thing) made a really a dream scene. And the final scene in the episode with the three of them talking was awesome aswell.

    PD: I don't get a thing... Billie says that the deeper meaning is not the great good anymore... so when was it?? I think the would never dream with the fight and that stuff, and Billie wouldn't do it aswell!moreless

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