Trial By Magic

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  • Paige: I'm thinking maybe we can use that memory dust on Glenn, you know. Keep you from being so nervous. Piper: Do you think he's going to tell anyone? Paige: No. Piper: Do you trust him? Paige: Yes I do. Piper: (nodding) Then so do we. Leo: Whew...

  • (Rat Demon comes in a blur of red) Piper: Where's our friend mouse man?

  • Paige: Piper, are you up here? What's the emergency? (She walks in and sees Glen) Oh my god, Glen. What are you doing up here? Glen: It's funny. See, after you left I was still hungry so I opened the fridge and I found some bags labelled "pig's feet", "rabbit blood", "frog tongue". So I decided to take a little look around. Found more than I bargained for. Paige: Look, I can explain everything, okay? I really can. I'll just have to explain it later because if Piper finds us up here she's gonna freak. Glen: Piper's gonna freak? I just found out your new sisters have you messing with the occult in a pretty serious way, and you're worried about how they're gonna freak? Paige: Look. We're not messing with the occult. We're witches. My sisters and I were born good witches. We do good magic. Glen: This book is full of pictures of demons and warlocks. Paige: Well, demons and warlocks that we fight and destroy. Glen: These girls have you brainwashed. I mean, how do you even know that they're your sisters? Paige: Glen, you've gotta trust me. Please. I am not brainwashed. I am the same old Paige except now when I make a rhyme magic happens. Glen: Paige. Paige: Look. You've been to Africa. You've met those witch doctors on your travels, right? Glen: Yeah. But these guys are a hundred years old and they speak in tongues, and you're you.

  • Phoebe: Wow, we actually have a door, imagine that.

  • (A rat runs across the floor. Piper screams and freezes it) Leo: Demons you can handle but not rats?

  • Piper: Since when do demons give a rat's ass - no pun intended - about laundering money?

  • Phoebe: Okay, do we have to call him the rat demon? Because it's very hard to be appropriately frightened.

  • Piper (to the Rat Demon): What do you mean how do you know? You've just gotta trust us. We're the good guys for crying out loud.

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Notes (2)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Po vlivem magie (Under the Influence of Magic) France: Prémonitions (Premonitions) Italy: Il verdetto (The verdict) Germany: Die zwölf Geschworenen (The twelwe jurors)

  • This episode scored 4.1 million viewers.

Trivia (14)

  • After Glen made the joke about how he needed to call off the media and tells Piper he was joking. She says "you didn't lose a sister!" Technically she did lose a sister even though she didn't know her, they were still sisters. Also in Charmed Again (1) Paige tells her boyfriend that she felt like she lost her too, so why didn't Paige mention that?

  • When the rat demon is about decapitate Glen, why didn't Piper just freeze them both? That would've stalled for time and saved Glen's life in the process.

  • When Glen is looking through the book it showed him on the page with the upper level demons but while talking to Paige he turned the page. When Paige sat next to him it was on the same upper level demon page and it never showed him turning it back.

  • When Piper and Paige are arguing about Glen staying at the manor, Paige's only arguement is the untrue statement that she pays rent. Why didn't she bring up the fact that it was Piper and Phoebe who begged her to move to the manor in the first place?

  • If Phoebe wanted to prove to the jury that magic existed, why did she not just levitate or cast a simple spell? The same can also be asked about Paige with Glen, why didn't she just use her magic rather than cast the spell?

  • Unless that killer was wearing gloves there would be fingerprints all over the knife. Why didn't they just use that to prove that Stan was innocent?

  • At the end of the episode, the girls are standing in the hall and the rat demon turns into a human, grabs Glen and goes out breaking the door into pieces. In this scene two errors are shown- at first when the Rat Demon turns into a human at the stairs the effect is badly done. He has no legs visible and the wall behind him is shown between the stairs. - At the end, when the demon goes out the door is broken into pieces on the floor but when the camera changes and the girls and Leo are shown, there's nothing on the floor.

  • TRIVIA: This is one of 4 episodes in season 4 that Cole does not appear in. Phoebe mentions that Cole is out trying to find himself without his demonic side, which explains Cole's absence.

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Allusions (3)

  • The episode bears asimilarity to the movie classic 12 Angry Men. In the film, the 8th juror is the one of twelve jurors maintaining the innocence of the defendant. In the episode, Phoebe sits in the same chair as Juror #8 did in the film. Additionally, the irritable juror is the episode's counterpart to the irritable juror in 12 Angry Men.

  • The jury deliberation scenes are very close to the ones in the film Twelve Angry Men starring Henry Fonda. In which Henry Fonda's character is the only one (like Phoebe) who believes the defendant is not guilty and tries and succeeds to get the rest of the jury to agree with him.

  • Title: Trial By Magic
    A reference to the saying "trial by fire" which means attempting something without practice, usually in an emergency situation.