We All Scream for Ice Cream

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  • 8.0

    Prue's mommy and daddy issues and the demonic dangers of the SpongeBob popsicle.

    By iltarion, Jun 13, 2011

    One might think that an episode with children and an ice cream truck would be lighthearted, but this is actually borderline demented, yet in a mostly good way. It is quite the surprising twist that the little wonderful children end up being the demons while the scary looking ice cream man ends up the innocent. The kids are effectively nasty little demons that you'll be cheering for a well-deserved spanking before the final face off.

    The highlight of the episode is the appearance of James Reed, who does for the sisters' father Victor what lithium batteries did for the cellphone. He is tremendous all throughout the series, and it is a great development that he is going to be around more often now. It is another episode centered on Prue's neurotic issues. How many does this girl have? It is getting old, frankly. Fortunately, the episode is creative enough and acted well enough to be entertaining. Season 3 maintains its quality here, even after the end of the Cole story.moreless

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  • 6.5

    The Kids in the Hell

    By maxpower03, Apr 19, 2011

    Okay, this episode probably sounds like absolute garbage when you read the storyline but, in fact, it's anything but. I never expected many shows to be able to pull off demon kids and killer ice cream men... in the same episode! But, somehow, it works and Charmed actually produces a decent episode out of some dumb ideas.

    We All Scream for Ice Cream has the sisters investigating an Ice Cream Man who abducts children and keeps them in a large snow dimension housed inside his ice cream van. Prue and visiting Victor go into the van and release the kids, only then realising that the Ice Cream Man is a good guy who was storing the kids... who have slightly homicidal demonic tendencies.

    James Read makes his debut as Halliwell dad Victor and he's much better in the role than Tony Denison, who has all the acting range of an expired milk carton. Read does well with the character and the scenes between him and his daughters (especially Prue) are well done.

    The actors playing the demon kids in this episode were, surprisingly, quite good. Compared to the other kid actors on this show (most notably fire-boy in Lost and Bound... gag!), they actually convince and don't have either sickly voices or Aaron Carter-style haircuts.

    There's a neat twist in this episode as I genuinely thought that the Ice Cream Man would be the bad guy. It's something that actually made Charmed surprising and compared to the newer seasons, there is actually a sense of danger whenever the sisters go into battle.

    This whole episode is entertaining and features some interesting family problems as well as a fun demon story.moreless

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  • 9.9

    The way this episode started reminded me of something out of a Stephen King Book or Movie. An evil Ice-cream man abducting children by hipnotizing them with a tune and trapping them in his van.

    By aussieforgood, Apr 19, 2011

    I only have one thing to say about We All Scream for Ice Cream, WOW!

    The way this episode started reminded me of something out of a Stephen King Book or Movie. An evil Ice-cream man abducting children by hipnotizing them with a tune and trapping them in his van.

    That's what I thought in the beginning but when Prue & Pheobe saved the children from the cold park dimention in the van it turns out that they are evil demon children.

    Prue & Pheobe with the help of Piper & thier dad, who is back in town, set off to right thier wrong and get the demon children back into the ice-cream truck.

    The children were great actors & actually freaked me out a bit.

    Out of all 8 seasons, the third is the best.moreless

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  • 9.4

    We see the relationship between Prue and Victor really calm down

    By whitelighter333, Apr 19, 2011

    This is a series classic because it has a storyline with an unexpected twist on who the bad guy is and we get to see prue finally get along with her father more witch just brings more depth into the whole halliwell family storyline example if this episode had never existed prue and her dad may never had gotten along which would have made a more memerable charmed again funeral with victor feeling bad about not ever getting along with prue and then he would be guilty but that is just me overall this is defenitly one of my fav episodes and a must see for new charmed fanatics

    PS i am so sorry if i got a little off topic but that is just me and there are other peoplr out there that are just like that toomoreless

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  • 8.5

    "Nothing" bad to say

    about this episode.

    By Charmedfran, Apr 19, 2011

    I really enjoyed this episode, as it focused on Prue which not many episodes do. I liked the flashbacks and the dad comming back into their lives, I think James Read was really good at playing the part as their father (Much better than the original one)

    I liked the way that Prue disliked her Dad and blamed him for leaving them, which is understandable the episode showed alot of things. The way Prue was so judgemental not only to her father but to the ice cream man.

    A really well plotted episode, that shows you that everything is not as it seems and it was nice to see Shannen being center of attention for a change.


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  • 4.0

    I wasn't a fan of this episode, I found it boring and predictable and the script, extremely weak as the girls try to lure supposedly abducted children who have been taken by an evil icecream vendor.

    By Lady_Lancaster, Feb 26, 2011

    Prue has a ditty stuck in her head that she can't get rid of and that she can't place. It's driving her nuts because she simply cannot remember where she has heard it before.

    It turns out that the tune is one played by an icecream truck but it's a pretty sinister one as the driver lures children to it and then abducts them. When this is seen, it's imperative to rescue these kids who and transported to an alternate dimension and appear to be being fed to an evil monster,

    Funnily enough, it's Victor Halliwell (now thankfully played by the excellent James Read) who comes to the rescue and all is right with the world but the episode itself was very snore-worthy and uninteresting.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Beware of the demon children...

    By Angel200489, Sep 03, 2008

    Prue has a melody in her head and when she sees a girl humming the tune, she finds that it belongs to the ice-cream truck. Prue and Phoebe follow the girl and the trio is sucked by a vortex inside the van. They find a playground in the middle of the snow and several children hiding from The Nothing. They rescue the children and once back in San Francisco, they realize that they are demon children. Meanwhile, their father Victor Bennett returns and helps his daughters to fix the situation, capturing the dangerous demons and sending them back to The Nothing.moreless

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  • 8.3

    Children of the Cone

    By lenzinoH20, Jun 12, 2008

    We All Scream For Ice Cream-The sisters trace a mysterious Ice Cream Van who abducts children, but the evil may not be who they initially suspect. Meanwhile, the girls' dad Victor comes for a visit.

    While one might think an episode about about kids being upducted by an evil ice cream man and his demonic ice cream truck sounds like some pathetic Disney channel movie but " We All Scream For Ice Cream" surprisingly the exact opposite! The writers some how successfully create a dark(ish) episode with a convincing plot as well as bringing back an important figure in the sisters' lives to help. The demonic ice cream is actually a solid plot and the scenes that features the leads running around a frozen, snowy palyground where a black vortex can kill them at any moment are effectively creepy. The direction was flawless in those scenes, giving the episode an errie and mysterious feel. Shannen is great once again as Prue tries to save the day and drags Phoebe along to save the upducted kids, only to find out their the evil ones and the ice cream man is an innocent. It's a great twist you never see coming and the young actors are quite good as the demonic children.

    This episode also marks the return of Victor, the sisters' father and thanks good the writers re-vamped the character. Now named Victor Bennett as well as having a much better personality and played by the brilliant James Read, this Victor is actually convincing as the sisters' father. James already seems to have some quality chemistry with the 3 leads, especially Shannen Doherty and the scene where Victor saves from Prue from being taken by the nothing is a touching scene before father and daughter. I also loved how Prue returned the favor by saving her father from one of the demonic kids. The climax is well done as well as hilarious when Piper and Phoebe get cornered by the demonic kids which leads to one of them knocking out Piper with a Muffler, lol! While the wire work was obviously toned down this episode because of the saftey of the children, it was pretty funny watching Prue send all those kids flying through the air. Another fun development is Piper thinking a creepy guy named Caleb is a pervert, when he actually turns out to be the new ice cream man for the truck. All and All, "We All Scream For Ice Cream" is a surprisingly great episode with a dark, original storyline and some great family dyanmics with the terrific new Victor.moreless

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  • 9.3

    The man with Nothing to hide

    By Blinksterboy, Nov 22, 2007

    A highly original plot and a great twist midway through. Just what we've come to expect from Zack Estrin and Chris Levinson. I can see why some might find it a bit quirky but, personally, I loved it.

    I was beginning to wonder how demons reproduced. Looks like they're not so different to us really.

    It's always a gamble working with children but, this time, it does seem to have paid off. The actors playing the three main demons are very good and they really do come across as quite sinister. The lead boy, in particular, is excellent. Be interesting to see if he makes it as an adult. He must be about eighteen by now.

    I loved the idea of "The Nothing". It's probably the creepiest thing they've yet shown on Charmed. Very Stephen King. The frozen world inside the ice cream van was cleverly done, if rather surreal. That said, the whole episode is pretty surreal.

    It's good to see Victor again, even if he does seem to have had a body transplant since "Thank you for not Morphing". Not sure if I prefer him to the last one. I'm glad Prue made her peace with him before she died. I guess by this stage they already knew Shannen would be leaving so there was no use prolonging the "he's not dad, he's Victor" storyline.

    Not much movement on the Leo / Piper or Cole / Phoebe fronts this week. I guessed straightaway that Caleb wasn't simply trying to chat up Piper, but I didn't suspect he was the new ice cream man. I hope they pay him well. The job sucks!moreless

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