News Briefs: Netflix Casts a Boardwalk Empire Star as Daredevil

By Tim Surette

May 28, 2014


... Netflix has cast the title role in its upcoming Daredevil television series, which is approximately the bajillionth superhero show that's set to come out between now and next year. The dashing and handsome and other synonyms for "hot" Charlie Cox, who's best known to the TV world as Owen from Boardwalk Empire, will suit up as the blind lawyer and crimefighter. And Cox isn't the show's only new recruit: Spartacus's Steven DeKnight was appointed as showrunner over the weekend, taking over for Drew Goddard.

Daredevil is part of Netflix's huge deal with Marvel Comics; it's the first of four Marvel series coming to streaming service. The others center on Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, with an Avengers-like combo series planned as well. Netflix hasn't announced a premiere date for Daredevil, but the 13-episode series is expected to debut sometime in 2015. [Marvel]


... HBO is turning the clock back to the 1960s with Open City, a new drama in development about the cultural revolution of the decade that gave us lots of cool things to make television about. Hairspray director Adam Shankman and The Invasion screenwriter David Kajganich are partnering on the project, which will follow characters from different walks of life in Manhattan as they explore the ever-changing social climate of the era. Open City will also focus on the "unlikely alliance between the Mafia and the city's gay community in the opening of a West Village nightclub" and the rise of the gay-rights movement. [THR] 

... One thing that may've helped clearing the way for Open City is the success of HBO's The Normal Heart, the network's '80s-set film about the AIDS crisis that premiered on Sunday. It drew 1.4 million viewers, making it HBO's fifth-most-watched made-for-TV movie in history. Hopefully most of those weren't people tuning into Game of Thrones, which took the holiday weekend off. [EW

... And while we're all gearing up for Pride Week, Showtime will re-air full seasons of The L Word and Queer as Folk. Starting June 2 and going through June 30, Showtime will air episodes of the two series back-to-back every weekday at 8pm. After that, episodes will air on Thursday nights at 8pm from July 3 to November 13. Both series will also be available on Showtime Anytime. [Showtime via press release]

... The very busy Graham Yost just got a little busier. Yost, who's the series creator and showrunner of Justified as well as an executive producer on The Americans, is developing a new war drama at WGN America. Avenue of Spies is based on the upcoming book by Alex Kershaw; the series is set in Nazi-occupied France and will follow an American-born doctor who helps the French by spying on Ze Germans. [THR]

... We're all paying for the initial curiosity we had about Sharknado that made us tune in for (and tweet about) the sharksploitation movie, making it an unexpected hit. Syfy is milking the franchise for all it's worth, and has decided to run a Sharknado Week in advance of the July 30 debut of Sharknado 2: The Second One. It's really just a way of branding what will be a full week's worth of Syfy's other killer shark fare, including Mega Shark vs. Mecha SharkSharktopus vs. Pteracuda, and probably a couple more Sharksomethingorother vs. Some Other Mutant Beast match-ups. Sharknado Week will run July 26 through August 2. [Syfy via press release]

... Remember the trailer for Fox's Red Band Society that the network released right after its Upfront presentation a few weeks ago? Oh that's right, it was peculiarly absent from the onslaught of trailers released to the public. But now it's finally online, so we can all stop wondering what One Tree Hill With Cancer would look like. 

... ABC Family is putting the first episode of its upcoming drama Chasing Life on smartphones and computers two weeks ahead of its broadcast debut on June 10. The series premiere is now available on the Watch ABC Family app, and will be available via on demand on participating cable packages starting June 3. Based on the telenovela Terminales, Chasing Life follows a young aspiring journalist (Italia Ricci) who finds out she has terminal cancer. [ABC Family via press release]


... The CW's The Flash is paying respect to its elders. John Wesley Shipp, who played the speedy superhero in the 1990s series on CBS, will recur on The CW's version as old man Flash. He'll play Henry Allen, father of Grant Gustin's Barry Allen. Harry is accused of the murder of his wife, and Barry hopes to use his super speed to help prove his father's innocence. Ummm, I hope that includes speeding through law school! [TV Guide]

... Sleepy Hollow is hiring a new sheriff to deal with all the craziness that takes place in that town. House of Cards' Sakina Jaffrey will recur as Leena Reyes, a former border patrol agent who arrives in Sleepy Hollow to wear the sheriff's star. Also joining the cast will be One Tree Hill's Matt Barr; he'll play a bounty hunter who teams up with Abbie and Ichabod for a case. [TV Guide]


... Need to figure out what to do this summer? Check out our sweet interactive schedule for the season's television shows and never get bored! 

... The TCA Awards nominations are out; will anyone be able to take down Breaking Bad's final season? 

... We've finally got some details on True Detective Season 2, and it won't be set in the South or have just two leads. 

... Should you watch NBC's new medical drama The Night Shift? Cory thinks so.

... Most shows were in repeats over the holiday weekend, but not Mad Men or Hannibal, which both aired pretty excellent finales. Here's MaryAnn's review of Don Draper's last outing until 2015, and Noel's review of Hannibal's literally gut-busting Season 2 capper.

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  • mrjimmyjames May 30, 2014

    So far I love the Charlie Cox casting. Instead of getting someone well known they go for someone under radar that's quietly known for good performances. It also let's me know that they're putting more emphasis on story than loud (look at who we hired) casting (like the movie); just hired a quality actor. And the fact that he was on Boardwalk Empire gives me a lot of faith in his eventual performance. I've always felt that Daredevil has great potential if it were to be given the right direction. Here's hoping!

    This also gives me a lot of confidence in the casting of the other properties involved. The other three are much more obscure so I'm more skeptical. Can't wait to see who they hire.

  • LarissaPeixot May 29, 2014

    Aaaaaand I cried with the trailer for Red Band Society. Should've seen that coming.

  • LawrenceSmith3 May 29, 2014

    Welp. Looks like a stunt man is going to make a pretty penny doing the stunts for daredevil.

  • Dirk13 May 28, 2014

    So, is Cox going to try and do an American accent? I mean, all I know him as is an Irish dude, so I guess we'll see how that one plays out.

  • mrjimmyjames May 30, 2014

    Spiderman and Superman are played by British actors. Wolverine is played by an Austrailian(?) I'm sure Cox can pull it off as well.

  • MarlboroMagpi May 28, 2014

    I have confidence in Graham Yost and will try anything he is writing or producing.

  • Whedonrules May 28, 2014

    The best 'New' episode of television that aired over the weekend was 'Salem' which proved how good that show can be. Completely awesome episode that showed how great this show can be with a standout performance from its lead Janet Montgomery 'Mary Sibley' and stellar work form Elise Eberle 'Mercy Lewis' as well.

    Thumbs up to John Wesley Shipp as 'Barry Allen's dad! Cool casting. God I'm old ... I remember the original (and remember him before that on 'Guiding Light'). 'Mitch Leary' (sort of) coming home.

  • Talesin23 May 28, 2014

    Cox seems like a decent choice for Daredevil.
    Though i'm still not sure what direction they are planning with the series.
    The only thing obvious is that it will center on New York since thats where all 4 of them live.

    Also calling it an avenger like combo series is wrong, seeing as these characters is closly connected in the Marvel universe. (Luke Cage is married to Jessica Jones and Iron Fist is his best friend and they are also friends with Daredevil)
    So i would think it would be more like 4 New York superheroes teaming up to defend their city/neighbourhoods or something.

  • mrjimmyjames May 30, 2014

    It will take place in the same universe as The Avengers though. So if Marvel has success, I would expect them to migrate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Talesin23 May 30, 2014

    Offocurse. Luke Cage did lead the New Avengers from 2005 with both Iron Fist and Jessica Jones as part of the team.
    Not to mention theres only like 3 black superheroes and few non mutant asians that Marvel can use.

  • Writerpatrick May 28, 2014

    "...the series is set in Nazi-occupied France and will follow an American-born doctor who helps the French..."
    Who else misread the line and thought for a second the show had something to do with time travel?

  • kanniballl May 28, 2014

    So what... any time the word doctor appears in a description about a period piece... you just read as The Doctor ?

  • Writerpatrick May 29, 2014

    It was the phrase "...American-born doctor who..."

  • kanniballl May 28, 2014

    This comment has been removed.

  • Kazanova37 May 28, 2014

    Wait is he playing Harry or Henry Tim? The name changes from one sentence to the next.

  • kanniballl May 28, 2014

    Tease. When you said "old man Flash" I thought you meant Jay Garrick.

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