Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey

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    Best of the Bar Wars saga

    By FrasierFreak264, Dec 13, 2005

    The final installment of the Bar Wars saga, this one is my favorite. Cheers FINALLY gets vengeance on Gary's Old Towne Tavern. Throughout watching reruns of the series I have learned to love Harry the Hat. Yes, he took advantage of many of my favorite characters but he did it with such honor and politeness that you just had to like the man. Just as in the first season "Pick a Con, Any Con," which I may add is another terrific episode, Harry's deviousness is used to actually help Cheers. The guys singing in the nude on stage had me cracking up to no end. This episode is bar none the best of the Bar Wars series and one of the best Cheers has to offer.moreless

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