Coach Buries a Grudge

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  • 9.5

    Coach forgives...

    By shheisey, Jul 16, 2012

    Very emotional episode for Coach. He is such a great character and because he is usually so goofy and eccentric its really cool to see him in a very serious and heart-wrenching situation.

    I can honestly say Coach's speech made me cry.

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    An old friend of Coach has died and Coach decides to hold a memorial to him in the bar, inviting all their old friends. But then Coach discovers his late friend made a pass at his late wife.

    By beatles_number9, Apr 24, 2008

    one of my personal favort episodes. Not only did i like the plot in this episode but this episode had one of my all time fav cheers lines ever. Norm Lets hope he's not hitting on her up there. I allways laugh when i hear it. But this episode had a lot of heart to it as well. For most of season 2 episodes were charcter devolpment episodes and crappy story lines. This episodes was also relly good becose it teaches pepole that everyone makes mistakes in life and even tho they may make mistakes in life we shuld all try to rember the good times and forget the past.moreless

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