Coach Buries a Grudge

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Quotes (4)

  • Diane: Coach, come on. You have to find a way to put this behind you. Angela and T-Bone are both in heaven now. Norm: Let's hope he's not hitting on her up there.

  • Coach: They didn't even know why they called him T-Bone down there. Diane: Why did they call him T-Bone, Coach? Coach: I don't know, Diane. I was hoping to find out.

  • Diane: Ah yes, how could we manage without Carla's wit? Carla, how do you manage without it?

  • Carla: I have a way with inanimate objects. Cliff: Maybe you'd like to take a crack at Norm here.

Notes (3)

  • Bob Lobel (Customer #1) is a sportscaster on WBZ-TV in Boston.

  • Don Bexley played Bubba on Sanford & Son. He also had a supporting role on Hunter two years later after this episode aired.

  • Music: Diane and the rest of the gang in the bar sing "Amazing Grace"