Coach's Daughter

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  • Lisa: Look at me, Dad, I'm not...beautiful... Coach: You look just like your mother. Lisa: And Mom was not...(long pause)...Comfortable with her beauty. Coach: Your mother grew more beautiful every day of her life.

  • Roy (about Lisa): You're stylish. You're contemporary and you travel well. Diane: You just said that about your suits.

  • Sam: Coach, let me talk to you here. Do you remember a double-header against Cleveland on a hot August day 1974? Coach: Yeah, I remember part of that. Sam: What part? Coach: I remember hot.

  • Carla: Where's Lisa? Roy: She's still upstairs settling the bill. Coach: Are you saying you had her pay for dinner? Roy: They wouldn't take a post dated four party check. If they're going to be hard-nosed they should put up a sign.

  • Coach: Sam, could you cover me for a couple of moments? Sam: Sure Coach, where are you going? Coach: To toss my lunch.

  • Diane: Excuse me I need to jump start my brain.

  • Norm: The man doesn't lie. This suit won't burn. Sam: That's a drawback.

  • Lisa: Daddy, isn't it obvious to you? Coach: Nothing is ever obvious to me.

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Notes (4)

  • NBC rebroadcast this episode on March 10, 1983 and July 7, 1983.

  • Alternate Episode Title: Coach in a Crisis Week

  • This was actually the 2nd episode, but its airing was delayed. The Season One DVD restores it to its proper place.

  • Philip Charles MacKenzie would later direct most of Season 3 of Frasier.