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  • Norm: Well I guess I better go call Vera back. Cliff: What are you talking about? She didn't call. Norm: Yes, she did. Yesterday. Something about a flat tire, interstate. What the hell's the number of that call box?

  • Rebecca: How much does it take when you're in love with someone? You know I've heard stories about you and that Diane girl. You put up with her five years. Five years! What about that? Sam: Sweetheart, if I could have sent her to prison, don't you think I would have?

  • Sam: You're not thinking rationally here. Rebecca: Why do you say that? Sam: You're about to light a Tootsie Roll.

  • Frasier: Now look, I think it's appropriate that we all consider the fact that Rebecca could possibly go to prison for this. Can you imagine our helpless Rebecca in a women's prison? Sam: Yeah. Come on. This is serious.

  • Cliff: Hey Doc, what do you think the toughest thing to cut through is? Frasier: Your unending bull.

  • Rebecca: I cannot believe that Robin would use me like this. Sam: Yeah I know. He seems like such a decent guy. It's not like he ever, you know, cheated on any of your friends on a business deal. No, no actually he did, didn't he? Well at least you never caught him with another woman. Oh shoot that happened too. Well maybe this is the very last bad thing he does. Yeah that's it. Rebecca: Gee Sam, you think so?

  • Rebecca: Robin always gives women a furnished house when he dumps them. Sam: Boy, that's class. I usually just give them a made up phone number.

  • Norm: Rebecca, how does your corporation feel about you sharing a bed with the competition? Rebecca: Well you know Norm, I've been doing a lot of soul searching about that lately and I've come to the decision, I don't care.

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  • While in Robin's apartment, Rebecca tries to impress Sam and Norm with Robin's apartment. But how can Rebecca "impress" Sam with the apartment when he was just trapped in the apartment with her in the episode The Art of the Steal?