Don't Paint Your Chickens

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Quotes (4)

  • Cliff: As a business man you really have a lot to be desired. You know you haven't had a job in three months. Norm: Cliff, you're absolutely right. I could do something about that or I can sit right here and feel sorry for myself and nurse this beer all day. Since I'm already here...

  • Sam: Beer, Norm? Norm: Have I gotten that predictable? Good.

  • Rebecca: Well everyone you are looking at a winner. Carla: You were the best kisser upper? Gee what does that trophy look like?

  • Cliff: Oh my God. I've died and gone to heaven. Carla: We wish.

Trivia (1)

  • Only a day (or so) after listing AAAA Painting in the yellow pages, Rebecca receives a phone call from a potential client who found AAAA in the phone book. Apparently the new phone books were updated, printed, and delivered overnight.