Endless Slumper

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Quotes (8)

  • Norm (to Sam): For the first time in my life I would rather be me than you.

  • (When the beer glass falls off the bar instead of curving around the corner) Diane: Gee I hope you didn't lose your other talent too.

  • (Diane is talking about meditation while Rick is talking about sex) Diane: Wait a minute. Don't say that it's not the answer until you've tried it. Sam: Diane. Diane. Diane: Excuse me. My name is Diane and I have done this for years. I'll tell you I would be happy to teach you how to do it. Rick: Well Diane this is very kind of you but I don't think... Diane: No, no no. Please do me the favor of trying it with me. Rick (To Sam): Is she serious? Sam: Oh yes. She's serious. She does it all the time. She just said so. Diane: That's right. Rick (pointing to Sam and Diane): Do you...? Diane: Are you kidding? Him? He would just make jokes. Rick: Well okay then. Okay! What time is good for you? Diane: Well personally I like to get at least half an hour of it in before breakfast. But look anytime is alright with me. Rick: Golly I like you. Diane: You know there is something so beautiful about experiencing it outdoors. Rick: Don't people stare at you? Diane: Yes, sometimes but they end up learning something. Sometimes people even join in. You know all this talk had gotten me so excited. Hell let's do it now! Rick: Outside? Diane: Oh oh no, it's a little cold and I prefer to take my shoes off. Um, Sam could we use your office? Sam: Wait a minute. I'm sorry I let this go too far. Diane (while walking with Rick to the office): No no, we don't need to hear from Mr. Skeptic. Rick here is after something and I can show him where it is. (They go in Sam's office, There's a pause and then the sound of a slap!)

  • Coach (about Rick): What he needs to do is beef up his sex life. You know see a little bit of the ladies. Take the edge off. Norm: He's right. Sammy here has taken more edges off than a carpenter.

  • Rick: Sam, I know it's a litle crazy for a perfect stranger to come in here asking for advice but my pitching coach said you are the one man in this world who could help me. Sam: Well, I'm flattered. Rick: Yeah he said if anyone knows about slumps it's you.

  • (talking about how Sam was able to make the beer slide around the corner of the bar) Diane: Okay how do it? Sam: Well it's just one of my two hidden talents. The other one is just as impressive. Diane: But you can hardly charge a buck for it.

  • Coach: What the story, Norm? Norm: A thirsty guy walks into a bar. You finish it.

  • (Carla is inteviewing her children's new tutor) Carla: Have you been is any major military skirmishes? Miss Gilder: What? Carla: Look it's very important that I know you can handle yourself.

Notes (2)

  • NBC rebroadcast this episode on June 9, 1983 and August 16, 1984.

  • Diane's facial tic makes its first appearance. It would be a running joke for her five seasons on Cheers and even in an episode of Frasier.

Allusions (1)

  • The name of this episode is a parody name to The Beach Boys 1975 album Endless Summer.