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  • (Sid is throwing gasoline around the kitchen) Norm: Sid, what are you doing? You can start a grease fire in here. I mean I know you have them every day but this one could get out of hand.

  • Woody: How would a beer feel, Mr. Peterson? Norm: Pretty nervous if I was in the room.

  • Frasier: Cliff, you want to go shoot some stick? Cliff: Let's shoot some stick, Doctor. Woody: Oh hey before you go back there Dr. Crane, I should tell you Carla's keeping a guard on the pool table. Frasier: Why is she doing that? Woody: I guess she likes him.

  • Sam: We're sorry man. We feel bad because we know how much the Hungry Heifer means to you. Norm: You don't know the half of it Sammy. I love the Heifer. I don't know what I'm gonna do without that place. It was like my home away from Cheers.

  • Sam: How's life treatin' you there, Norm? Norm: Beats me. Kicks me. Then leaves me for dead.

  • Carla: Hi Sammy. Sorry I'm late. There's a prison work crew in the park across the street and you should have heard some of those raunchy sleazy comeons. Sam: Pretty bad huh? Carla: Oh yeah, I really outdid myself. I should write a book.

  • Sam: Hey guys, quick impression of Robin Colcord... Blimey!! there's a lot of trash on the ground, isn't there. I'm just gonna have to take it, and flush it down the loo.

  • Frasier: What about dieting, exercise, making a baby with Vera? Norm: You do it!!

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  • In this episode, Norm states he's been going to The Hungry Heifer since college, however, in a recurring storyline in season 3, Norm mentions a new restaurant that just opened, The Hungry Heifer and his ongoing adventures there.