Just Three Friends

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  • Diane: You think I don't know what noodles mean in sexual lingo.

  • Heather: I thought we were having Veal Oscar? Diane: There are remnants of it in the sauce.

  • Diane: Do you have reservations? Sam: Plenty of them, but I can anyway.

  • Heather: I sure like Sam. Diane: Slut!

  • Diane: I have a special recipe to try, my own Veal Oscar. Carla: That's the award you get if you can act like you like it.

  • Cliff: Yup. Look at that Norm. Just like the rest of them. All hung up on looks, personality, and style.

  • Diane (to Heather): That's Carla, she likes witty repartee. She's just not capable of it.

  • Diane: How can you be eating now? Sam: I've eaten through worse than this.

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Trivia (2)

  • Sam says that he's never had a woman as just a friend. That's not true, as Carla is a friend, and they've never been together romantically.

  • Sam tends to overlook Carla quite a bit. Besides, she started out as a co-worker, not a woman he met socially.