Ma Always Liked You Best

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  • Esther: Oh, Woody, you're like the son I never had. Cliff: What about me, Ma? Esther: You're the son I did have.

  • Esther: I can love you both for different reasons; Woody, I can love you because you're generous, kind, and strong, and Clifford, I can love you because I'm your biological mother and nature dictates there be a bond.

  • Cliff: Ma, when are you gonna stop taking pot shots at me? Esther: When it stops being fun.

  • (Norm is stuck in a window.) Frasier: Is that Norm? I didn't recognize you without the barstool attached.

  • Cliff: I know your wily ways. You're forgettin' I am a graduate of the Esther Clavin School of Emotional Blackmail. Esther: Well that and a nickel will get you a civil service job.

  • Esther: I'd have to care to be mad.

  • Norm: Your ma's in town? Cliff: Yup. Norm: Why don't you pick her up? Cliff: No, Normie that would set exactly the wrong tone for this visit. I know why she's here. She wants to move back in with me. But she can just forget it. I tell you. She's not going to be running my life like she did when I was in my mid-30s. No siree sir. Woody: I don't get it, Mr. Clavin. I thought you liked your ma a lot. Norm: A whole lot. Frasier: Too much to be healthy really.