Norm, is That You?

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Quotes (7)

  • Norm: I can't go on with this any longer. I wanted to be your decorator so I pretended to be who I thought you wanted me to be but it's time I came out of the closet. I'm straight. Robert: Impossible. Norm: Ever since I was a little boy I've known that I prefer girls. But the point is I think you should judge people for what they do not for who they do.

  • Lilith: You should be decorating professionally. Norm: Doing you folks a favor is one thing. Anymore of this interior decorating junk could really eat into my reputation as a lazy, beer-guzzling lump of mashed potatoes. Frasier: But Norm, you have a gift. Norm: A gift? Try a curse, pal. I spent my whole damn life trying to cover up the fact that I have a great sense of color and I always know where to put the ottoman.

  • Frasier: I never thought our wedding picture lived there. Where should it go, Ivan? Ivan: Here's a spot. (throws picture in trash) Lilith: Perfect, why clutter a home with mementos?

  • Sam: You know you've been wearing a lot of fat clothes recently, haven't you? Rebecca: Oh just shut up butthead! Sam: She called me a butthead and I think I'm gonna cry. Woody: Don't worry, Sam. It only looks that way from the back.

  • Norm: Did I tell you that last night I programmed myself to dream about your space?

  • Robert: We took you into our home, trusted you, and this is how you repay us? Norm: I can do it for half price. Robert: Here's the key. There's Perrier in the refrigerator. If the neighbors see you, tell them you're the plumber.

  • (After Norm has Sam pretend to be gay) Sam: No, I like babes, babes, babes! (He walks away) Norm: That's his pet word for linebackers.

Notes (1)

  • George DelHoyo (Robert Cooperman) was credited as George Deloy.