Rebecca Redux

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  • Woody: I get a lot of things off of cars, Sam. I have to be careful when I shave, because objects may be closer than they appear.

  • Earl: Norm, do me a favor. Taste this. (Earl hands Norm a beer) Norm: It's great! What did you do? Earl: Well, I changed the pressure on all of the kegs and cleaned out the lines. Norm: Earl, how do you like the sound of this? Mrs. Earl Peterson?

  • Rebecca: Sam, could this all be a bad dream? Sam: No, this is the auto show.

  • Sam: This is your new manager. This is Earl. Earl used to play short stop for the Cubs. Norm: Alright one of us. Earl: You guys from Chicago? Carla: Nah, they're all losers.

  • Sam: What is sorghum anyway? Woody: It's grain, Sam. It's used to feed livestock. Sam: Say if I put it in a bowl would those guys eat it? Woody: Are you kiddin'? I was late putting out the beer nuts last night, Mr Peterson almost snapped off my thumb. Sam: Fill 'em up.

  • Rebecca: It doesn't mean I will never see you guys. I can still come in as a customer. Of course with work and all I can't stay for 10 to 12 hours at a stretch like you guys. Norm: That's okay. You can be in the part timers club. They sit over there. Cliff: And when you're ready to commit you'll let us know. Norm: Yeah like Phil there. He's right on the verge.

  • Sam: How would you guys feel about Rebecca managing this place again? Norm: Would it raise the price of beer? Sam: No. Norm: Then what do we care.

  • Rebecca: What's wrong with the computer? Sam: Nothin' really. I just can't get those little green letters to pop up on the screen. Rebecca: Well did you try booting it up? Sam: Yeah, I did plenty of that.

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  • Earl used to play short stop for the Cubs