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  • 9.5

    Sammy, how bout a beer buddy?

    By JimC39, Aug 17, 2015

    Love this show. It was one of the funniest shows on the tube. I do prefer Diane to Rebecca. Plus Coach over Woody. And the two losers, Norm and Cliff. God they were idiots! Funny idiots.

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  • 8.5

    Where everyone knows your name

    By TimDrakeRobin, Jul 25, 2015

    "Cheers" followed the lives of the operators and patrons of a bar in Boston. The relationships between them was so strong that they spent more time with each other than the other people in their lives. The show often touched upon sensitive subjects with humor without ever being negative. Sam, Diane, Coach, Carla, Norm, Cliff, Frasier, Woody, Lillith and Rebecca are all instantly recognizable names as the theme proclaims and you know who they are, their personalities and understand their relationships with each other.

    Sam is a constant womanizer, who slowly over the course of the show opens up to the idea of a serious relationships and maybe even a family.

    Diane is a psuedo-intellectual who always saw herself as better than the people she served in the bar. Her relationship with Sam drove the first few seasons of the show but beyond him she never clicked with any of the other characters. Her departure was really necessary as there was nothing really to do with her.

    Coach was often the conscience of the show, at least when he could comprehend what was going on around him. The actor passed during Season 3, but he was kept alive on the show by having a portrait he owned placed on the set. It is the photo Sam adjusts in the finale.

    Carla is never afraid to share a mean spirited comment with anyone. And despite her numerous children and trouble maintaining a romantic relationship, she does have the admirable ability to persevere.

    Norm is such a fixture at the bar his entrance is commented on by the whole bar. While everyone enjoys his slovenly ways and his trials in finding a job that doesn't interfere with his drinking habits, he also goes through the least amount of growth as a character.

    Cliff is the know-it-all mail man who often offers unsolicited information on a plethora of subjects. His codependent relationship with his mother and lack of a romance life causes lots of jabs at his expense, especially from Carla.

    Frasier was brought in as just to be a plot contrivance to keep Sam and Diane apart. As her former psychiatrist, he was crushed when it ended. As the people at the bar knew Diane and understood what she was like, they were there for him as he tried to get over her. He eventually got married (didn't last) and had a child. He became so popular he got his own spin-off.

    Woody was similar to Coach with his kind and innocent demeanor. Initially his farm boy comes to the big city defined his character. But the longer he lived in Boston, the more he acclimated and tried things he wouldn't have. He took acting lessons and performed in plays. Dated and married a wealthy girl. And in the last few episodes he even tried out for city government.

    Rebecca was brought in as a new foil and potential love interest for Sam. She presented herself as an intelligent and capable business woman immune to Sam's charm. Everyone learns that she is also a gold digger who is only interested in men with money. As these romantic pursuits fail, Rebecca becomes an emotional basket case, proving to the collective group she is part of them.

    Lillith was introduced to help Frasier get over Diane. Her icy demeanor contrasts greatly with everyone, but she had limited social interaction beyond academia so slowly warms to the group if only due to scientific curiosity. She makes Rebecca her best friend (because she has no female acquaintances) and actually finds Cliff funny.

    The show was continuously funny and even touched upon some sensitive subjects still a concern today. The only real problem was lack of development for some of the characters. Norm, with minor fluctuation, was still the same as he was after 11 years. Cliff was still living with his mother and had no romantic prospects. And most of the changes for the other characters didn't happen until the last season, even the last few episodes.moreless

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    Never Gets Old

    By m123c, Jun 14, 2015

    Love This show , I started watching with Rebecca and Woody loved it, and so pleased to discover earlier episodes, with coach and Diane. Cheers just never gets old. I I will be watching reruns forever.

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    By shheisey, Jul 16, 2012

    Probably one of the best.

    If only shows were made with the witty humor that Cheers had. The whole cast of Cheers was incredible and you could relate to parts of every character.

    Shows like Cheers and Friends are so good because they are about people and they make you want to be a part of their group. I dont know how many times when i was watching the show that I dreamed of being able to in the the bar and shout NORM!moreless

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  • 7.5

    Good show, where everybody knows your name.

    By tjtalman, Aug 04, 2010

    Cheers is a great classic sitcom, set in a little bar in Boston, the show ran from the early 80's to the early 90's. The show is set around bar owner Sam Malone, the people that work for him, and the bars loyal patrons. The show may not make you laugh out loud like other shows, but the shows writing and character based plots will make you come back for more. The shows success even led to a spin-off about psychiatrist doctor Frasier Crane, one of the bars loyal patrons. If you are looking for a good sitcom, i suggest you give cheers a try.moreless

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    Best Comedy Ever

    By maniac72, Mar 24, 2009

    "Where Everyone Knows Your Name" and you felt like you were at the bar watching and laughing.. Cheers is just a classic show plain and simple. Smart, Funny and Iconic. It has some of the best writing ever on a sitcom. And Everyone Really Knows the names of the characters , Sam, Norm. Cliff, Diane, Carla, Rabecca, Coach, Woody, Fraiser, Lilith... Some of the shows I couldn't eat or drink during because I laughed so hard. The show could be the reason I love bars now. Maybe I am looking for a bar that made me feel the way Cheer's did.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Growing up with the gang at Cheers

    By JonahFalcon, Jan 23, 2009

    Cheers is a special show for me. I grew up as a teenager watching Cheers. For me, I really didn't like the Cosby Show or Family Ties. I was one of the few who watched Cheers not as a part of NBC's Thursday lineup, but as a fan of Sam, Diane, Norm, Cliff, Coach and eventually Frasier, Woody, and Rebecca.

    I'd even watch midnight Cheers episodes on WPIX while in high school - they were airing in syndication while the show was still on NBC. There's dialogue I'll always remember, and while it suffered in its later years, it ended strongly - and introduced me to my favorite all-time sitcom, Frasier.moreless

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    Outstanding writing, strong characters, strong direction combine to create one of the best comedies in a place of "where everybody knows your name."

    By lazarus629, Dec 10, 2008

    Cheers was to some extent two shows: with Diane and without Diane. In general, the "with Diane" shows were far superior because of both the character tension between Sam and Diane ("two people who not only should not marry, [they] should never see one another again") and the fact the Shelly Long is a far more accomplished and stable actress than Kirstie Alley whose Rebecca Howe was a poorly defined character in part I suspect because Alley was so unstable (something that became quite apparent after the show went off the air).

    That said, the without-Diane shows were greatly enhanced by the expanded presence of not only Frazier Crane but also (and especially) that of Lilith Sternin Crane, a tour de force for Bebe Neuwerth.

    The writing on the show was consistently outstanding and probably its greatest strength. The acting, with the exception of the very uneven Kirstie Alley, was uniformly solid and Rhea Perlman was particularly strong in making the audience largely look past the fact that her character was almost entirely two-dimensional with little function other than delivering sarcastic punch lines. The directing too was outstanding. Because the other characters (excepting the aforementioned Rebecca Howe) were so well drawn and well acted, the viewer (at least this viewer) felt a sense of watching real people cope with life. The show's lessons (or morals) were subtle and subtly delivered with wonderful positive humor ("put your faith in God, I know I'm going to" spoken by the head nun of the convent as advice to Diane and a comment on eating Diane's "creative" entree). The show was comforting and life affirming, imperfect people accepting other imperfect people. Whatever triumphs or tragedy befell them, there would always be the place "where everybody knows your name."

    Perhaps most touching was the show's genuine fondness for and remembrance of Nicholas Colasanto (Coach). In (at least) two episodes, he is memorialized by name and specific reference (the first show of the season after his death and the memorable Thanksgiving episode) and, in perhaps the most touching coda of any TV series, Sam's last act in the last episode is to straighten the picture of Geronimo that came from Colasanto's house and became a permanent part of the set after his death.

    It is in my all-time top five with Seinfeld, Scrubs, I Love Lucy, and (especially the early years') Cosby.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By lare84, Sep 26, 2008

    Cheers is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. The best part about it is that it is still in re-runs and the show is still as funny and relevant (almost) as it was at the time. Sometimes there are guests or jokes that I don't get cause they are obviously topical from the 1980s when the show first aired but all in all this show is still great today. All of the characters were awesome. The show was still good when characters left it and were replaced because even the replacement characters were good (Rebecca Howe, Woody, etc). Frasier was a spin-off of this and even that was good because even though he was a bit part on Cheers the character was awesome. Cliff, Norm, Carla, etc, all of the characters were great and funny!moreless

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