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Quotes (4)

  • (the gang watches Diane make a fool of herself on TV) Sam: What'd you think you were doin' up there? Diane: I didn't think it was a real show. Sam: Are you kidding me? I mean who would make up something that boring? Diane: Well, I thought you did. I thought it was a joke. I figured that you set it up to get back at me because of my psychology experiment. Sam: Wow, what a great joke. I wish we had thought of that. Woody: I can't think of it now.

  • (the gang continue to discuss the stranger in the bar) Sam: Aw, come on, man. Just 'cause he looks like a spy and acts like a spy doesn't mean he is a spy, does it? Norm: I think it pretty much does, Sam. You don't suppose this guy is with, like, the CIA or FBI or anything, do you? Cliff: Ah, could be. Sam: Alright, let's go over the four things we know about him: He's been here since we opened, he's not drinking, he's not waiting for a table upstairs... Actually, that's only three. Anybody else know anything? Diane: You're an idiot! Sam: That would be four, then.

  • (the gang is speculating about the stranger in the bar) Woody: Well, he's probably , uh, a writer or a poet or something. Diane: Oh, that's very good. What do you think he's writing, Woody? Woody: Well, I hope he's not writing about a boy and his dog who roam through the countryside doing good deeds and drinkin' beer. Diane: Why? Woody: ‘Cause that's the story I'm writin'.

  • (Sam comes out of his office; Diane notices a strong smell) Diane: Good Lord, Sam. Have you been swimming laps in that cologne of yours? Sam: No. I just dropped the bottle all over the floor in there. Another two dollars and fifty cents down the drain. Diane: Ah, the big bottle.

Notes (1)

  • This is the episode where Shelly Long (as Diane) does her hilarious imitation of a Cornish hen.

Allusions (1)

  • Carla: ...and the best part is when Curly bats into that guard's sword and it makes that boing-oing-oing sound. Carla is referring to an episode of "The Three Stooges Show", episode 54, Musty Musketeers.