The Peterson Principle

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Quotes (6)

  • Norm: Mr. Reinhardt. Hi, sir. What a coincidence that you caught me in here. I was just using the washroom. Mr. Reinhardt: At ease, Peterson. We know you spend a lot of time here. This is where we send your checks.

  • Carla: Norm, if your buns didn't fall asleep you'd never get off the barstool.

  • Norm: I made the mistake of telling Vera that if I get the promotion we could buy a new house. It's always been a dream of hers to have a house with a bathroom so big, if you fall down you won't hit your head on anything. Cliff: That's smart. Cause a little known fact 42% of all deaths in American are caused by accidents in the home. Carla: So were you.

  • Sam: Well hey, I've got a projector and a screen in the back room there. Diane: You said that projector was broken when I wanted to show my slides of Colombian art. Sam: Well yes, it is broken when you want to show your slides.

  • Norm: There's my boss. Check my breath. (breathes at Cliff) What do you smell? Cliff: Milwaukee.

  • Norm: It's a dog-eat-dog world, Sammy, and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear.