The Tortelli Tort

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    Carla crosses horns with a fan of Boston's baseball archrivals.

    By Lokar, Jan 26, 2006

    Carla Tortelli probably doesn't spend a lot of time reading meditation books. Tortelli, a die-hard Red Sox loyalist, takes the law into her own hands after a Yankees fan comes into the bar and badgers Carla to the breaking point. The victim threatens a suit that could bring down the bar. Sam loves his friend but can't stand to lose the business. So as hard as it's going to be, Carla must learn anger management and somehow be able to say those two magic words.

    No, not "Take that!" More like, "I'm sorry."

    Rhea Perlman is hilarious and plays the character to the hilt--Carla will drive you crazy, but you can't stay mad at her. The guy who plays the Yankee fan fits well too. Plenty of funny scenes in this one.


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