The End is the Beginning

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    Cheyenne performs with Sheryl Crow.

    By amauriel, Jul 24, 2006

    I have to admit that I'm starting to enjoy this series more and more. I don't know if it is because I've set the bar so low that I will only expect the worse and if something touches my heart, I will give it an above average rating.

    Well, this was one of those shows that touched my heart. While I am suspicious of whether someone from Sheryl Crow's crew actually heard Cheyenne on the radio in New Orleans or whether someone called a crew member, regardless of this suspicion, I was honestly touched that Cheyenne got the privilege of performing live on stage with her hero and musical inspiration.

    I actually even enjoyed seeing that random boyfriend of Cheyenne's surprise her at her concert with Sheryl Crow. Oh, man, am I suckered in to buying Cheyenne's album? Uh, no.moreless

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