Double O'Chipmunk

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    Most memorable thing about this epsiode? Gadget kissing Dale!

    By TFG1fan, Mar 12, 2009

    No doubt that the most memorable aspect of this episode (especially to CDRR fans) is Gadget dressed up in her infamous red dress with makeup and looking very attractive (this is when I ask myself why do I find a cartoon mouse attractive?). And I am pretty sure that fans who think Gadget and Dale should be together, would really like this episode since Gadget passionately kisses Dale (although there has been some debate that Gadget was not really serious about it since it was all pretend for the spy game the Rangers arranged for Dale). Many think this is the only time Gadget is seen wearing a dress, but there is another episode called "Mind Your Cheese and Q's" where she does so again. Anyways, this episode pays nice homage to (and parodies) the classic James Bond films. There are also some references to the 1960s spy show, Get Smart. And since this episode pays homage to spy films, the whole flow of this episode felt like a spy movie with plently of action, spy gadgets, and corny puns (although CDRR always comes up with clever and amusing puns). I love the villian and his trained rat trio in this episode, very James Bond villian like. But I cannot help noticing that Francis, the leader of the rat trio, looks very much like Rat Capone, a CDRR villian who is later seen in another epsiode. I am not sure if they are considered to be the same character or not. Overall, a very fun epsiode and highly recommended to Gadget and Dale fans!moreless

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