Pie in the Sky

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Quotes (4)

  • Todd: Hi Mama! Hey, I made a joke! Hi, high! And you can't pop me on the head for that one.(Then Ma start kicking him)
    Ma: Why didn't you just let go of your slingshot boy?
    Todd: Oh, good idea. (then he lets go then starts falling)

  • Ma: Whats going on in here? Do something! Stop those birds!
    Todd: Yes sir, Ma. Easy as pie! Get it? Pie?
    Ma: Just get the birds.

  • Todd: Did you say chicken pot pie?
    Ma: Thats right, Toddey.
    Todd: Put Ma, those are not chickens. They're birdies.

  • Todd: Hey Ma, now you can relax since you're under arrest, get it? arrest.
    Ma: Sheriff, do me a favor and pop him on the head.

Allusions (1)

  • Character: Todd Sweeney This is an allusion to a fictional serial killer who supposedly baked pies with people in them.