All-Stars: Food vs. Cooking

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    Miscarriage of Justice!

    By marypr2, Apr 17, 2013

    I have never seen such an obvious example of poor judgment as I saw with the Food Network vs Cooking Channel the other night. Nadia G produce as delicious croquette using all of the ingredients. However, one of them bounced off of the plate and landed on the table when the bell rang for the round. One of her male competitors had two ingredients that were not perogie and the mango juice. Those ingredients might as well have not been on the plate. They dumped her instead of the French guy. What a bad call. I think it was because of Geoffrey. I could see him not liking Nadia because she is off beat. Well, yes she is, but she is also an excellent chef. You owe her an apology and another shot at the show.moreless

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