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    This is Robyn Moore,the one who gave up the nuts! Wanted to congratulate Chef Milton,job well done. 5 years ago I was an intern at 11 Madison and I remember watching Chef Milton and was impressed with his energy. Five years later we both down to the wire.

    By RobynMoore1, Nov 21, 2010

    they portrayed Chef Milton as a cocky, He's not, a really sweet guy. All in all I am proud that I made it to the dessert round against 3 rest. Chefs with years of experience over me. Careful Harold what you say may come back to bite you. Simple is good and tasty too! Izzy... really ...raw bacon...guess the love affair is over! Hey would'nt it be great if we could do a rematch. Either of you down? Joking aside many Props to you both. Good luck in future endeavors. My future since the show? The clients keep on coming...smilemoreless

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