The Thrice Cream Man / The Flibber-Flabber Diet

Season 1, Ep 7, Aired 12/7/07
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  • Episode Description
  • The Thrice Cream Man: Mung tries to find a way to break Chowder's obsession with thrice cream, so he gets a real life Thrice Cream Man to visit. After a day of fun, Chowder's new friend turns out to be a nightmare. The Flibber-Flabber Diet: Truffles puts everyone on a diet of eating only the stinky, unappealing Flibber-Flabber. Will she lose weight before everyone else lose their minds?

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dwight Schultz

    Mung Daal

  • John DiMaggio


  • Tara Strong


  • Nicky Jones


  • Jeff Bennett

    Thrice Cream Man

  • Fan Reviews (8)
  • Thrice Cream Man was better

    By fsaenz0125, Jan 02, 2012

  • Very funny, but Truffles was kind of annoying.

    By SweetClover, Mar 29, 2009

  • I was highly disappointed.

    By chowdermaniac, Mar 22, 2009

  • Not my favorite episode, but it's in a good episode class.

    By turtle4apple, Jul 21, 2008

  • The rareist episode ever!

    By Mungdaal99, Jul 21, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Truffles: I gotta little junk-junk, in the trunk-trunk! A little booty-booty, so fresh and fruity, mmmmm! I gotta little rump-rump, and I'll do a little BUMP-BUMP!

    • Mung: (To the thrice cream man) Is this a family recipe?

    • Chowder: (Thinking to himself) I like thrice cream. Mung: Chowder! Focus, boy. Chowder: I am focused. (Makes hand motions) Mung: (While Chowder's handing him the ingredients) Time to squeeze in some squash. Make space for some spice. Make room for the mushroom. Chowder: (Hears thrice cream cart, runs off, and comes back) Here's your mushroom. Mung: But we already...(Opens oven to see Truffles sitting in it agrily) Not done! (Closes oven) Chowder: (Hears thrice cream cart and runs off) Mung: We gotta get rid of this kid's thrice cream obsession! Shnitzel: Radda. Truffles: (In the oven, talking to Mung) Oh, honey. Mung: (To Shnitzel) Run, man! Run! (Shnitzel grabs Mung and runs off)

    • Truffles: Honey, tell me the truth. Have I become a little large in the barge? Mung: Chowder, take cover. (to Truffles) Um, No. Truffles: Is that a question? Mung: (nervously) No. Truffles: So I've put on weight? Mung: I didn't say that. Truffles: I need to go on a diet? Mung: I didn't say that! Truffles: Come on! Out with it! Am I fat?! Chowder: Fat? Yeah! (Mung Daal bops Chowder on the head)

    • Chowder: Thrice cream, please don't ever go away! Mung: (to the thrice cream salesman) GO AWAY!

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    Notes (8)

    • When Mung complains that his cooking doesn't make anyone fat, Chowder is standing to his right and Shnitzel to his left. But when Truffles announces the diet will be made into a contest, Chowder is in the middle, with Shnitzel to his right and Mung to his left.

    • Panini and Gazpacho don't appear in this episode.

    • Credits: Chowder tries to pull out a beard to make a big dish.

    • This marks the second time Chowder eats thirce cream since The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin.

    • We find out that Shnitzel hates thrice cream.

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    Trivia (4)

    • At the dinner table, Chowder is in between Shnitzel and Mung, but at the end of the scene, Chowder's chair is gone.

    • When the thrice cream was first put in the glass cup, it was a light blue-green, but when Larry, the cherry-like fruit landed on it, it was white.

    • In the preview before this episode premire, Shnitzel was weighing himself, then broke the scale. When it premired, there was no part of the episode that Shnitzel weighed himself.

    • Flibber-Flabber was meant to make those who eat it lose weight, but Chowder ate piles of it, and it only made him gain weight.

    Allusions (3)

    • Larry: Lookin' good in the neighborhood. This is a reference to Applebee's slogan, "Eatin' good in the neighborhood."

    • The Thrice Cream Man is somewhat a parody of Frosty the Snowman.

    • Episode Title: The Thrice Cream Man It is a spoof of the words, "ice cream man." Also, thrice means three times.

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