Hey TV.com, Should I Watch FX's Animated Rap Comedy Chozen?

By Tim Surette

Jan 12, 2014

How many television shows are there now? Well, very soon there will be an cartoon about a gay, white rapper, so the answer to that question is "a lot." FX is trying to score with another animated series it can pair with Archer, so it's giving Chozen a shot. But is it worth a watch? I've seen the pilot, and I will help you make your decision in this edition of Hey TV.com, There's a Cartoon About a Gay White Rapper? 

Chozen, so this is a TV spin-off of Frozen?

Nope, and if you let your kids watch this, they will turn out to be terrible people. Chozen is an animated comedy about Chozen, a gay, white rapper who's fresh out of prison after being framed for a bunch of crimes by a former member of his crew who went on to be one of the rap game's biggest stars. Ready for redemption, Chozen rhymes and "Yo!"s his way back up the ladder with a ragtag group of friends. He also occasionally whips out his Johnson at inappropriate times.

Who created Chozen, and whose voices will I hear?

Chozen is former Eastbound & Down writer's assistant Grant Dekernion's first show, and the team from Eastbound (David Gordon Green, Danny McBride) and Archer (Adam Reed, Matt Thompson) are on board to produce. Saturday Night Live's Bobby Moynihan provides the voice for Chozen, and Hannibal Buress and Michael Peña voice his crew. You'll also hear Nick Swardson, Kathryn Hahn, and Method Man

When does Chozen drop?

Chozen makes its world debut on Monday, January 13 at 10:30pm on FX, right after the Season 5 premiere of Archer.   

Who will like Chozen?

Though Chozen is drawn like as if it's part of the Archer universe, there's more crossover with Eastbound & Down than there is with Archer because of the tone. Chozen be crass, yo! Also, if you are a big fan of crude, white, gay rappers, this is the show for you.

What's tight about Chozen?

Some of the rap numbers are aiiiight! And occasionally a joke lands. Occasionally. 

What isn't so fly about Chozen?

Maybe I just don't get jokes about playing guys' buttholes like a trumpet or masturbating to GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra, but Chozen likes its humor raunchy and dumb. The title character isn't exactly the best lead, either, as he's loud, brash, and annoying. But I guess Kenny Powers is that way, too? All told, I straight-up didn't care for the pilot. 

So, should I watch it?

No. Not worth it. Though Archer is fantastic, FX is struggling to find a second 'toon that fits its smart brand (remember Unsupervised?), and Chozen definitely isn't it. However: If you take a look at the trailer find that it's your jam, then you'll dig Chozen. It's basically that trailer for 30 minutes.

Let's take a look at a trailer!

Okay! But this one is a Red Band trailer, so ask your mom if you can watch before you hit play.

Chozen premieres Monday, January 13 at 10:30pm on FX.

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  • Elmo_Monster Apr 15, 2014

    Obviously you should watch it. Crass humor is rarely done well and Chozen is more crass than most, in relation to men that is.

    I think it's hilarious and well worth watching for adults. But hey, I like tasteless jokes.

  • sfskip Jan 16, 2014

    I'm a sucker for animation so regardless of the subject matter, I'll watch it ... although I must confess I sometimes had to force myself to watch King of the Hill. Anyway, during the pilot, I don't think I laughed out loud but I smiled a couple of times and was engaged during the whole episode. Chozen isn't the easiest protagonist to like but he grows on you and I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet so I guess I'll keep watching it.

  • DavidJackson8 Jan 13, 2014

    I'mma finna give it a try, yo.

  • bmoshier Jan 13, 2014

    My Son's husbear (his bearish husband) showed me the trailer for this series. Honestly, I found parts of it very funny, which is causing me to want to watch tonight (1/13/2014).

    Yet, there were other scenes that turned me off, big time, such as seeing Chozen (that's his name, right?) kill a guy wearing a bear mask. Dude, I'm not sure I find killing bears (gay guys into bears or large men) cool, at all. OK, maybe within context it is funny and acceptable.

    Thus watching the series for several episodes is the only way to find out, what's up!

    P.S. Normally, I don't like watching new series given I might like them, but the network kills them either during or after just the first season (or even the second). In this case, I'm giving Chozen a chance because of my Son-in-law. Only time will tell this tale. ;-)

  • torque_smacky Jan 13, 2014

    Let's have less drunken bros writing animated comedies, and more money for public schools!

  • jerky_666 Jan 13, 2014

    I guess I'll give it a shot, but this article really just made me miss Unsupervised all over again.

  • StrawDog Jan 13, 2014

    So did you like Eastbound and Down?

  • JT_Kirk Jan 12, 2014

    I was afraid this was going to be bad based on its trailers and its shaky early marketing materials and its overstuffed premise and its lead voice actor (Bobby Moynihan is actually in my upper tier of SNL players, but I just don't think his voice alone carries it), and it sounds like it indeed misfires, so I'm passing.

  • scottd2242 Jan 12, 2014

    This is either gonna be awesome or terrible

  • StrawDog Jan 13, 2014

    or somewhere in between. One of the three.

  • shocker713 Jan 12, 2014

    I must agree with Chozen in one respect...no one gives a shit about the Grammys besides white people and Kanye West.

  • JT_Kirk Jan 12, 2014

    Hey, I'm white and I don't give a shit about the Grammys.

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