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    General Beckman decides to send Alex Forrest to evaluate Chuck's performance and to take the job as Chuck's new handler. Her involvement is to evaluate and report back to general Beckman if there aren't any feelings that might jeopardize missions.

    By julianmizzzi, Jan 27, 2011

    Leaving from the end of the last episode Chuck versus the Predator, General Beckman is concerned about the relationship status between Chuck and Sarah. The general contacts Chuck alone in his room for the first time stating that she is assertive that Chuck's feelings for Sarah and vice versa are compromising Chuck's performance regarding missions and alertness. As a result general Beckman decides to send Alexandra Forrest to evaluate Chuck's performance and to take the job as Chuck's new handler. Her involvement is to report back general Beckman after the mission and state if there aren't any feelings that might jeopardize the missions at hand.moreless

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    What a crack-up!

    By hertlin, Jan 27, 2011

    "Hey Jeff, is that your sister?" One of the funniest scenes ever when the stippers come into the Buy More for Awesomes bachelor party! The look on the guys faces is absolutly priceless! Classic Chuck material.

    Intersting to see the General talking directly to Chuck, but it seemed a bit out of place.

    Loved the female Casey, turning heads and showing a new side of Casey himself. His dream girl had to be the female version of himself naturally. One laugh after another till the ending keeps you hanging for more with the serious background story.

    Very well done and a hats off to the writers!moreless

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    One of the funniest episodes yet.

    By efc91, Jan 27, 2011

    This was one of the best episodes of Chuck for a while it was very, very good and funny episode. It's the scene in the bank vault that was so speacil seeing Chuck high was the funniest thing I have ever seen in the whole show well it was between this and when they where on the Truth drug in season 1. Captian Awesome's Bachelor party was really entertaining, I feel sorry for Awesome wonder what will happen with him and Elle after the misunderstanding. The ending to the episode was great as well. It was really funny seeing Casey checking out Alex Forrest and who wouldn't she was HOT. 10 out of 10 this episode got funnier and funnier.moreless

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    By hrgaffney, Jan 27, 2011

    I have the last few episodes of Chuck still to watch, this being the first of them and it did not disappoint me. Chuck was brilliantly funny once again. I loved the bank vault scene especially where Zamir's questioning him as to who is Chuck, and he says he's never heard of him and then Zamir tears Chuck's coat away to reveal his Nerd Herd ID with his name on and Chuck says 'Oh that Chuck!'. Just made me crease up. That and the following scenes with the laughing gas. I hated Alex, hope she's not coming back, though I suspect Casey might quite like to see her again. All in all, a funny episode, great for getting back into Chuck again.moreless

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    By D-LinkUK, Dec 11, 2010

    Chuck is under the spotlight yet again when general Beckman sends Alex Forrest a female agent to evaluate Chuck and more important Sarah's performance when she learns of Chucks feelings for her, naturally Agent Forrest is making things hard taking over the newsiest mission and making Sarah a passenger. When Casey, Chuck and Alex go undercover to plant an electronic tracking device in a known terrorist at Ellie and Devon's hospital things start to go wrong when the room they need to get to has a secured key card and have to steal Awesome's key card. This leads on nicely to Devon's bachelor party that Morgan, Jeff and Lester manage to get an invite to.

    Sarah is taken off Chucks assignment after failing the evaluation and Forrest becomes Chucks new handler, but as with all Chuck episode's he saves the day and Sarah get's reinstated, however whilst away from the mission and Chuck she does a search for Chucks estranged father who they track down…. Thus ending the episode.

    Another great episode, loved Devon's bachelor party with Lester, Jeff and Morgan acting up and Jeff's sister being one of the 'strippers'.. so funny, glad Sarah and Chuck are back together but we all knew she wouldn't be gone for long, and who is Chucks father??? Watch this space.moreless

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    Chuck gets Sarah into trouble when they send an agent to review her performance and give an assestment.

    By abelav78, Apr 01, 2009

    It was a great episode i enjoyed watching Tricia in the mix but I expected her to have a more sexy attitude but instead they made her a Female-Casey, which was funny actually to see Casey drooling for her and completting each other sentences.

    In this episode they send a female agent to review Sarah´s performance on her assingment (Chuck) and if their feelings for each other are interfering with her duty to protect him.

    The episode has its usual dose of comedy, drama and a bit of mistery. But this is a good thing since it never gets old. What I didnt like that much is they got Awesome in trouble with Eli. But lets see how that plays out in the next episode. Pretty funny also when he keeps saying "Special Agent Carmichael and the TV links to General Beckman" hehe.

    At the end all plays out how it should be, they get the bad guy, Sarah stays thank god, for a moment I though she was gone. And also we see Chuck and Sarah take a roadtrip to search for Chuck´s dad.moreless

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    Lazy writing

    By logossun, Apr 01, 2009

    Showcasing the best and the worst of the series.

    Tricia Helfer (49B or whatnot) has really grown as an actress... She's so skinny it makes me queasy though. And Chuck's hairstyle is geting comically bad (no really, go back and look ;-) But here's the big thing about this episode: a few prime examples of really really bad lazy writing.

    Lazy writing is a term used for events that will happen in order to progress the show to where, according to plot, it should be. Now, sometimes this will work, most often in a form of coincidence. For example, Chuck's sister is exiting the Buy More in exact time the two yo-yos are watching Awesome/Helfer hot pics... OK, not great, but passable - these things happen to all of us.

    However, HOW were these pics made? She's looking at the camera, so the little perv couldn't have made them secretly and she was never actually behind Awesome in the scene (and we are privy to the entire scene). Also, she's a serious secret agent obviously leaving loose ends. So, bad sort of lazy writing. (Also, let me point out a family-based thing which most of you will be familiar with. Family love can often turn into emotional blackmail - which is used within families all the time and it's a terrible thing. So, when Ellie tells Chuck "you should have told me, I'm your sister" in stead of covering for Awesome - for which he had a legitimate reason, that makes their bond so love-filled and yet so emotionally blackmailish it actually saddened me. Yup, personal time. You know, "if you love me, you'll take out the trash" sort of a thing).

    Anyhow, back to lazy writing.

    Much worse was yet to come.

    Chuck is trapped in the OR with the bad guy. Check. Comic chase ensues. Check. They get flooded with laughing gas. OK. Now, here comes the best part: They both remain lucid and have a stoned conversation at the same time; within that conversation, the second in comand of Al Quaida gives the exact wherabouts of Osama Bin Laden. Yup, that's how it's done, folks. Forget the bribes and the satellites - just use laughing gas and some friendly clever conversation.

    Now, most of you will think I'm being picky or ridiculous. Well, fine, to each his own. But I strongly believe that no matter what genre the series is, it should avoid the pitfalls of lazy writing because it diminishes the series. There is no reason why Chuck writers couldn't come up with decent explanations and decent plotline ties. They are certainly capable of it - for example, the "agent Carmichael" gag Awesome uses to contact the general was - awesome, no doubt.

    All in all, a fine episode, but the writers should shape up. Dangling Tricia Helfer before me helps but doesn't make the bad parts go away.moreless

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    Agent Alex Forrest is sent in to take of Chuck

    By vman85, Mar 31, 2009

    Beckman fears that Sarah's personally affection for our boy Chuck is getting in the way of their work, so she pulls a 49-B. Special Agent Alex Forest (Guess Star Tricia Helfer) is sent to evaluate Sarah's performance as Chuck's handler. Wow we now have 2 HOT blondes on the show; Okay Tricia is only in this episode anyway Beckman sends Chuck, Casey and Alex to the hospital to check out a patient who may be a terrorist leader's right-hand man. If he is, they'll slip a bug in his pacemaker and use him as a human listening device. The Doctor, Doctor Scene was freaking hilarious, now all they need is a surgeon's key card cue Devon, Alex is up for tranqing him but Chuck has other Ideas. Chuck decides that getting Awesome drunk at his very own bachelor party and pinching the card beats Alex is Idea. When Casey's pick-pocketing skills don't help that's when Alex, wait for it comes in as a stripper. Officer Naughty gets to work on Awesome but he doesn't budge which leaves Forrest to tranq him instead. Chuck didn't like that one bit and wants Sarah back in, the trouble is Alex is evaluation of her got her terminated from Team B. But before she left she did all so naughty thing in breaking government rules and searching for Chuck's dad, how sweet. Jeff seems to always get the best one liners during the striptease "I broke eight and half commandments on my way to work today" Oh God couldn't stop after that. The bug is placed, and all seems well until the Doc does a bug scan on the patient. He sends his men over to Awesome's apartment to get him to take out the bug, and Chuck takes his place. Sarah couldn't stay away from the Chuckster so she popped back to give him a letter but realized that Chuck was missing and stormed into the O.O and figured out where he could be, Kudos for Casey standing up to Alex saying she is the best partner he's ever worked with. But the doc shuts himself, Chuck and the patient in vault. He tries to kill Chuck, and Chuck sprays nitrous oxide in his face, which gives them both the giggles. They bond, Chuck gets the location of the Big Bad Terrorist out of him, and Sarah rescues Chuck. Back at the Castle Chuck makes his plea with the General about his relationship with Sarah who has one incy Winnie little surprise for him; Sarah has tracked down Chuck's father and head-off to the middle of no where, where they see a trailer and when Chuck knocks a door opens, Chuck: "Dad"moreless

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    Sarah is replaced by another handler because Gen. Beckman decides its time for a 49B. Alex the new female handler is a Casey clone without the heart and she and the team have to implant a bug in the heart of a terrorist. Awesome has his bachelor party.

    By jyarter, Mar 31, 2009

    It seems that Chuck has come to the point of feeling he must confide in his sister. Based on his life story his sister is the only person he has been able to rely on and it may be time for him to let her in on what is going on just to shake things up even more. Maybe this will be the angst that replaces the Sarah/Chuck piece going forward?

    The secondary plot about the bachelor's party at the Buy More (How does this store survive everything that goes on there?) was pretty lame. As if Chuck doesn't have enough in his life screwing things up Jeffster takes pictures even after they are told not to and gets Awesome in trouble with Ellie. You could see that whole plot coming from a mile away by the way. Pretty predictable. I actually found myself feeling sorry for "Captain Awesome" by the time they were done.

    The major plot had trouble written all over it even more than usual. With Alex calling the shots the chances are everything they built up over the last year or so would be torn down in a few weeks. Her shoot first ask questions later attitude just does not fit in the plot of Chuck episodes. With Casey it is cute as he is tempered by Sarah and Chuck at this point. There is also a synergy with the team that really does not work without one of them. Chuck from the spy side of things is Chuck, Sarah, and Casey and would not work without one of them in the chemistry. As they decided in the end, it is because they care about each other that their situation works. It is truly amazing how much Casey's character really plays an important role. He is a man of a few words but things would not work without him at all. Sort of like the base bedrock where everything stands.

    I was disappointed with the first half of this episode but the second half made a major comeback. The first half did not seem like an episode of Chuck for some reason. I guess General Beckman and the NSA has taken over. We never see Sarah's boss from the CIA anymore.

    Next week with Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase looks great. Thanks for reading...moreless

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    With the Sarah Chuck dynamic, you were sure that eventually their relationship would be called into question. This episode hit the emotional tones that you would expect from it and really delivered.

    By BadShot978, Mar 31, 2009

    This specific episode had a clear plan with what they wanted to do and they were perfect with it. The scenes with Sarah by herself held power even though she wouldn't say a word. Even the extra storyline regarding Ellie and Awesome's relationship was amazing. In this episode every single moment seemed great. I loved to see a stoned Chuck and it definetly reinforced my desire for a third season. It was great to see Sarah finally starting to accept her feelings for Chuck. And even at the end you start to see how she can see that her feelings actually can help her in their current situation.moreless

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