Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

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    An intense, fun, strong and perfect episode.

    By kingbasil, Nov 09, 2011

    Chuck season four started nicely and follwed the story of Chuck's mother and Chuck and Sarah's relation until episode 4, episode 5; Chuck vs the chouch lock is a change of direction and intensity. It gave us a deep view into Casey's character and past. It starts off in Iran where Casey led a team to do a mission there and his team saw piles of gold and his disapproved to share them so they turned against him but he kicked their butts real hard. Then the story connects with Chuck's mom and how they areminvolved, so the mission is to lure them and the only way is to Fake Casey's death!

    Overall, the episode is great and funny and ends very well.

    Hope Chuck stays on for more seasons and gets the appreciation it deserves.moreless

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    Weak episode

    By OrsonWright, Jun 17, 2011

    This episode was a little weak and not very engaging. I would have expected the fake funeral to be funnier, and more exciting, but the storyline was rather predictable and not very fun. I'm glad Morgan finally told Casey he was dating his daughter... the subplot in this episode was alright but not great. I was also glad Chuck finally found out his mom is the bad guy's "boss", though the call from her at the end came out of nowhere. Hopefully, now that she has made contact, the season will improve, since it has been rather lacklustre thus far.moreless

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    Only those words from Morgan could bring a father out of couch lock.

    By BrushYourTeeth, Mar 04, 2011

    I'm a completely biased reviewer, I'll say that right now, because I have and always will love this show. Every week I enjoy the crap out the new Chuck episode. This week was no different, besides the fact that I thought it was the best of the season so far.

    The Casey and Morgan confrontation about Alex has been in the works for awhile now and the scene absolutely didn't disappoint. I had to pause the show before I could keep watching after Morgan spilled the beans.

    It was nice to see this episode lose the constant Chuck-Sarah relationship problems that have been the focus of the first few episodes. I mean I didn't hate them, but it was nice for there not to be a crisis in their dating for once.

    As with previous episodes dealing with Casey's history, like the one where we met his sensai/trainer, there was lots of great material. Despite his lack of words, he has always been such a strong presence on the show. The part where Jeff intercepts the phone call and him and Lester pick up Casey was great. Their two awkward conversations AT Casey were just as funny. As usual, I love how they find a way to implement secondary characters into the spy parts.

    Casey's old gang was utilized to an extent, but I felt there could have been just a little more with them. It didn't hurt that there wasn't.

    The final scene in the bunker with the gold was priceless, with Morgan's surrender and his subsequent plan to save them all taking the cake. It was nice to see Casey help Morgan with Alex and his line, "If you break her heart, I break your...everything," was the icing on the cake.

    I understand Chuck's reasons to feel like he needs to give up on his mission to track down his mother, but I was wondering how he was going to get pulled back into to...and then THE phone call. Perfect timing, no?

    Great episode, can't wait for next weeks'!moreless

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