Chuck Versus the Curse

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  • 7.5

    despite the plot holes and predicatability was enjoyable

    By ltcomstella, Dec 18, 2011

    yes the limo with the awesomes being locked then suddenly open was daft, also when they realised they where in the crapper why didn't they ring up chuck and sarah ? COMMON SENCE !

    yes morgan is bit annoying but he is better with out the intersect...

    alex is acting like a brat, with all the secrets her dad holds she blames morgan/ and dumps him ? bit hypoctritical... now in this ep she is maybe starting to realise her mistake ?

    i agree the virus was over done for dramatic affect yet no one except chuck noticed.. and this virus was aimed at getting shaw out, seems like a lot of fall out just for that and i suppose it can cover his tracks too.

    as for robin a typical bully scenario she can dish it out but can't take it, cheesy doesn't even come close to that...


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  • 0.5

    Worst episode ever

    By SoWErA-SE, Dec 17, 2011

    What a crappy episode what were the producer doing sleeping on the job while on drugs???

    First the car that steal the woodcumbs is locked but then in the next scene they just jump out of it as if it wasn't. Another thing is a CIA agent wouldn't just shoot somebody in the CIA like this I don't care what they trying to do.

    And like a computer virus would just make all screens look red that's bullshit as well as the idea of the virus unless it was and AI virus but it still wouldn't look like that.

    and I am so fucking sick of Morgan on the show being so stupid and that they made Chuck as stupid this ep made it even worse.moreless

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