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    Prism Express

    By UnpackingChuck, Oct 06, 2014

    The PC model that Chuck must diffuse in the final episode, and the manner in which he describes diffusing it, serve as a metaphor for circumventing Sarah's defenses in the final episode. More on this controlling metaphor and many other elements of the finale arc imply that Chuck and Sarah are going to be fine. The biggest problem with the episode was the steep climb Sarah had to make in the last few minutes. There were so many loose ends to tie up for so many characters that even the extra time devoted to the Castle Couple made Sarah's ultimate decision to trust Chuck a tad rushed.

    G. Walter Bushmoreless

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    Wow, Hard to watch ending, but a brilliant show

    By chucnsara, Jul 14, 2014

    Chuck, what a show, I don't think I've seen better on Netflix, only one with similar class, but very different show is the Danish 'The Bridge' (10). I watched Chuck earlier this year {2014} and sorry I didn't discover it years ago. Although many of the comedic references are quite contemporary overall it has the quality to last and last. I could watch almost any episode again tomorrow. Believe me that is very unusual for me.

    Yvonne was excellent ( This lady can really act not just the action scenes her tender moments are breath taking ). Zachary is superb . why this guy doesn't get more top roles I don't know.

    The writing is top notch and I would strongly recommend to anyone with a heart, a mind and/or a soul. At its core this is a love story, don't worry not too soppy, and as far as I am concerned you can add Chuck and Sarah to the list of greats, Elizabeth and Darcy, Cathy and Heathcliff, Juliet and Romeo etc, etc.

    For a comedy the dramatic moments were excellent, I watched all 5 series in 2 weeks. At the end of the final episode I was so 'disturbed and distressed' that I watched them all again. The heart felt connection is that strong. I think the Netflix format really suits a program like Chuck where you can experience it in 'real time'.

    The music choices with the episodes are also top notch, I think 'rivers and roads' for the final scenes are perfect. It made me think that life is about the journey not the destination. If my experience is typical this show should come with a warning that once it's in your head it's very hard to shift. I found myself going for long walks replaying and analysing scenes in my head. No show before or since has quite had the same effect for so long.

    I think my favourite music / scene is Nina Simone's Feeling good at end of S3/14.. Perfect. There are so many classic moments lines ( I'd recommend reading quotes section on this website for a refresher.. ( Chuckfix ).

    I would love more Chuck but the problem is clearly that the lead characters need to settle down, have a family, it's their time and this isn't the 'Chuck' we all know and love. Sarah can't take this punishment forever and stay so stunning that's just not real.

    I think a movie maybe set 5 to 10 years in the future 2 small kids. Ordinary life then maybe an old enemy returns, ( Hopefully not Shaw .. Yawn/Yawn ) and the family is threatened, , the kids are in danger and the Family goes ' on the Lam ' This would allow them to travel to different places, meet old friends, Casey, Grimes, Beckman, Ellie. Mary, Sarah's Dad etc. Plenty of scope for action scenes. I think we all yearn to see that it worked out the way we wanted ( needed ).

    More like chuck please.


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    Terrible ending

    By Jumoke, Jun 29, 2014

    The show is one of the best I have watched ever.... The ending was terrible and disappointing. Left us guessing. Making me wish I never started watching it in the first place.... Except there will be a season 6.

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    It leaves you wanting more, but that's exactly what it should do

    By mcgahee05mvp, Feb 25, 2014

    I was an avid viewer of the show "Chuck" during it's first 3 seasons, but because of changes in my life, I fell out of touch with the 4th and 5th seasons. It was only after watching Yvonne Strahovski in "Dexter" did I decide to watch the entire series on Netflix from the beginning to the end. I remembered after the first episode why this was one of the few shows I made a point to watch; it was fun, sexy and hilarious. The acting was tremendous, and all of the characters show a depth of character I've never seen in a television show before or after the show's run on NBC. When I came to the last episode, I hesitated to watch it, because I had grown to love the show, and not having another episode to watch beyond it seemed to be bothersome.

    I have loved the Chuck and Sarah dynamic throughout the series, from handler/asset to spy partners and eventually to husband and wife. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah was only made to look and feel so real because the chemistry between Zachary Levi and Strahovski was incredible. This is what fans have grown to love as the series has had it's bumps in the road of this fictitious relationship. This is what made the final episode so hard to swallow for so many, but not for me.

    The show followed these two through all of their trials and tribulations, seeing them eventually fall in love with each other and look beyond their dangerous careers as spies. But they are spies as we all know, and that is a life of great danger and unknown consequences. This is why the show needed to end the way it did.

    Sarah and Chuck knew the dangers of the spy life, that's why they wanted to be done with it, but with one cruel twist, the life they had built together over 5 years was torn apart in 5 minutes. Will they ever be the same? Will Sarah remember how she felt about Chuck? Will they ever be truly back to where they were when they wanted a life together that didn't include spying? These are the questions that fans of the show may never know the answers to (save for a possible movie, which has been loosely rumored), but isn't that the ultimate goal of the writers? We grew to know Chuck and Sarah in the confines of their spy life, while everyone around them in the show was left in the dark about what was really going on (save for those that eventually found out). Isn't it only fitting that as Chuck and Sarah embark on rebuilding their lives together, without the spy life, that we, the fans, are left in the dark about the outcome?

    I loved the final episode and love the final scene between Chuck and Sarah. Everything in their life to that point came full circle, only this time it was Chuck asking for Sarah's trust. What better way for a story to end than one that suggests happier times still to come? I for one am happy with the end, even though it leaves me wanting more of the great acting from Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancaster, Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky. There might be other great shows on television, but none will ever hold a place in my TV heart like Chuck does.

    Now I just hope the rumors of a possible movie are true, to get 1 more chance to see everyone together again...moreless

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  • 8.5

    My favourite tv show ends...but not the way I would have liked it to happen

    By dempy19, Feb 16, 2013

    I loved the season finale because it brought back memories of why I started loving the show in the first place. all the little glimpses of the past and the comedic parts with Morgan really showed that the writers didn't forget how to write a great script! like many others I fell in love with Sarah the first time she walked into the buy more ( Yvonne is sooo stunning, gotta love her).

    Because I started watching chuck when it was near the end of the third season, I just went though the available episodes within a couple days. the show kept me up till 5-6 am because the plot and amazingness of this show were perfect. like many others I was constantly on edge waiting for Chuck and Sarah to get together...and until season 3 episode 12, which was probably the best episode in my opinion, the writers kept tempting our minds to think that its finally gonna happen. anyways getting back to the subject of the finale, at the end of the first half where Sarah says bye to Chuck I finally had that feeling I had all the way through to s03e12. The feeling that you must find out what happens next and see how they get back together!

    Throughout the last hour of my favourite show, they just kept stalling that moment of reuniting the two of them and I was getting anxious because there was like 5 min left and its still not happening :( even though Chuck and Sarah are kissing in the final scene...and even though there were signs that Sarah was remembering things from the still didn't cut it, and I was deeply disappointed. yes we can probably guess that in time Sarah will remember her past with Chuck, and that they will live happily ever after...but since we didn't get to see it ourselves, I feel as though @tvnut77 said it best stating we've been left unsatisfied.

    I will definitely miss this show very much, and am more than likely to watch the five seasons over again some time in the future...but I will always miss the missions and comedy that the cast of Chuck enlightened us with for the five seasons of this great show.moreless

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    Chuck vs. Magical kissed

    By chuckorion, Feb 01, 2013

    Chuck Fan Fiction Alternate Ending

    Hey I wrote Alternate ending because most of Chuck fans don't like the Series 5 ending so, I made an extended scene for proper ending of the series. This may be 5- 7 minutes. You can make whole scene in your mind. Hope you like it. Unfortunately I am not good in English and especially in dialogues and script writing. So it will be welcome if someone modifies the sentences and grammar and expressions. Please post your comments that you like or not.


    The next day after Chuck and Sarah's magical kissed


    Inside the Castle, Chuck is walking down from stairs holding a plastic guitar, is sad and broken hearted. He sat on conference room door playing the plastic guitar. At that time Morgan entering castle and saying

    Morgan: " Chuck, Chuck, I need you help for surprise plan to propose Ale....... , Chuck What happened ?"

    Chuck : " It's gone , It's all gone , The kissed didn't worked , In the morning I found , she was not in the home, she left me, everyone is going to leave me , I am an aloof "

    Morgan: " Come on Chuck, Don't think like that, I am with you, I am sure we will find Sarah. Wait Alex is calling me. I am just right back".

    Morgan is going to outside suddenly door open and Sarah entered in to Castle.

    Morgan (with joy): "Well, Well"

    Sarah: "Morgan, will you give us few minutes please, I need to talk with Chuck ".

    Morgan leaves the castle. Sarah is coming toward Chuck who is heartbroken playing plastic guitar in the floor of Conference room. When Sarah saw this situation, she remembers this situation when she first confessed her love to Chuck.

    (Flashback scene in black white color we saw S3.13, Chuck was sitting holding his plastic guitar and Sarah sit in front of him)

    When Sarah remembered these moments, she put her hand to her neck (in her usual way). Then she came near to Chuck and sit in from him in same style as in S3.13. Just think all the expression and dialogue are happening in same way as it happened in S3.13, Chuck vs. Other Guy)

    Chuck: "Ok, I know what I look like; I was so stupid that believe in fairy

    Sarah: "Chuck, it's

    Chuck: "I though magical kissed work, you will remember everything. We will go to be

    Sarah: "You are a good guy, Chuck"

    Chuck:" I get it, I know you came here for you bag pack, your guns, you can take whatever you want from our home. But I ask you a question, really important question that I like to asked you again, is that Ok, just once for a record, Sarah, Do you still love me?"

    Emotions came on Sarah's face and her eyes. But she just keeps silence.

    Chuck: "I am a nerd who is holding a fake guitar, like I use fake guns; this is making me complete fool, isn't there.

    Sarah: "Yes"

    Chuck: "Should try to behave like real spy"

    Sarah (smiling): "Chuck! Yes ".

    Sarah "Chuck, I always love you, even before the magical kissed. After that my memory is recovering, I think kissed worked, so Yes,

    (Just imagine similar scene as S3.13, "Chuck vs. other Guy". They smiled and kissed.

    Chuck: "Wait, wait, why you left me in the morning?"

    Sarah: "I was feeling not well, so I went for checkup and I found out that I am pregnant with your child, that's the greatest news I ever heard. I was lying and trying to run away from my self but I couldn't, I have feeling for you means our loved never changes, I am still your Sarah".

    They smiled, at that time Ellie and Mary came inside the castle with some conversation, behind them Awesome carrying the baby Clara after him Morgan and Alex.

    Awesome: "Look, he is sitting here playing with plastic guitar even Clara don't play with that"

    Ellie:" Chuck, Devon and I am going now, we are coming here for good bye, but I am promise we will keep in touch"

    Mary: "I know Ellie, unlike me, she can't live without family, and I know she will back to you Chuck"

    Finally Casey entered into Castle and Alex saw him and said,

    Alex: "Dad".

    Casey: "I got message from Verbanski, She is in Paris, there is something unusual she founds there, I talked with General Beckman. She calls us in conference

    Morgan: "Oh my God, Jeffster is going to perform their first show in Paris"

    General Beckman on screen and saw everyone is there.

    Beckman: "It good to see you all"

    Awesome: "Isn't that awesome".

    Beckman: "Casey may be told you about the Verbanski message. She sent us this photo. It could be possible that Ring is reorganizing there. "

    She shows a photo which makes Chuck flashes.

    Beckman:" I need Team Bartowski to go on mission and give me full report".

    Chuck: "Wow, Team Bartowski is back, new mission, Sarah; we are going to Paris again" .

    Cuddling with Sarah

    Ellie: " Sarah, no mission, no spy thing, you need to take rest completely till the baby will born,"

    Mary:" Sarah, If you want a mission , I assign you a mission that remember everything during that time by friends, photos anything If you failed , just remember , I am a trained assassin"

    Sarah smiled and kissed Chuck.

    Sarah (smiling): "Noted".

    Morgan: "Then who will replace Sarah?"

    Alex:" Me"

    Morgan and Casey both at the same time "No, It's too dangerous"

    Alex: "Why not, If my father and boyfriend can do spy things why not me? Also I know how to defend

    Mary: "I will become her handler and will train her ".

    Alex (jokingly): "I am sure at least I will become a better spy than Chuck"

    Chuck (fake anger to Alex): "Excuse me".

    Suddenly main screen is disturbing,

    General Beckman: "what is happening to the communication, Chuck do you read me?"

    Everyone doesn't know what is happening. Then there is a message on main screen


    Casey: "Bartowski senior"?

    Mary (Shockingly): "Steve?"

    Ellie (Shockingly): "Dad?"

    Everybody is shocked and looking to the Chuck. Then smile (Typical Chuck's smile) appear on Chuck face.

    (Black screen with song Teddy bears Mad Cobra Cobra style)

    "My style is di bom digi bom di deng di deng digigi you you?


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  • 8.5

    The Ring was sooo amateur..

    By PupungLesmana, Oct 04, 2012

    Does anyone remembered that the ex-fulcrum guy in the plane was saying?? The Ring was so amateur. So there will be a "no-amateur" than the ring right?. Just my thought, heheheheh....

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  • 9.0

    something's missing...

    By bwayne, Jul 13, 2012

    i've watched this final episode hoping for a season 6... they still haven't form a child. and the ending is bad!

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    Liked the episode...very emotional. Just couldn't help feeling cheated when the end credits begin to roll :(

    By CharmedOneP391, Jun 09, 2012

    I love Chuck.I love this episode...just NOT as a Series Finale. I love all the seasons for different reasons and I love all the "Possible Series Finales" for different reasons.

    2x22-Chuck Versus The Ring

    3x13-Chuck Versus The Other Guy

    3x19-Chuck Versus The Ring, Part 2

    4x13-Chuck Versus The Push Mix

    4x24-Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger

    All of these episodes could've served as both Series Finales and Season Finales, being written to do so. But this one? Felt like it was leading into a film. "Chuck versus The Big Screen?"

    So when Chuck Versus The Goodbye actually came around to air..I couldn't help but feel cheated.

    -They removed Sarah's memories of the Past 5 seasons with Chuck

    -They removed any character development Sarah has made over the course of the show


    The writers apparently didn't want to end the show with a cliche' or deux ex Machina, even though Chuck is kind of known to be cliche. Why not end the show with Chuck & Sarah together no doubts? Hoping for a movie? I don't know..

    Listen I enjoyed the episode, I laughed, I cried(a lot, thanks writers=p) it's just...hard not to feel cheated by what (doesn't) happen. Even though the final few minutes make it seem Sarah and Chuck are together, (They're still legally married) the show doesn't end on a definite note regarding what the show has been revolving around since the Pilot, which is Chuck and Sarah's relationship.moreless

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