Chuck Versus the Leftovers

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    Chuck's mom is back, with a 'boyfriend'.

    By mulderscully09, Aug 26, 2011

    I really liked this week's episode. I don't really have anything bad to say about it, just that this season is getting better after each week.

    Again, the dynamic between Adam Baldwin and mister Joshua Gomez is getting to its high point, finally. I feel that the writers are exploiting it in the best way they can: by putting those two in dangerous and funny situations together.

    The relationship between Chuck and Sarah go to the point of very high cuteness. Which brings me to the reason why I didn't give this episode a perfect score: we need some angst between those two, everybody knows nobody is that perfect in a relationship and even with the writers throwing them some awkward moments, I think the necessity for some big argument is coming to a breaking point.

    I love that Awesome took the chance and made it all better for Ellie, since she's pregnant and everything. Chuck's gotta deal with his spy stuff and try his best to not let his sister get involved. I totally agree with Awesome when he talked to Chuck about all the danger they were in when he brought his mother and Volkoff to the Thanksgiving leftover dinner. Oh, and AWESOME plot this one with Volkoff. All in all, a great episode with a great ending. 1 or 11? Aces, Charles. Fantastic.moreless

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    Great episode why are they not showing the next epsiode next monday it says on janurary 15 2011 will the 11th episode why?

    By NikhilMalhotr, Feb 19, 2011

    Great episode one of the best eipsode chuck should returned for season 5 please everybody support chuck he is awesome

    plz writer of chuck plz make na another season.In the next season they shuld somehow make llie a spy. As far as Spy Comedy shows go, Chuck is considered among the top series on TV and it looks as though today's episode will please loyal fans of the show who've been tuning in since it first premiered in September 24 2007. It's the day after Thanksgiving and Chuck faces the most awkward of family reunions when mom comes over for dinner – along with the dangerous Alexei Volkoff. Back at the Buy More, Morgan deals with the busiest shopping day of the year as Jeff and Lester hatch their latest scheme.moreless

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    Is Timothy Dolton the perfect choice for Volkoff or what? Awesome episode!

    By mightymongoose, Feb 19, 2011

    Well it looks as though this was the last episode of the year and I have to say that I am glad it finished this part of the season on a high. The last four episodes of this season have been great and judging by the ratings this week it seems that people are finally starting to catch on. In this episode we see the return of Mary Bartowski and Alexi Volkoff, and as to be expected of actors of their caliber, their performances were top notch. Timothy Dolton in particular played Volkoff perfectly and he is fast becoming my favourite bad guy ever to grace Chuck. He was great in Chuck vs the First Fight as Tuttle and we only got a glimpse of the ruthless Volkoff at the end but in this episode we truly get a feel for him as a character. His eccentricity is perfectly written and only adds credit to his ruthless reputation.

    As for Linda Hamilton, it was nice to get a little more insight into her character in this episode. We see a little more that maybe she is telling the truth when she says that she only wants to protect Chuck and Ellie but I can't help but doubt that she is still one of the good guys. She is the moral grey character that is adding a great deal of depth to this fourth season and I am loving the direction the writers are taking her.

    There wasn't much of a Buy More plot this week save for a the brief outings of Jeffster once more as they crack a new hair brained scheme. To be honest I was not even sure they were needed at all this episode as Morgan and Casey (and of course Volkoff doing charades) seemed perfectly capable of handling the comedy in this episode. Their blossoming partnership is one of the real successes that has come out of Morgan learning Chuck's secret.

    Finally the intersect story line. I was a little disappointed with this but not so much because it was a weak story line, but more because it was not quite attention grabbing enough to cover this month and a half break the show is taking. I was hoping for some really exciting upgrade to carry us through the Christmas period but it seems that we will have to be left with the a simple flash of the intersect 2.0.

    I have no doubt that Ellie solving some neurological problem with the intersect will somehow bring about the intersect upgrade. The mention of memory in this episode lends credit to the idea that once he has flashed once on a subject he might now be able to retain that information for the future. So now that he has said those Matrix inspired words again he might mean them this time. All in all a great episode leaving me excited for January 17th, more so because I know that the show will be looking to start winding up some story lines at this point as this season was only supposed to get 13 episodes before they got the extension. So we know that the show is really going to pick up the pace, even though that has not been a flaw with it this season. Merry Christmas Chuck, looking forward to seeing you in the New Year.moreless

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    Volkoff returns to reclaim Mary Bartowski, who arranges to crash Ellie's Thanksgiving Dinner in order to protect Chuck and Sarah; the Russian also claims Jeff and Lester in his raid on the Buy More.

    By kansasfan5, Feb 19, 2011

    This episode was the grittiest, most gripping week of Chuck ever, and so well done in spots that it makes up for any imperfections!! When Volkoff comes calling for Mrs. B, she is forced to invite him to dinner, to solve the threat of his blowing up the Buy More, upon his revelation that he is in love with her, and upon his threatening to kill Chuck and Sarah. She also has to confess that Chuck is her son, and Ellie her daughter, which makes for an incredibly tense dinner scene, following an incredibly tense invasion of the Buy More, all of which were acted and written incredibly by all involved! The threats made by Volkoff were so intense and realistic, congratulations are in order for Timothy Dalton, perhaps THE BEST actor of anyone on the show to date, while the maternal protectiveness conveyed by Linda Hamilton was nearly as well-played - I would have liked to see more serious acting by Zach in the face of all of this tension, but he covered his part as usual, and his prformance wasn't flawed. The surrounding cast of Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Beckman, and the Buymorians also played extremely well.

    The conclusion of Chuck entering the final password on the Roarke 7/Intersect was a welcome relief after the last three great episodes, and his quote of "I know Kung Fu....again!" was Chucking fantastic! Awesome! I'm hoping it's a better interect, maybe a 3.0 or 4.0, but it is enough that Chuck can resume his superspy status alongside his ladylove and male-mentor. Ellie looked ravishing this episode, and her character was instrumental to the scripting of the show, while Devon was also a key player in protecting Chuck's secrets as in Season 3. Just a Chucktastic show that should carry us over until mid-January, nicely.moreless

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