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  • 9.0

    Chuck at its best! Happy ending?

    By rei_vilo, May 12, 2011

    This is an episode with everything we like about the Chuck series with that special mix of action, fun and romance. We were waiting for this for a long time!

    Now, the big and difficult question: should this episode be considered as the perfect happy ending for the series?

    It has all the arcs ended: bad guy arrested, Mom freed, baby delivered, Chuck and Sarah engaged, Morgan in love, Casey fine, BuyMore geeks ousted.

    I suggest the show to be stopped now in order to avoid any later disappointment.

    Please, don't over-react and avoid rating this review negatively! IMHO, this is a real question worth considering. Other series were stopped after some seasons. I rather prefer a short and good show than a lengthy and average show. What do you think?moreless

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  • 10

    Best episode so far!!

    By LauraMooney8, May 01, 2011

    Absolutely brilliant - i was hooked all the way through the episode.

    New twists and turns in unexpected places.

    Great balance between action, comedy and awesome chuckness.

    Sarah and Mrs Bartowski work inside of Volkoff to find the Hydra network, both expressing a grown bond between the two, which is great. I especially love the bit when Sarah comes back and rescue's Mary. Also the times when Mary tells Sarah that she is leaving as she doesnt want sarah to become her is brill.

    The funny moments undoubtabley come from Morgan in a variety of ways. One is when he keeps on the flippers and is running - which looked hilarious, another would be when he tackles the lasers, also when they used their bathroom as "hell".

    Iloved how this episode showed how clever chuck was and what a great spy he actually is. Through the use of Orion (which i loved, and was good when it turned out to be Chuck). Also with getting the code from Volkoff, which was great, and no bullets in the gun - Brilliant.

    One of my favourite moments was when Chuck opened the door and it was Beckman, i didnt expect that, and i absolutely loved it, also when she gave him a chopper - classic.

    Finally i loved the final scenes, when casey and sarah meet, along with mary entering the room to ellie, but my fav was the proposal - it was brilliant and i didnt expect it.

    If it was the end of a series i would have been happy with the end, but now it isnt, im just happy to see how the series pans out.moreless

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  • 9.5

    A marvelously executed, fitting would-be finale to one of the few best shows TV has to offer.

    By Theseanstaa, Apr 04, 2011

    If there were any hints of Chuck's deterioration before, they were all washed away in this episode.

    For what was possibly a series finale, I can say I'm proud to have been a part of Chuck since its beginnings, and I would die a happy man right there. But now, my thoughts of suicide over a TV show have passed, and now for the review.

    Chuck's underlying plan, while a bit risky in the show's tastes, was brilliantly paced and shot, and while I was sad to see Alexei written off with more a whimper than a bang, it was fun while it lasted. Morgan has grown so far from just last season alone. It amazes me how he's much farther along than Chuck was at that point, dodging lasers with his yoga. Hilarious. Admittedly, I already knew almost all of what was going to happen (Alexei's capture, Ellie has the baby, etc,) but the last few seconds shocked me, as I'd been so confirmed based on the sneak preview, that I didn't see it coming. Well done, writers.

    So Chuck returns next week, with another 11 episodes, (and a possible 5th season?) Which I will enjoy every second of.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Slightly uneven, but with some really great Crowning Moments of Awesome.

    By GreyMinerva, Apr 04, 2011

    Ok, I'll start with the bad bits so I can wax eloquent about the really, really good bits afterwards: Jeffster. Please spare me. While Jeff and Lester can be great fun at times, I found the whole scene distasteful, unfunny and malapropos (as in: it stuck out like a sore thumb and didn't fit into the flow of the show).

    The birth - not THAT bad, just your average unrealistic TV birth. ;) Although I guess Chuck isn't the sort of show I watch for realistic injuries and believable birthscenes anyway. The great bits:

    Chuck out-agenting (yes, I made up this word) Sarah and Mommy Dearest. Brilliant - he had a plan and he followed through; just like Brian Boitano'd do. :D

    It was great to see him coming into his own, planning, executing a complex plan and doing an excellent acting job without any visible signs of nervousness; the Chuck of old would have stuttered and sweated bullets.

    I really loved it when he opened the door, doing the "coolly understated" thing with his "Will this suffice?" - two thumbs up, Chuck!

    The Proposal - which was just perfect, a wonderfully impulsive and unchoreographed move that was Just Right, and I LOVED that they zoomed out and muted the sound, giving us a glimpse of this very private moment but not doing any invasive closeups. Minor bits of absolute loveliness/coolness/funniness:

    Casey and Alex, admitting and affirming their growing bond as father and daugher - short and sweeeet. Captain Awesome totally losing his cool in the heat of the moment, and the ├╝bercool response team summoned by his desperate text. All in all a very good episode, despite a few scenes that I felt fitted badly with the overall smooth flow of the story.

    It's interesting to see how Chuck has grown throughout the series, both as a character and as the actor behind it; Chuck Bartowski, in the body of Zachary Levi, has gone from overgrown puppyish boy to a mature young man, and it's been a good, steady progression, a believable, growing maturity.

    Well done, people - I'd say you made a REALLY good casting choice back when. :Dmoreless

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