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    As the captain of captains would say...AWESOME!

    By mmmshuddup, Nov 05, 2011

    Wow, if this isn't one of the best episodes of all time for all shows then I don't know what is!! I just saw the season finale of vampire diaries ('s true haha) and didn't think anything would top that until maybe Lost comes out (which remains to be seen)..but this definitely just topped Vampire Diaries!! Although, truth be told it's a bit difficult to compare the two series as they are two distinct world.

    Either way! :O

    You know first I wasn't a big fan of Bryce but that guy really came through.. Sad to see him go now =(..never thought I would taste THOSE words. It's bittersweet haha.

    And then the miraculous happened. "I know kung fu." HAHAHAHA that was SO awesome! I have to watch that scene again. That is all.moreless

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    Chuck vs. the season finale (hopefully not the series finale!)

    By SMGslayer97, Sep 05, 2011

    Most certainly a very solid B+, I don't give it an A only because I'm not totally pleased with the Chuck Sarah resolution...or lack their of that we got season finale or not.

    Chuck was finally free to live a normal life, he had his father back and safe, no more intersect and it even looked like he would get the girl of his dreams to boot...I didn't actually suspect he would be rid of the intersect for long I mean that was a little obvious but not so obvious that it wrecked the entire episode.

    I was a little displeased with what they did with Chuck/Sarah aka the same thing they've been doing with them since the show began. They take two steps forward and twenty steps back. I realize that it's a part of the show at this point and it by no means should be easy to get them together, I like a challenge but come on already! He wants her, she wants him, they're making out, the intersect is gone and Sarah wants to stay with him and then that's it? I mean if this is the season finale they obviously have a chance to expand on that and maybe finally give them so real momentum, if they have the stones that is, but if it is the series finale ouch! What a way to leave it. Assuming it's not they can't just keep going back and forth with Chuck and Sarah till the day the show ends it already feels way to drawn out and like they're just intentionally finding ways to keep them apart without really putting the effort in the actual reasons (angst for the sake of angst). Enjoyed so much that they brought Bryce back although I must admit I had a feeling they might be doing it just to kill him off, once again though knowing that didn't ruin it in any way. Very great to see him again and they used his small cameo well and gave him a very character appropriate ending.

    Good surprise ending! After a slew of semi-predictable moments, again it didn't bother me that they were predictable but it was nice to just get a cold hold slap in the face surprise. I mean Chuck me! Bartowski kicked some serious butt, about time man! All these months and it never occurred to anyone that he maybe could use a spot of combat training? CIA and the NSA aren't very bright are they? But hey he's got some skill now let's just hope they don't cop out on it in some way. Actually if we're hopeful for anything let it be that the show gets renewed already!!!moreless

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    Best episode ever!!!

    By maniik, Sep 05, 2011

    This episode of Chuck is the best one ever. It is the finale of season 2 and it couldn't have ended better. When Chuck said "Guys, I know Kung-Fu" I was so excited and I was really looking for some more of that Kung-Fu in season 3. However I must say that the actor could learn some better Kung-Fu because his moves were not as awesome as I could imagine. However it was a great idea to "install" a new intersect into his brain with these new features that affect his behaviour and abilities. It is just the best episode ever.moreless

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    One of the greatest episodes of any show on television ever

    By exterminator25, Sep 05, 2011

    Now THATS how you do a finale. From Jeffster performing at the wedding whilst intercutting to a huge fight, you know this episode's pulling out all the stops. Chuck and Casey both quit the buy more, with Chuck determined on a bright intersectless future. But with the return of Ted Roark, that won't happen. Gotta love Scott Bakula "I've waited 20 years to do that" One review mentioned that this episode has so much concentrated awesome that it may be illegal in some states. He wasn't wrong. And thats all before the final scene. The Ring have killed Bryce, got Casey, Chuck and Sarah at gunpoint. Chucks accepted is destiny and has downloaded the new intersect. He flashes, and takes out the army with kung fu! Nuff saidmoreless

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    Just Awesome !!

    By Yasser-24, Sep 01, 2011

    what an epoide it' camt be any more awesome than this it's was brillernt and very heartbreaking epoide ( chuck & sarah ) , and Morgan was great , and the two carzy dudes were aweome with the singing . and will now with this date i am happy that htere is a third season and really hopping for a forth before even seein it , beacuse this is so dman good , it never disponet me in any of there epoide . Chcuk awesome , Sarah Hot , Casey Crazy . I LOVE chuck , hope will never end .moreless

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    Season 2 finale.....Just awesome...

    By Jameric, Aug 30, 2011

    Our poor unexpectant hero finally gets his wish to return to normalacy, but Normal is just not in the cards for Chuck.

    Two big major climaxes in this episode and both were absolutely wonderful. I mean seriously, when the fight scene is set to Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto and pulls it off, you dont see degrees of that level of awesome everyday.

    Sarah finally choses Chuck over her job, which was a really nice momment for them (better when Chuck finally finds out about it).

    But the real zinger of course is the ending. Chuck has rised up before to be the hero on occasion but after finally returning to normal he decides to become the hero Sarahs sees in him and that others need him to be. THUS the arise of SUPER CHUCK or Chuck 3.0. Our hero has had an upgrade and boy was it a big one. We only get to see a flash of it at the end with Kung Fu Chuck dropping 5 spies at the end, but if it any indicator of what next season has in store the series is only going to get better.How often do you really get to say that?

    Heres hoping they are able to maintain the balance in Chuck that makes both the character and so the show what it is. Just cant wait....onward and foreward!moreless

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    Best hour of TV in years!

    By deix15x8, May 12, 2011

    The first 45 minutes of this episode was the best series finale since Third Watch. It perfectly wrapped up every story line, reset things to before the show began and showed that everyone benefited from the ride. While watching there was no way to know what would be coming next as it seemed they had planned for the show to end and never return after this episode. Then in the final 15 minutes they just threw everything up in the air and restarted the whole thing bigger than before. The single best hour of TV in years. It should have been a movie!moreless

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    Let's all save our 10's for (hopefully) season 3. Not that this episode isn't worth getting one ;)

    By SirLeopold88, May 12, 2011

    Chuck's big sis' and Awesome's wedding is on the menu, but don't expect a slow paced episode. This episode will blow your mind. Every major characters on the show return and so does every beloved aspect of the show.

    Although this episode can work as a series finale, I seriously hope that Chuck is far from over. This is one of the few jaw-droppingly awesome 'one hour shows' that hasn't dissapointed for at least two whole seasons, and that's worth something I guess. If the show doesn't get renewed, too bad, but at least I'm never going to forget it!


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    Jumps the shark ... or just very daring?

    By icevader, May 12, 2011

    Don't get me wrong, I love Chuck and have watched it since the beginning (and good to finally see flashbacks to the 1st season), but I gotta wonder whether it's good to make Chuck a master of kung fu when the whole show's about an ordinary guy thrust into the world of spies.

    But everything else was, in a word, awesome. As expected Ellie's wedding hit a rather major hitch with Ted Roark's arrival and the return of Jeffster (hilarious!), but Casey literally flies in to save the day. Things aren't over, of course, and Bryce nobly sacrifices himself for Chuck (again), only this was the last time he'd do it.

    It's becoming a cliche in modern TV shows, but the last 5 minutes really were 'game-changing'. The revelation of a 'Ring' that Fulcrum were just a component of, and of course Chuck re-inserting the Intersect (had to happen, of course, or there wouldn't be a show), would be a great lead-in to a 3rd season. I'm just not sure it's wise to shake up the show's entire premise by putting Chuck on an equal level with Sarah. Now he just becomes another Bryce, and we all know how that worked out with Sarah last time.

    But if there is a 3rd season (come on NBC!) we have some interesting times ahead. Will Morgan leave for Hawaii? Will Steve Bartowski stick around? How will Awesome's marriage to Ellie be affected by the knowledge of his bro-in-law's real profession? And most importantly, can Chuck and Sarah still be together?moreless

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    ***Spoiler Alert***

    That "Guys, I know Kung-Fu" Matrix reference was hilarious: one of the best endings I've seen on television.

    That only proves that what Hitchcock said of American toasters is wrong from time to time.

    By ronbarak, May 12, 2011

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    That "Guys, I know Kung-Fu" Matrix reference by Chuck was hilarious: one of the best endings I've seen on television.

    That only proves that what Hitchcock said of American toasters and Television is wrong from time to time.

    The rest of the episode, leading to this excellent finale was on par with the other Chuck's episodes, good action though quite predictable to those following the show. One couldn't guess the Fulcrum main villain would die (or is he really dead, what with being shot by another fulcrum operative ?) but other than that there were no big surprises.

    * In the remote case you're unfamiliar with the quote:

    "Television is like the American toaster, you push the button and the same thing pops up every time."moreless

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